Flirting with pop culture is wrecking my brain / Is it 6.6.06 again?

typed for your pleasure on 22 August 2007, at 1.54 am

Sdtrk: ‘Ne cherche pas à plaire’ by Mireille Darc & France Gall

A fitting epilogue to my whole Wacky Voyage into Myspaceville. The ironic thing is that I actually found this on a Myspace profile.

And I’d spotted this outside of a party store a couple of days ago:

But how exactly would the Devil throw up the devil horns? That’s one for the philosophers

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4 have spoken to “Flirting with pop culture is wrecking my brain / Is it 6.6.06 again?”

  1. Miss Hyde writes:

    ZOMG! on a totally unrelated topic, you almost have 10,000 hits! Almost congratulations hun!

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Add a zero there, and you’ll see exactly how much google image search loves DaveCat.

  3. barstowmama writes:

    CONGRATS!!! Over 100,000 hits…how does it feel to be a celebrity? Are you and Shi-chan celebrating with a little bubbly? I’m sure that I count for at least 1,000 of those. LOL

    Good job!

    Lovin’ Davecat in the High Desert…

  4. Miss Hyde writes:

    oops i ment 100,000. So CONGRATULATIONS! *throws confetti at everyone* love to you and shi-san x

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