Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Dec 2008)

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Sdtrk: ‘Heart and soul’ by Joy division

Our top stories this month *cue sfx of either morse code or typewriters*:

+ Abyss Creations have got a new news section on their website, entitled ‘The Doll Street Journal’, wherein they post notices of discounted RealDolls for sale, or various deals on offer, or clearance items, etc etc. Plus, they have a Doll of the Month feature, where a silicone lass at the factory details a few things about herself (it reminds me a bit of seeing adverts for cats and dogs up for adoption). This month’s instalment is the second one out, so catch yourself up on the News page of the site

+ Orient industry has finally released a number of photos of two of their sexy new Real Love Doll Ange girls; the Sora-type, and the Rie-type.

Sora-chan, after being told her sushi came from that fish tank behind her

While we’re hoping that the company will post pics of the other four models of Dolls in that line relatively soon, you can hit up ‘Ta-bo’s Kisekae Dataroom’ in the interim, and check out his photo-reports taken in Orient industry’s Tokyo showroom.

Rie-chan thought sitting in front of her seating made her
look more ‘artsy’. Actually, it just made her look drunk

Personally, whenever Ta-bo-san does those reports, I always get the impression that he’s window-shopping for yet another addition to his staggering collection as he does so. Which is more than likely the case…

+ 4woods is back to work! As if they’d ever stopped. Not only have they unveiled a cute new head, Kurumi, for the A.I.Peach line, but they’ve also developed an alluring new body type as well, known as the A.I.Doll Evolution.

If Doctor Who’s Dodo Chaplet was turned into a Doll and joined Morning
musume, this is what she would look like

Like Kate Moss, but much less expensive

Now, as the seductive Mia has a definite Caucasian facial styling, it could be argued that 4woods is aiming for the non-Japanese market, much like Cindy and Maria of Axis Japan‘s Honey Dolls line. Well, there’s a reason for that, which I’m leading up to; don’t rush me.

Personally, Kurumi’s only okay in my book — she looks a bit too… chirpy. But as you’re aware, two exact same models of Doll can look radically different, depending on hair, makeup, lighting, photography, overall personality, etc. For instance, the Missus and her nymphomaniac cousin Charlie Joanne are both Body 2, Face 4 RealDolls, but the difference is like night and day. Which is entirely appropriate, if you think about it. Maybe when I see some owner pics of Kurumi, I’ll change my tune.
Mia, on the other hand, gets my full Seal of Approval. The A.I.Evolution is apparently the culmination of seven years of 4woods Doll developments (has it really been seven years??); she’s 5’4″, weighs 71 lbs, and her measurements are 35.25.37. Huh! ‘The wider spread of legs, better touch/feeling while being intimate, attention to small detail on each body part, an existence you can almost feel her breath… You can find these characteristics in our evolved A.I doll,’ boasts the site, and I’m certainly willing to believe that.

+ Back in November — on my birthday, coincidentally enough — KnightHorse, Matt Krivicke & Bronwen Keller’s new company, opened its virtual doors. Introducing: Lovable Dolls. Or Loveable Dolls; I’m not sure which spelling they’ll end up with.

Comes shipped with romantic ambience; candle and pillows sold separately

Ripped from the pages of a popular forum that handles this sort of thing:

Yvette shown here is 5’3″ tall, her measurements are 32A-22-30 and she wears a size 7 shoe. She weighs approximately 65lb. She has a removable head designed with a system that allows you to easily change her eye color and position the eyes without damaging the eyelashes. We use beautiful handmade eyes in each doll. The eyes are available in 9 gorgeous colors that reflect light in a beautifully realistic way. She is available in 7 different skin tones ranging from very fair to very dark, and she is made of premium grade platinum silicone. You will be able to order Yvette with all the options offered by the other high end doll companies, plus a few extra.

Yvette can be purchased with built in entries or with a removable insert. She is fully posable and jointed. We have been very fortunate to establish an exciting partnership with 4Woods of Japan; we are using a skeleton based on their design, and we will be their USA affiliate for people who would like to purchase 4Woods dolls. We will also be offering maintenance services for 4Woods within the USA. They, in turn, will be marketing our dolls in Japan.

Our base price for Yvette is $5,500 + shipping. […] We hope you love her as much as we do!

Best wishes,
Matt Krivicke

No snappy caption here; too busy drooling over Dollfeet

From the pics I’ve seen of Yvette (the company plans on releasing additional models over time), she’s scarily realistic. And I mean that in the best possible context!
If her particulars aren’t enticing enough, Matt K & Bronwen also state on the site’s FAQ that not only are they willing to repair any of their Dolls at their aptly-named Doll Hospital should they require repair, but they say they can give a go at repairing other manufacturer’s Dolls as well, which is a boon since Slade, the RealDoll Doctor, is no longer practising. I’ve gotta say, that’s a hell of a standard that they’ll be establishing for all Doll makers. KnightHorse’s gorgeous lasses will definitely be something to keep an eye on in the next coming months…

And it looks as if Japanese audiences will finally be getting the chance to enjoy ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ later this month! Wonder why that took so long?

