Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Feb 2009)

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Sdtrk: ‘Faith (RS home demo)’ by the Cure

Did everyone have an enjoyable Valentine’s day? Well done! As I’m usually out and about on Saturdays, and the Missus and I usually get together ahem on Sundays, we just looked at Saturday and Sunday as Valentine’s day and Valentine’s day (Observed)…
So while she’s momentarily resting up, here’s several exciting Doll news articles of Doll note:

Abyss creations have posted the Winter issue of the Doll Street Journal (it’s in the News section), which details quite a few new intriguing bits and bobs from the company, such as the two new MaleDolls, the still-in-development RealDoll 2, and more. Had I been able to attend the recent Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, I’d be more privy to secret stuff from all the Doll manufacturers that happened to be there, and therefore, you lot would be more privy to stuff, but alas, no money = no Davecat flying out there. Grrr. But do give the latest DSJ a look-in; if nothing else, it’ll whet your appetite…

Also, 01 March will mark a dark day for those iDollators who prefer Synthetiks with jubbleys that require their own postal codes: Abyss have announced that they’ll no longer be making the Body 9, made initially famous by the Anna Mae-type, after that date. They’ll continue to accept orders up until 28 February, but after that, the Body 9 passes into RealDoll history. Tsk.

So not making the 2009 AVN means I missed quite a bit of unveilings! Yes, I’m still bitter. Abyss were there, obviously; 4woods put in their first appearance there, showing off the Mia- and Kurumi-types that were mentioned in my December article; and KnightHorse displayed their Lovable Dolls in an elaborate booth that resembled a storefront. It’s probably a good thing that I couldn’t make it, all told, as I would’ve been constantly licking the glass.
Matt K. & Bronwen had their first model, Yvette, there, along with the new Body 2 Head 2 type, Monique, and the Pixie-type Fantasy Lover head. As the highly-esteemed (and steamy) photographer Stacy Leigh was in attendance, she managed to get some photos in of the new girls. Yes, I’m still bitter.

Monique believes that walking up the steps takes less time,
but simply isn’t as erotic

‘Welcome to the Renaissance Festival, my good sir! Tra la la la la’

KnightHorse will also be releasing their first male Doll, as well as metal stands for any Doll that has a neck eyebolt, in the next couple of months, so you’d do well to keep an eye on them. But that goes without saying!

Phoenix Studios has just sent Miss Winter, of their Boy Toy Seasons line, out into the world, with photographs also by Stacy Leigh. Yummy results!

The sign says SEXY. I don’t argue with signs, as a rule

Like I’ve said, I think the closer-to-realistic styling of the Seasons series gives them a slighter edge over the standard-issue Boy Toy Dolls, but that’s rather like saying the MINI Cooper S is better than the regular MINI Cooper; it’s simply differing shades of desirability. Summation: it is all good.

Should you happen to be in New Yawk sometime between now and 15 March, you’ll want to stop round the hprgp gallery, as there’s a photo exhibit by Becky Yee entitled ‘More than a Woman‘, that sounds like it’s pretty much exclusively ta-bo-san‘s staggeringly huge Doll collection.

Photographed in a three-bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Tokyo. The single human occupant, a middle-aged computer engineer. He is the self-proclaimed world’s largest collector of “Dutch wives” (“Datchu-waifu”) also called sex dolls or love dolls. […] “More than a Woman” hopes to explore more than the Dutch wives’ obvious function of satisfying sexual and physical needs. Visually discovering the basic cravings for companionship, unconditional love, unwavering loyalty and the importance of trust, acceptance and intimacy. All of which he is unable to find in a human relationship, but is somehow satiated with his cast of Dutch wives.

The multitude of Dutch wives create his perfect world of women.

If anyone gets a chance to see it, let me know how it is. And let me know if there are programmes for sale! And send me one!

A new Doll maker from the US is making their way up the ranks: Private Island Toys. As the name implies, they specialise in erotic toys, but recently, they’ve branched out into the field of full-bodied Dolls, with their new Private Island Beauties line. O my goodness.

Does mademoiselle require another Zima?

Their lass is 80 lbs, 5’7″, with measurements of 33.21.36, and a size 5 shoe. She also features a ‘relaxed’ skeletal system, as well as the ability to swap with a number of other heads that the manufacturer offers. Currently, they’re now taking orders, and they offer a variety of customisation options, as it’s all about the detailing. Speaking of detailing, from the pics alone, their sculpting is Magically Delicious; the pic above hardly does her justice, but it was the only work-safe one I could use… Check out their site!

And finally, we have an amusing distraction: the quiz Pussycat or Real Doll? Amazingly enough, I got 100% correct. I know, I’m as surprised as you are!

So there you have it! With all these options to choose from, you might well have a gorgeous Synthetik companion of your own to spend the next Valentine’s day with! Just… don’t give her any chocolates, it’ll go straight to her hips

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  1. Kat writes:

    Nice showcase of more doll photography. I suppose that they arent as money oriented as most lingerie models are. Hehhe

    One thing Im curious about concerns the one below the “Sexy” sign. Her knees seem bent a bit unrealistically. The swell on the thighs lacks. Is it because she is a slender doll or is that just a problem whenever you have the legs fully bent at the knee like that?


  2. Davecat writes:

    Hey, Dolls are still somewhat money-oriented. You should see some of the wardrobes our ladies have! 🙂

    And no, the knee bend you see on Miss Winter is par for the course on Boy Toys, and most Dolls in general. It’s partially because she is rather slim, and partly because additional thigh swell would only occur if she had more silicone on the backs of her thighs. Keep in mind, too, that the more silicone a Doll’s body has, the heavier she’s going to be (Boy Toys weigh in at about 65 lbs). Also, with the exception of the breasts and lady bits, the silicone’s pretty firm; if she had softer silicone on her thighs, it’d be more likely to compress and distort over time, as Dolls are just as subject to gravity as Organik lasses are.
    So no, that’s normal for her!

