That traffic jam pan shot is the best / PLEASE take an invite

typed for your pleasure on 21 February 2005, at 2.28 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Que sera sera’, from the ‘Katamari damacy’ sdtrk

So I see my Other Favourite Jean-Luc Godard Film, Weekend, is finally out on DVD! Of course, this is the sort of thing that gets released when I’m on the dole. I was waiting about three years for this to come out back when I had a job, and now, it’s finally out. *shrugs* Guess I’ll just have to go commit a petty crime!

And does anyone out there want or need a Gmail account? Between myself & Shi-chan, we’ve got about 80 invites. 😐
Leave a comment, or hit me squarely at pulsedemon [at] gmail [dot] com

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2 have spoken to “That traffic jam pan shot is the best / PLEASE take an invite”

  1. veach writes:

    I’ll take 1/80th of your burden if you’re willing to share. I’m curious as to the whoop-la and may be willing to switch my address book over (after using google maps, I’ll never use mapquest anymore…maybe their e-mail is equally downleft amazing).

  2. Davecat writes:

    You are now be-Gmailed! Which is wholly different from being Bee Gee-mailed. No Australians will come to your door at any time.

    So far, Gmail hasn’t done me wrong.. I’m trying to transfer all my Hotmail-centred Email to my Gmail account, i.e, newsletters, subscriptions, registrations, etc. 31 messages in my Inbox, and I’ve not cracked 1% of my 1000 MB. If I ever get past 5%, obviously I wasn’t paying attention somewhere..

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