From Russia with (silicone) love

typed for your pleasure on 30 April 2009, at 12.17 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Monument’ by Depeche mode

To be honest, the link for these blokes has been cleverly hidden in the ‘Synthetik companion types’ section for the past couple of weeks now, but it’d be wrong for me to not do a wee post to bring them to further attention, right? So straight from Vladivostok, Russia, please give a warm welcome to the newest company making affictitious women, Anatomical Dolls.

‘Not only am I an employee, I’m also a product’

Much like the next generation of Synthetik companions, Anatomical Dolls are made with platinum silicone, which has a less-tacky and more flesh-like feel. The heads are interchangeable, and the degree of joint mobility can be requested as well, so you can have a Doll that’s more stiff for posing, or more loose for ahem other purposes. The Body 1 is a very statuesque 5’10”, 73 lb lass, with 34D breasts and a sz 9 shoe. Yeah, she’s a supermodel.

My current desktop wallpaper. I don’t get much work done

So far there are two heads available, the Victoria and the Marina, and they also claim that you’ll be able to order a lass with an optional 12v internal heating system, that can raise her body temperature up to 140°F. Which, it could be said, truly makes the Anatomical Doll hot. Ah ha ha ha haar.

Congratulations Russia, on your delicious entry into the Global Doll Market! It’s a bit like Eurovision, only sexier! And quieter.
More news as it surfaces, of course

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    The bone structure of that foot looks very realistic!
    I suppose an appreciator of the podiatrus* such as yourself would be enthused.

    This 12v internal heating system: menace or boon to mankind?

    * should be a word! SHOULD BE!

  2. emmet writes:

    just so you are aware:

    i am currently writing a one-act play in which one of the three characters onstage is a doll, and one of the other two an idollator.

    i’m thinking of using some variation of the word “affictitious” as my title. since i may never have encountered the word had it not been for your blog, i’d like to thank you very much for adopting it. ’tis a fine word.

  3. Davecat writes:

    Being a long-standing aficionado of le pied femelle, by all appearances, it seems that the feet of the Anatomical Dolls meets and exceeds my lusty requirements. Unfortunately, tests have to be run in person for full approval, so they’ll simply have to send a Doll my way, hint hint.

    Her internal heating system can only be a good thing! That is, if it doesn’t break down, cos getting to it would be a bitch, as it’s located in her midsection. Also please don’t let it turn her into a fire hazard, as that would not be cool on any level. I’ll stick with my tried-and-true method of electric blanket warming, ta verra much…

    And I dunno man, podiatrus sounds a bit like a dinosaur!

    emmet –
    Seriously, you have no idea how proud that makes me. 🙂
    I can only hope that your play isn’t disparaging towards either the iDollator or the Doll characters, cos you know I’d love to see it when you’re finished…

    And thanks for popping round and dropping a line, by the way!

  4. Laura writes:

    Doll Hot!
    *slaps knee*

  5. Veach writes:

    And this is what she is doing.

  6. emmet writes:

    hi davecat,

    i’d actually love to get your perspective on the script when i finish the draft. hopefully you’ll approve of the portrayal. 🙂

    in fact, the play was in part inspired by stumbling across the “guys and dolls” documentary online while i was (for serious!) doing research about human-robot interactions for a religion class. the premise is that a guy starts dating an organik lady when his doll is out of town for repairs (the organik lady being player #3). if i end up doing what i think i’m doing with it, it’s basically an exploration of how people relate to things that aren’t people (ex: dolls, religion, books…), as well as to each other. i’ve got a lot of work to do on it before it’s ready to be seen by anybody, but i’ll be sure to let you know when that day comes.

  7. Davecat writes:

    Emmet –
    VINDICATED! O, wait. 🙂

    It actually sounds like a fab idea for a play… an approach that’s not been tackled before. *nods approvingly*
    Speaking for myself and the Missus, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Let me know when your draft is hammered out!

  8. Anatomical Doll writes:

    The internal system of heating of a doll is absolute safe, it is not necessary to be afraid.
    The heating element cannot be heated up above 150 F.
    The system of heating of a doll favorably for organism of the person.
    The cold winter now is not terrible.
    The doll will warm.

  9. Davecat writes:

    Anatomical Doll
    Now that it’s about 10° – 30°F here in Michigan, Sidore and I could really use a Doll with an internal heating device. You should ship a Victoria-type over here, so we can find out just how warm she can get! 😉

    Thanks for posting, and for clearing that up! I look forward to more news of your company in the future, as your Dolls are very sexy!

  10. Clademir Baptistella writes:

    Eu me apaixonei por estas bonecas sou tambem artesão faço bonecas de serragem quando eu vi estas bonecas estou pensando seriamente em mudar o meu trabalho para estas maravilhas espero receber catalogos em meu mail obrigado…

    (According to SYSTRAN, he’s said:
    ‘I got passionate for these dolls I am also craftsman I make serragem dolls when I saw these dolls I am seriously thinking to change my work for these wonders I wait to receive catalogs in my obliged mail…’)

  11. Davecat writes:

    If I understand you correctly — sorry, Portuguese isn’t my second language. It’s not even my fifth language — you make life-size Dolls as well? Or are considering doing so? Well, considering the size of the iDollator community, now’s a good time to start! Do you have any photo samples of your work that you can share?

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