When in doubt, post your chat log

typed for your pleasure on 16 March 2005, at 4.49 am

Sdtrk: ‘The other side’ by Galaxie 500

Tomas, aka KrazyQ, aka Cog in the Machine, aka whatever screwball online handle he’s switched over to this week, was awake at quarter to 3 in the morn, due to either a splitting headache, or the constant haunting by the faces of those he’s wronged throughout his life, one or the other. He messaged me, and I finished sawing the rest of the way through my captive’s shoulder, and sat down at the computer for a wee chat.

[03.04.AM] Davecat: What do you need an .mp3 player for? You don’t even like music!
[03.04.AM] Cog in the Machine: I like musics!
[03.04.AM] Davecat: Really?
[03.04.AM] Davecat: ..you like brie?
[03.04.AM] Cog in the Machine: I listen to musics all the time when headphones at work!
[03.04.AM] Davecat: Ahhhh!
[03.04.AM] Cog in the Machine: when=with
[03.05.AM] Davecat: ‘when’ is funnier.
[03.05.AM] Cog in the Machine: I had one of them CD players with mp3 playing capabilities but it didn’t fit in my pocket
[03.05.AM] Davecat: You need a bigger pocket. Take kangaroos, for example.
[03.05.AM] Cog in the Machine: and it went tits up some weeks ago and I haven’t bought another yet because all the ones I saw were too trendy looking
[03.05.AM] Cog in the Machine: which is why I didn’t buy an iPod
[03.05.AM] Davecat: Pfft.
[03.06.AM] Davecat: You don’t like the way the iPod looks? It’s alright. It’s not stunning, but it’s not all that exciting.
[03.06.AM] Cog in the Machine: do the math….$300 for 20GB or $215 for 30GB
[03.07.AM] Cog in the Machine: I think iPod is sexy…sexy as in touching it makes me hard…but hard cash makes me cum…so the less of it I have to spend, the more cumming
[03.07.AM] Davecat: I don’t even know how much they are/how much they hold. I have no interest whatsoever in .mp3players. I bought my Cds, and if I had an .mp3 player, I’d have to convert ALL of my Cds to .mp3 format.. I don’t have that kind of time.
[03.07.AM] Davecat: Ahhhh!
[03.08.AM] Cog in the Machine: just about all my CD’s are mp3 format now…only takes a minute or so per CD…and I converted over the course of a month
[03.08.AM] Cog in the Machine: then whenever I get a new cd every few months, I add it to the library
[03.08.AM] Cog in the Machine: I have about 7GB nwo
[03.08.AM] Cog in the Machine: now
[03.08.AM] Davecat: Yeah, but how many Cds do you have?
[03.09.AM] Cog in the Machine: I have about 100?
[03.09.AM] Cog in the Machine: maybe?
[03.09.AM] Davecat: I LIKE Cds! I like their cover art, and all that crap. Much like how vinyl enthusiasts worried about Cd technology storming the barricades resisted the ‘changeover’ from vinyl to Cd.
[03.09.AM] Cog in the Machine: also I converted all of Adam’s Yello CDs…that’s about 40 right there.
[03.09.AM] Davecat: You didn’t count them just now, did you?
[03.10.AM] Cog in the Machine: no
[03.10.AM] Davecat: I’ve got 300+.
[03.10.AM] Cog in the Machine: guestimation
[03.10.AM] Cog in the Machine: so…every day you convert 10 or so
[03.10.AM] Davecat: 😐
[03.10.AM] Cog in the Machine: Musicmatch will lookup your CDs automatically and put in teh track names and artists infos and shits
[03.10.AM] Davecat: You can’t see the squinchy look on my face right now.
[03.11.AM] Davecat: O gods, Musicmatch. I don’t like the Win2K version for some reason. And me being me, if the tracks have names misspelled, I gotta correct them or it annoys the piss out of me.
[03.12.AM] Cog in the Machine: I have vesions 10
[03.12.AM] Cog in the Machine: it is a very good program
[03.13.AM] Davecat: I.. I have no idea what version I have.
I liked the Win98 version, but I used RealPlayer to play my Cds, and MusicMatch to burn them. Whenever I try to play a Cd, I fire up RealPlayer, and MusicMatch just horns in and starts up of its own accord.
[03.13.AM] Davecat: And I’ve changed the settings like one billion times..
[03.13.AM] Cog in the Machine: Musicmatch is far superior
[03.13.AM] Davecat: Yeah, but you hate RealPlayer.
[03.14.AM] Cog in the Machine: especially in the mp3 management departmetn
[03.14.AM] Cog in the Machine: which was the top criteria when choosing a player
[03.14.AM] Davecat: For burning, yes, it’s superior. But I don’t need all them bells and whistles. BELLS AND WHISTLES!
[03.14.AM] Cog in the Machine: I’ve converted Adam from Realplayer to Musicmatch…he’s slowly converting all his CDs to MP3 for an entertainment system computer
[03.15.AM] Davecat: Maybe if I had more than 14GB on my HD, I’d have more .mp3s sitting on it. I don’t like having things I want to keep on my main HD.. I live in constant fear of a HD crash.
[03.15.AM] Davecat: Cos IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE. :-\
[03.16.AM] Cog in the Machine: I have 1,621 tracks….125 hours 16 minutes and 9 seconds of musics
[03.16.AM] Davecat: Ahhhh!
[03.16.AM] Davecat: I have a few folders of .mp3s on my drive, but as soon as I get some blank disks, those babies are getting boooooorned..
[03.16.AM] Cog in the Machine: so if I get an FM tuner, I could plop that player in my car and listen to something different the entire way to portlands
[03.17.AM] Cog in the Machine: get a 120GB drive for like $100 buckers
[03.17.AM] Davecat: Well, that makes sense for yü. You’re constantly on the go, and you don’t want to haul six tons of Cds. I don’t go anywhere!
[03.17.AM] Cog in the Machine: but if you get jobs where you can listen to musics…;-)
[03.18.AM] Cog in the Machine: and schoolin!
[03.18.AM] Davecat: I still want you to help me assemble a new computer, but I’m tonr between saving for that, and saving for next semester.
[03.18.AM] Cog in the Machine: studying always requires music listenings and I studies often
[03.18.AM] Cog in the Machine: tonr?
[03.18.AM] Davecat: If I get a job where I listen to musics, like Quest, I’ll just dig out my old Cd player..
[03.18.AM] Davecat: ‘torn’, goddamnit

Hey, was that crazy, or what??
This is how most of the conversations in the dynamic of my circle of mates goes, needless to say. Usually though, there’s more swearing

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  1. Penda writes:

    People totally don’t get how entertaining our conversations are. People in restaurants stop talking so they can eavesdrop. It’s usually when I start swearing more.

    “Here little guy – want some wasabi?”

    I’m a little jealous that someone I’ve never met before has equally (if not more) entertaining conversations with you.

  2. Davecat writes:

    I don’t think his parents actually heard you say that. Whether that’s Good or Bad, I can’t say. 😉
    Next time we go out to eat, we should sit in a more populated part of the restaurant, heh heh..

    Don’t be jealous! You need to get yourself some ICQ, so we can chat more, and you can get even less work done in a day!
    Whether that’s Good or Bad, I can’t say. 😉

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