Outside again, enthralled by disco lighting

typed for your pleasure on 3 June 2005, at 3.06 am

Sdtrk: ‘Sheila take a bow’ by the Smiths

I have to apologise, after my own fashion, for the lack of recent updates with ‘Shouting etc etc’. Throughout various stages of my life, I’ve always kept journals/diaries, but instead of writing something practically every day, I’ve always been one of those people who doesn’t really bash out a post unless I deem it worthy of public consumption. (Which, all told, should eliminate 90% of the content of this blog.) Also, I’m lazy.
So there’s your apology! If this were a pay site, I’m certain people would be demanding refunds at this point. C’est la guerre!

Wolfgang und Mike und Via Kali und I went on another urban photo safari Thurs morn, which was enjoyable as usual. I was more loath to go outside than normal, as the weather was supposed to be in the low eighties today, but there was virtually no humidity, and it was nice ‘n’ breezy, so it wasn’t too bad. This time round, we visited the Nicolet Townhouses, designed by the man who could do no wrong, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. After that, we hit Eastern market, which I haven’t been to since the Reagan administration. Upon visiting an antique store, Via Kali bought some sort of African musical gourd thing (which may or may not have been cursed — you know that sort of thing goes. Never purchase other-cultural items from secondhand stores. We all saw ‘Gremlins’), and my eye was caught by two things in particular that I naturally can’t afford:

On the left, a Vespa Allstate (I believe they dated it at 1958), $3500. On the right, a Soundesign AM/FM 3-speed turntable with eight-track player, and flashing perspex disco lights in the base, $250. The scooter is negligible — yes, it’s a Vespa, but it’s not grey, silver, black or white, plus I prefer the Sixties models — but I’ve gotta have that feckin’ hi-fi. Who do I have to kill to get that hi-fi??
Ahh, who am I kidding. It’s fab, but it’s no Rosita Stereo commander Luxus. There are other sexy hi-fis out there to be drooled over..

After a luncheon at a pizzeria in Eastern market, we took some pics of 20th century ruins. Such as this one, for example.

That path you see is where train tracks used to be. We don’t know what the building’s former use was, but we believe its two current functions are attracting graffiti artists, and swallowing souls.
Once again, I’m sure the Good People at RoToRs will hasten to put up more photos soon. Well, at the very least, ones different from mine

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7 have spoken to “Outside again, enthralled by disco lighting”

  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    That hi-fi is sweet!
    Is the scooter normally proportioned?
    It looks w i d e in the picture.

  2. aneamo writes:

    Groovy post DC, though would I have expected otherwise? Indeed the trip was hella-fun and yes I have updated the Rotors blog with a pile o pics for all to peep. I’m bloody happy to have my damn PC behaving so I can get on with much work at hand. Cheers.

  3. Patrick writes:

    I have a cd of some local band who does an ode to the Vespa. I shall have to rip it and throw it online for ya sometime. It’s very 60’s influenced, as well.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Patrick –
    ooh, nice! Let me know when you get round to that..

    Good to see you’ve posted the scrubbing bubble/skull graffiti.

    Unfortunately, I coudn’t get a better pic of that Vespa — I was literally right up against a counter when I snapped that pic. It’s fat-packed full of stuff in that store. Have a look at this photo, and pretend I took it.
    Better yet, look here. Think the antique owner charged a bit of a markup? 😛

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    Man, I’ve owned lawnmowers more powerful than this. Sweeeeet!

  6. Via writes:

    I was just thinking of that hifi the other day! I sooo wanted to go back and buy it!!!

  7. Davecat writes:

    Via –
    Y’know, it’s the damnedest thing; I’ve not seen that hifi since we saw it then. When you come back to the States, we have to make a trip out to that shop again! If we can remember what it’s called / where it is / etc.

    And have you still got that African musical gourd thing? You’ve had the spirits put to rest, right? Otherwise, poltergeists. You know.

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