That’s the least-withdrawn Lars has ever looked

There’s a couple of pics in the News section of Bianca — well, a Bianca; everyone knows there’s more than one — taking in the sights of Tokyo, which is rather charming.

She’s not big enough of a star to warrant a limousine, apparently

What with Japan being a nation that is not as averse to the concept of either passive or active Synthetiks, one wonders what the overall reaction will be to this film? Do let us know, Japan!

And there you have December!
‘Shouting to hear the echoes’. More Doll news than you can physically handle, so we suggest employing some sort of large container to prevent spillage

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  1. jaems writes:

    The amass of new dolls out there is amazing. I spoke with Bronwen and will most likely be shelling out what funds are left for a lovable doll and then starting the website we talked about. It’s an actual tax write-off if I play my cards right 🙂

    Get back at me when you can.

  2. Kat writes:

    Wow…lots of doll news. still couldnt find the section in Abyss where the Doll of the Month is listed.

    Honestly, I do think that you ahve to be careful when photographing these girls. You can easily make a doll just look drunk rather than posed in a carefree or lazy mood.


  3. Laura writes:

    I’m reading this post in the break room at work and you can imagine the looks I’m getting. Just adds to the ‘Weird, vegetarian, Star Wars obsessed, ferret girl’ personna. 😀

    I had no idea Biannca had a fan base…

  4. Davecat writes:

    Jaems –
    Yes, these are really good times to be an iDollator, as there are so many different models to choose from! Scuttlebutt (heh heh, he said ‘butt’) has it that the second Lovable Doll will be a bustier lass, due out sometime early next year.
    I have to say, Matt K.’s sculpting is phenomenal. Personally, I can’t stop staring at Yvette’s feet, for one! But I would say that…

    And an actual tax write-off? Now that’s putting the Government to Work for You. 🙂

    Kat-chan –
    The Doll Street Journal link is at the top of the News page. They just started that concept, so hopefully Abyss will perhaps make a direct link button in the sidebar, to cluster with the other ones there…

    Posing can go a long way to giving life to a Doll. Not just the body, but the eyes as well. A lot of first-time Doll photographers neglect to move their lasses’ eyes about, which results in that thousand-yard stare which some people find unattractive. A Doll’s like an Organik model in that respect! Well, apart from the whole moving the eyes thing. 🙂

    Laura-chan –
    Woo, nice! Soon your coworkers will be trying to get in good with you, cos they know you have excellent taste in friends. 😉

    And Bianca’s got a bit of a fanbase, yeah! An iDollator by the name of Dave Hockey actually acquired one of the Biancas that was used in ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ through a movie props auction house. I understand that he intends on filming a documentary about iDollator culture at some point…

  5. Veach writes:

    I hope Lindsay Wagner is getting paid ‘likeness rights’ for Yvette. Maybe her (Jamie’s) Fembot episode caused a ripple in the fabric of quantum… ahh, I think only SafeT can do this properly *bows out*.

  6. Davecat writes:

    O gods… now that you mention it, Yvette does bear a passing resemblance to Lindsay Wagner.
    D’ye realise what this means?? You can now purchase your very own Jaime Summers! We are truly living in the Golden Age!

    *whistles* SafeT, you’re up, mate.

  7. Dezarii writes:

    Random comments:

    I liked your moodring story. ^^

    I think Sora is quite pretty. Yvette has a lovely body but I don’t like her face at all. I can’t help but wish they were a lot smaller though! I wish the lovedoll companies would make smaller non-functional dolls of the same quality.

    I would love to have one of the larger dolls for a photoshoot though, I think it would be a lot of fun. I thought about renting one when I lived in Japan but it seemed too problematic.

  8. Davecat writes:

    Sora-chan is lovely! I should note here that Orient industry has photos of all the lasses in the Real Love Doll Ange line available for extended staring-at.
    I think I’m more partial to Akane-chan, but that’s probably due to this picture. I’m being honest! 🙂

    Now, when you say ‘smaller’, do you mean scale-wise? Back when Matt McMullen of Abyss creations was getting out of merely making models and considering making life-sized models, he’d made a mini-RealDoll, about 1/3rd the size of the Dolls we know and love, so he could get a sense of how to create a life-size Doll without having to waste all that silicone — all he had to do was scale everything up. He only made a couple, and they weren’t for sale…
    Keep in mind, too; Phoenix studios’ Boy Toy Dolls are smaller than the average Doll — although they’re 5ft, they’re tiny. Or are you thinking even smaller?

    And had you rented a CandyGirl or similar whilst in Japan, that would’ve made for quite a photoshoot. 🙂

  9. Mahtek writes:

    Truely a cornacopia of Doll knowledge! 😀

    I wait with bated breath for my Lovable Dolls FF2/FB2. She should arrive in mid-January or so.

    I’ve seen photos of the lifescan model. A stunning Polynesian girl with prominent attributes.


    A tax write off? Wonderful! I’d rather see my tax dollars go for a doll than a bomb!


    I had a chance to meet Bianca when she was in town. She is a lovely lass, and after a trip to Abyss to have the damage from doing a film repaired, She is a celebrity able to endure the demands of a publicist’s schedule.

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