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typed for your pleasure on 28 February 2005, at 4.44 am

Sdtrk: ‘Love without sound’ by White noise

Saturday eve Jeff & I got round to Derek’s, for our usual festival of hullaballoo, chicanery and folderol. Jeff brought his copies of ‘Waking life‘ and ‘Infernal affairs‘ for viewing. (Might I add here that he didn’t just buy the domestic version with the shitty cover art; he sprung for the six-disk box set that includes all three films, a ‘Making of’ disk for each film, and a miniature binder that includes critical notes — all housed in a black plastic box protected with black bubble wrap. Most impressive) ‘Infernal affairs’ was rather good, and ‘Waking life’ was alright, but didn’t do a whole lot for me — it was a case of a lot of people presenting various points on lucid dreaming, the nature of reality, and social evolution, but the characters/points that didn’t interest me seemed to go on and on, whilst the people I wanted to hear didn’t get enough screentime.

But lemme tell ya, the highlight of the evening? SpikeTV’s Hey! Spring of trivia, the best psychotically-dubbed Japanese television show since Iron chef. The episode we caught was one wherein they attempted to judge how far the tortoise and the hare ran when they had their legendary marathon. The staffers went to a library in New York that contained the oldest known print versions of Aesop’s fables. Since the distance was never actually mentioned, they took a tortoise and a hare, and had them each run down a length of perspex tunnel. Then they calculated the distance each one of them moved in ten seconds’ time, and had a college professor multiply that, factoring in that the overconfident hare took a nap (which they closely monitored the length of as well, using a videocamera), to come up with the answer, which was 894km, if I remember correctly. It’s properly demented, which is how I like my television, but it’s fat-packed full of trivia, which makes it double-plus good. The show rules, pure and simple.
I cast a vote for it on, but between now and the time it’s actually released, I REQUIRE TORRENTS!!

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  1. Zip Gun writes:

    Two pedantic corrections to your otherwise lovely post: first, Infernal Affairs came in an 8 disc set, and second, they estimated the length of the hare-tortoise race at 842 feet. Carry on…

  2. Davecat writes:

    You goddamn HIPPIES and your so-called LOGIC!! GRAAH ANGRY

    I couldn’t actually remember which version of ‘Infernal affairs’ that you had, since there’s about four or five different box sets, at least according to
    And as far as the actual distance they calculated, let’s not split hares. BWAH HA HA HA XD etc

  3. Penda writes:

    I thought 894km seemed a little long….

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Iron Critter Race. The Loser is served with a nice bernaise sauce.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Well, it was a marathon. The loser DIES! The winner runs UNTIL THEY DIE!
    It’s a shame our contemporary Olympics aren’t like that..

  5. dorf writes:

    Hey Spring of Trivia is the best show on TV, I like the episode about about sea angels, they are pretty ferocious if they see a sea butterfly

  6. Davecat writes:

    Man, I had just succesfully recovered from the miserable fact that Spike TV will never re-broadcast any episodes of ‘Hey! Spring of trivia’, and now you go bringing it up, and I’m sad all over once more. I’ll never be able to see new trivia born into the world again. Worse yet, I’ll never get to see the episode where Chairman Tamori hangs out with a Mirei-type Level-D Doll.

    Now I’m near tears. Thanks, dorf.

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