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typed for your pleasure on 1 February 2005, at 4.50 am

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After being harangued by a certain someone I know, due to the fact that I’m not writing as regular as I should be*, hier ist das post!

Yesterday I went out into the world to run a couple of errands. I began my day travelling south, toward downtown Detriot — well, past it actually; down Jefferson, and past Belle isle — as I’m attempting to get a student loan thru the Michigan Job Works people, and I was advised to speak to the people at the Conner branch. I was told that I’d have to bring my letter from the unemployment agency, stating my eligibility for getting dole cheques, but I apparently needed a copy of my resume via the Michigan Job Works Talent bank. It’s great; when you go on the dole, you have to register thru the Talent bank, and you get to create this rather basic & slapdash resume. It’s like a Fisher-Price resume, as it doesn’t go into great detail at all. So the lady that I spoke with said that all I had to do was go downstairs to their Talent bank offices, and print up a copy. Simple pimple.

Making a beeline for the office, the first thing I saw inside was a queue at the front desk about eight to ten people in length, waiting to sign in and be assigned a terminal. Apparently, you couldn’t just walk in, sit down, and go about your business; you had to basically be led by the hand over to a computer. I looked around for a couple of seconds, then headed straight for the first open computer, sat down, and logged in. Pulling up my resume & printing the bastard took all of two minutes; it would’ve taken about half that time, were the servers not slow as shite. Having pulled off that little circumvention, I headed back upstairs and left my ‘resume’ with the woman I’d spoken with. With any luck, I’ll hear from someone in a couple of weeks..

After buying a Dr pepper, I rocketed north up I-75 to my old job locale, Quest diagnostics, as one of my friends who still works there told me on Sat that they were hiring in the client service department. Normally, the thought of working aImost any other position at Quest diagnostrilsticks would be a severe non-option, as I’d already done my three-year tour of duty there, working as a specimen processor Monday through Friday (and one Saturday a month) from 8pm to 5am. The positions open, however, don’t require me to wear rubber gloves and handle other people’s bodily fluids; this was paper-pushing & phone answering. After gabbing a bit with a mate of mine working the Human resources desk, he gave me the applications, and followed that up with a five-minute typing test (three mistakes, 1% error ratio). My only problem is is that the client service gig goes from 9am to 5.30, which would be perfect if it was 9am to 5pm instead, as my class is at 6pm, and I’d have to fight rush-hour traffic for roughly ten miles down southbound 75. Hrm. We’ll see. With any luck, I’ll hear from someone in a couple of weeks..

Heading up — well, down — the motorway, going home, I stopped round to the Troy BestBuy, to see if they had vol.2 of Giant robo in stock, as I’d been there twice since late December, without knowing that the release date had been secretly pushed back, in some sort of twisted experiment to see how long it would take before I finally snapped, whereupon BestBuy would be littered with the disemboweled corpses of its blue-shirted drones, and not even the lure of the new Lindsey Lohan Cd being on sale would bring shoppers there any longer, due to the hauntings and the overpowering smell of carrion. But not today! Today, I got to sheathe my lucky machete, cos they had copies of one of the greatest anime serials ever made — and it was only $9.99! On top of that, I was finally able to use that $15 gift certificate, so I didn’t spend any money there at all! Rock on!

And also noteworthy: Friday eve, I was pleased to actually meet a fellow RealDoll owner in the flesh, as we both live literally a couple of miles away from each other. What are the odds? Phoebe‘s lucky lad mahtek & I had a cuppa over at a nearby Coffee Beanery for a couple of hours, trading tips, discussing the Synthetik mistresses that run our lives, and blabbing about other non-Doll-related topics as well. He seems like a nice fella; wouldn’t hear a word against him. 🙂 Always good to meet other like-minded individuals..

So there you have it! Up next on the list (what list?)
+ a bit or two about my current school experiences
+ and a hundred or so things about me.

*thanx for lighting a fire under my arse — again🙂

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4 have spoken to “These things, these recent things”

  1. PBShelley writes:

    Welly welly well! I miss a few days of ze blog and great fargin’ masses of verbiage have sprung of from seemingly out of nowhere! Good to see that the buggers haven’t got you down 🙂
    Yes, sounds like an interesting and thoroughly depressing (I imagine) foray into the petitoning for employment department.
    You do have my deepest sympathies Davecat. Putting up with the resume/typing cert bullshit must have been extremely trying. I’m a bit old-fashioned (more than a bit, but still…). If I can help it, working for stress-inducers is all in the past. I’ll be washing dishes at Denny’s. Again. 😛
    I most recently worked in the Scott Peterson’s trial courthouse (long terrible fucking story), and the main thing I learned about systems/businesses/corporations that rely on Human Resources Depts, is that they are (generally) huge pieces of worthless human abusers and bullshitters. But I hate them too much to be sensible, so I’ll just quote Mr Leonard Cohen:
    “They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
    “For trying to change the system from within.
    “I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them.
    “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.”
    Yeah. I’ll be there soon 😉

    Take ‘er easy DC, Lily sends hugs to you both 🙂

  2. Davecat writes:

    I seem to write like that sometimes. Sometimes I’ll go a couple of weeks without saying anything, then suddenly I’m posting multiple times a day, for a couple of days. My writing appears to come in spurts.
    *gives Mr Roper-esque look to camera*

    Yeah, ‘sfunny thing about Human resources; if you stop to really consider the title, it’s pretty fucked-up. ‘Human resources’. Like humans are literally grist for the mill. Big robotic swing arm comes down, grabs a clawful of people, drops ’em in the grinder, repeats Step One. 😛 Ergh. As long as I can continue school, I’m not letting it get me (too) down..

    Thanx PBS, for the comments, compliments and well-wishes! And be sure to give your luscious Synthetik lass a kiss on the forehead from us, too. 🙂

  3. Davecat writes:

    O, and what state are you in, anyway? You still have Denny’s? All the locations in Michigan have pretty much disappeared, to my knowledge. Which sucks, cos if I had a choice, I’d rather eat greasy foodstuffs from Denny’s, rather than eat greasy foodstuffs from Ram’s Horn. 😛

  4. PBShelley writes:

    In Washington State, not the District of C; near Vancouver US not Canada.
    See why I’m confused? 😛
    Actually, I think I’ll just shoot myself if the book fails and I have to resort to washing dishes for a living :-O
    Thing is to keep expenses to absolute minimum, (which explains Lily’s (termp) lack of wardrobe), so that I can take a job with lower wages if need be. Right now I could survive on about 18K a year including paying my own medical etc.
    Being that I have NO income, I’m going thru money at a steady pace…
    However, Lily said to have faith, and that if I EVER get this book done, that she’ll take good care of me 😉
    Regards to you and lovely Sidore-chan!

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