A pleasant non-sequitur!

typed for your pleasure on 21 June 2009, at 11.50 am

Sdtrk: ‘A benção bahia’ by Toquinho

My enlightening report on our recent film crew interactions goes up Monday. In the meantime, Happy Summer Solstice!

Germany 1970. The German moderator discuss in the beginning how boring and lame the official looks are and that the fashion and color designers came up with the following outfits to make the game more interesting and colorful. They explain very detailed the colors since at the point many did not have color tv!
Clearly they made my day with the ideas. I just keep cracking up! I have no clue why they dance so madly. latin music dancing models with soccer fashion without shoes. but even Guenther thinks that the trikot needs an update as a service and entertainment for the fans who watch soccer games

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  1. mia writes:

    ive been following you on twitter for a couple months now and that is what led me to this site where i now know how i will dance from now on. jus wanted to say thanks for being so amazing and where on earth can i get the tube socks the stir up strap for my foot (as seen in this video)

  2. Davecat writes:

    See? See, all you small-minded Twitter detractors? Twitter works! It brings people together! Much like SEELE’s Human Instrumentality Project from Evangelion! O wait, that’s actually a horrifying idea.

    mia –
    Hello, and thanks for dropping a line, on one of the more nonsensical posts I’ve had here in months! I can guarantee that if you adopt those dance styles, you will be the most hep and with-it individual in your peer group. Especially if your peer group is a bunch of German footballers from the Seventies. It’s True!

    And BAM! You’re welcome. 🙂

  3. Veach writes:

    As I recall, this cavorting-gyration-dance style was considered ‘rad’ no more than a few years ago (although this Soul Train-ish format combined with the attire resultes in a measurable amount of creepy-crazy).

  4. Davecat writes:

    ‘Das ist sehr gut dancing, ja?’
    ‘Err… can I get back to you on that?’

    I dunno, I could kinda see dancing like the second bloke in the lineup; the one in blue. For some reason, his style makes me think of one of those Keane paintings. You know, the ones with the eyes the size of billiard balls.

    And OMG YOU MENTIONED SOUL TRAIN YOU GET FIFTY COOL POINTS. It’s the Hippest Trip in America, you know.

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