  3. Rachelle writes:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months, ever since I was sent a link to ‘Guys and Dolls’. Do you take questions from strangers over the internet?

  4. Davecat writes:

    Hi Rachelle –
    Heh; depends on the questions. You’ve done your homework first, right? Then perhaps we’ll talk…

  5. Rachelle writes:

    Do you mean that you don’t want me to ask you questions you’ve already been asked? Or that you don’t want me to be rude? Hey man, I love life, and trolling around being mean is a waste of a beautiful mind. Plus, my question is kind of deep and potentially personal, but I’m always open to be told “no”. I noticed when I was watching Guys and Dolls that you closed your eyes when you said aloud that your partner wasn’t a living human being, in reference to your dad’s feelings toward you having Sidore in your life. You closed your eyes alot when you talked about the fact that she is a doll, and you also closed your eyes alot when you talked about her being away from you. It’s clear that you are very attached to her and love her, and I wonder why it seems like you withdraw from the interactions when you say to others (or at least that particular camera crew) that she is a doll.

    That’s all. And I don’t neeeeeed an answer, I’m just curious and able to ask you. Thanks.

  6. Davecat writes:

    Sometimes, people have the (unintentional) tendency to ask questions that have already been asked. It happens!
    And of course, I’d want to avoid any potentially rude questions! It’s happened.

    But the eye thing: frankly, I didn’t realise I was doing it until I saw the finished product! That reminds me of when I was chatting with a coworker three or so jobs ago, and she pointed out that I sometimes speak to people with my eyes closed. *shrug*
    I’ll cop to the fact that I have avoidance issues with people; that’s no secret. That’s why I tend to wear my shades whilst indoors 70% of the time, and whilst outside 100% of the time. It also partially explains my fringe-based hairstyle, as it’s something else to hide behind. To be brutally honest, people that I’m not entirely familiar with kinda freak me out, as I don’t exactly fit into what’s considered ‘normal’, and society tries its best to beat down, metaphorically as well as physically, anything that doesn’t fit into its preconceived notions of ‘normal’. So if I must go out, the shields go up. Heh.

    But then, maybe my eye-closing is entirely reflexive, rather like those people who whistle when they pronounce the letter S. Anything’sh poshible!

  7. PBShelley writes:

    Wow, I have to say, that black hair + blue eye combo really got to me. I wonnnderrr whyyyy… *strokes chin thoughtfully*

    Seriously, I looked at that photo for a good several moments, thunderstuck. If it weren’t for those ears… :-O

    And yeah, Stacy is just awesome, talent or otherwise ’nuff said!

    I won’t miss the Body 9 very much as I prefer my women to look more realistic. Or, realistic, period. Tha Amazonian-look does nothing for me personally, and I sympathise with those beautiful ones who feel inadequate because they feel that they don’t “measure up”. Or out, as the case may be.

    But ce la vie, YMMV, and all that… and I guess I should add “vive la difference!”

    Lots of news, lots of progress, and lots of more-enlightened interests abound! Thanks for a great article 🙂

    PBS, Lily, and Eden-in-a-box

  8. Davecat writes:

    O, I dunno; there were a couple of lasses with Body 9 bodies that were okay. Sweeper’s Stoli-Ann comes to mind, as well as GSS’ Mary and Elizabeth. They just have a lot more to offer.
    I partially agree with you though, overall; as far as I’m concerned, you simply can’t top the Body 2 for its perfect proportions. ’34D is right for me!’, as I’m inclined to say. In fact, that was my campaign slogan when I ran for public office a couple of years ago! You may recall the buttons and posters!
    Seriously though, sometimes it’s hard enough to buy clothes for Shi-chan, as she’s busty yet petite. I can’t imagine what it’s like to shop for a Doll with a Body 9…

    Besides, if they really were Amazonian, they’d be intentionally missing the right breast, for better proficiency in archery! I’m sure there’s a fetish for that sort of thing out there somewhere, he said, choking back a bit of vom. 😐

    And the Lovable Dolls Pixy seems right up your alley! Or Ally, as the case may be, har har. 🙂 Big eyes! And a stunning midriff. Well done, Matt K. & Bronwen!

    Give your lasses our love! 🙂

  9. Laura writes:

    Why do the male dolls always look like pedophiles? Have they revived Charlie yet?

  10. Davecat writes:

    There’s a book in my Synthetiks library entitled ‘Vital Mummies‘, and it details, among other things, the history of mannequins, their changes througout history, etc etc. One of the things it touched upon that I’m too lazy to turn my swively seat around 90°, grab said book, and look up, mentioned something along the lines of that there’s far fewer male mannequins than there are female ones, due to the fact that they never look ‘right’ — they always look like closet perverts, or potential rapists, or what-have-you. Of course, a lot of that is perception on the part of whoever is viewing the mannequin, but as Synthetiks-friendly as I am, I can’t say I totally disagree. I’ve no idea why that is!

    And the fate of Charlie is unknown! Poor silicone bastard. He might well have passed into RealDoll history, like Nina, Natasha, Julie, and now Anna Mae. You’ll just have to do with either one of the two MaleDolls Abyss is putting out, or the bloke that KnightHorse is due to release. Or grab a hunk (pun intended) of Sculpey and carve your own moulds! DO IT DO IT

  11. Laura writes:

    I wonder what Daniel would say if I carved up my own doll to ‘tide me over’.
    God, I have a fucked up sense of humor…xD

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