Azrael scores another hat trick

typed for your pleasure on 26 June 2009, at 10.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Pencil skirt’ by Pulp

You know how it goes with these things — celery debts come in trees. Wait, that’s not right.

Ed McMahon (06 Mar 1923 – 23 Jun 2009): Back in highschool, I could usually be relied upon for a decent Ed McMahon impersonation. Let’s see if I can still pull it off… *clears throat*

‘Heyy-o!! That’s a good one Johnny, and topical, too!’

Yep, still got it

Farrah Fawcett (02 Feb 1947 – 25 June 2009): As my mind is firmly stuck several decades in the past ninety per cent of the time, I nearly typed ‘Farrah Fawcett-Majors’, there.
Singlehandedly responsible for the sexual awakening of many a young lad during the Seventies thanks to ‘Charlie’s Angels’ — with the exception of myself, as I always preferred Kate Jackson — Farrah never did any harm to anyone. And good on her

Michael Jackson (29 Aug 1958 – 25 June 2009): Hurrr. As the adage goes, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Mmm hm.
Let’s just say this: growing up during the years back when the mighty MTV walked the earth, I liked MJ. I can recall back in eighth grade, my homeroom class was herded into the school’s library, where we all watched the full-length version of the ‘Thriller’ video. For a while, I even had a cassette copy of that album. But as time passed and I got older, I began refining my musical tastes more. Sure, I used to like MJ, but then, I also used to like Wham! and Prince. I used to like eating flapjacks with catsup slathered all over them, but I grew out of all of those things. Also, for sure he was a bizarre individual, but eccentricity should be praised, not damned. But I would say that.
So I suppose ultimately I didn’t dislike him because his music didn’t appeal to me, or because of his strange behaviour, but really it comes down to the whole child-touching thing. You know.

See? I managed to not say anything that can’t be considered not nice about Wacko Jacko! O, wait

Epilogue (this happened today before my work shift began):
WOMAN AT WORK: I know you a Michael Jackson fan, right?
ME: No.
WOMAN AT WORK: Awww! Well, I’m devastated.
ME: Huh.

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3 have spoken to “Azrael scores another hat trick”

  1. Euchre writes:

    Well since the entire world is talk about MJ, I thought I’d change the subject. Found a nice fembot video called “Lovebot”. Its kinda like something found on Lifetime but with less sappy vomit moments. The 1st fembot looks ALOT like a F11 “Jenny” RD IMO.

  2. Anonymous Realdoll Owner writes:

    This month sadly has seen far more than 3 celebrity started with David Carradine I think..then Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Gale Storm, and Fred Travalena..July begins with the death of Karl Malden…it’s well..weird..

    I was once a fan of all those 80’s singers/bands too and still have a small fond place for all of them..I was a teen in the 80’s loved Michael, Prince, Boy George, Madonna, Wham..went to all those concerts and some odd ones too like Siouxsie & The Banshees, all of the Brat Pack bands (soundtracks)..well hair bands too..Motley Crue and more..I love all music..still do..

  3. Davecat writes:

    Okay, I dig that film. Good find! I’ll have to bring it to the fore more publically in a post soon…

    ARDO –
    Wow, Fred Travalena? And Karl Malden?? I, err, didn’t know Karl Malden was still alive… but still. Plus, a friend of mine had to put his cat to sleep — his new kitten that he hasn’t even had for two months — due to Feline Infectious Peritonitis. This is really getting out of hand…

    And I can honestly say that there are parts of the Eighties that I prefer more than others. New wave (obviously), Goth back when it was good, Alternative back before it got co-opted… Having all those other songs by all those other bands lodged in my subconscious comes in handy when the lads and I get together to play Rock Band, though. None of us like Bon Jovi, but it’s kinda scary how well we can play ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’. 🙂

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