Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Nov 2008)

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Sdtrk: ‘th case fr public organisation’ by The new lines

Why yes, I say; a bollockload! Yet another Synthetiks developer has entered the open market; this one from Hong Kong. It seems to be less of a staff, and more of some bloke, but his their company is called the Hong Kong Human-Robot Center. Currently, they have two models available — the Gynoid F1, and the Android M1, who happens to look exactly like the company’s head roboticist. Admit it, you’d make an Synthetik duplicate of yourself if you had the means to do so. There’s some footage of F1 on the site proper, and man, is she blabby.

The robots of M1 and F1 were life-casted from the inventor directly. We use a new life casting technology and our created materials to simulate human skin, the elasticity and the skin color. If the make-up technology is combined, the simulation is higher.

The inner structure includes simulated bone 、mechanical joint、special servo motors and central unit etc. The central unit has built-in MCU with our developed special program which can control 16 different directions of servo motors at the same time、 DTMF system and 3G mobile etc. The robot is operated by using batteries without air pump connected, also provides power safe mode. We will continue to increase the activity joint and the function of the Human-Robot and make it to be more perfect.

The movement of the robot can be remote-controlled by telephone with correct password entered. You can hear the nearby sound of the robot on the phone, talk and move through the robot’s mouth, and watch the surrounding of the robot if 3G mobiles are used. It also provides the automatic mode and manual mode for your selection to control the robot. Voice/pattern recognition system, or optical motion capture system can also be applied for human-robot. […] We offer low price and accept custom-made order, rental, any collaboration for robot development / training couse.

Going from the above paragraphs, they’re definitely aiming high. I mean, their claim alone of being able to control your Synthetik through your phone, as well as using him or her for a telepresence, is a bold one, but could you imagine the ahem teledildonics ah-hem potential? That’s some serious Ghost in the Shell-type stuff there — being able to speak and act through a proxy body. Fantastic idea, actually. Of course, I would suggest the company hire a better sculptor, especially if they’re fulfilling custom orders, as the F1 model is a wee bit… lacking in aesthetics. Onward and upward, though — good to see another individual having a go at getting more Androids and Gynoids into society! I sent him an Email enquiring about his work, but I’ve not heard from him yet. I blame the language barrier.

On the Doll front, overachieving Japanese Dutch wife manufacturers Orient industry plan to release a couple of products round Xmas, such as a thermo-blanket for your CandyGirl, a USB-based ‘hole warmer’ (it’s exactly what you think it is), and yet another new model line, called Real Love Doll Ange; one of their lasses would be pictured below.

To be honest, she kinda looks a bit high-maintenance

She’s a wee bit over 5 ft tall, weighs in at 53 lbs, and has two body types: the B-cup size (30.22.34), and the E-cup size (33.22.34). This line not only seems to have the most realistic sculpting out of all the CandyGirls to date, but unless it’s due to smoke and mirrors, it appears she can stand as well. Yummy. More details as they unfold…

As it’s a new month, Phoenix Studios is maintaining consistency again, by releasing Miss November out into the world. She would make an incredible Xmas gift for a lucky someone! Or Hanukkah, for that matter.

‘If you squint, I disappear. That’s my superpower’

She looks like an icy lass, but approachably icy. Upon further scrutiny, she resembles a less-Gothic Dame Darcy, creator and artist of the lysergic neo-Victorian comic series Meat cake. Maybe someone should buy a Miss November, and make her up to look like Dame Darcy. Strap a tiara on her head, put some butterfly wings on her, hand her a banjo, “Bob” is your uncle. *nods approvingly*

Also, Miss Autumn, another one of the luscious Seasons models, is making her debut.

Her earrings look heavier than she is

As savvy followers of iDollator culture will undoubtedly note, her photoshoot was done by the fabulous Stacy Leigh. What, Miss Autumn’s makeup and the background didn’t tip you off?
Two more Seasons Dolls left! I’m still scratching my head as to what Phoenix Studios’ gameplan will be after Miss Spring is released next year. Perhaps that’s precisely how they want it…

Back on the Gynoid tip, there’s a new anime series currently airing (although it has a nail-biting release schedule of one episode every two months), that centres round the sociopolitics of Androids and Gynoids in a near-future Japan. It’s entitled ‘Eve no Jikan’, or ‘Time of Eve‘, and as Mari and I viewed the first two eps last Friday eve, I’ll inflict a review of sorts on you lot in a post or two…

And finally, as it’s my birth month — woo and yay Scorpio — I’ll note here that I’m playing to type, and I’d love to have this bumper sticker, designed by rstevens, of Diesel Sweeties fame.

Just putting that out there, y’know

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  1. Kat writes:

    Hmm…I was lookig at that robots movements. One thing I notice abotu most robotics people is that they do not account for the pattern of accelertion/decelleration/overshoot/correct methods of natural movement in hands.

    Controlling her by phone is cool. Teledildonics is a natural thign people will do with it given the fact tht they have already tried to create a vibrator that is controlled from anywhere via satellite and gps technology.

  2. rstevens writes:

    Email me an address, stickers can be arranged!

  3. Laura writes:

    Gynoid F1 is fugly with child-bearing hips and a too thin waist. I think they’ve got a great concept, but need to go back to the drawing board on her appearance.
    Mizuki, on the other hand, is gorgeous. If I were going to purchase a doll, she would be it.
    I’ve never heard of Dame Darcy, but I’m intrigued!
    And rstevens, while you’re purchasing stickers, I woulndn’t mind having this sticker….just throwing it out there 😉

  4. Davecat writes:

    Kat –
    You’ve a valid point there, but as I like to think of it, that’s an issue that will undoubtedly be attended to as the development progresses, whether it’s the Human-Robot ‘staff’, or Kokoro Co. Ltd., or whatever Synthetiks manufacturer that’s out there. Like I said, the Human-Robot people are aiming a little high… they should concentrate first on getting their Synthetiks’ movements right, and then work on telepresence.

    rstevens –
    That is awesome, and you are awesome. 🙂

    Laura –
    Fugly? Wow, you don’t pull any punches! But you’re not wide off the mark — her looks do need some work. That’s the thing that a lot of Synthetiks (Gynoids and Dolls) makers have to consider — if you want your products to have successful interaction with Organiks, you have to make them look appealing, as well as function properly. Perhaps the ‘staff’ of Human-Robot is an engineer first, and an artist second. He needs to contact some Doll makers for body design. 🙂

    And Dame Darcy is a fab artist! I can’t recommend her enough! Picture Ophelia from ‘The Addams Family’, but at a drawing desk. Or playing a banjo. That’s Dame Darcy! Pick yourself up a copy of the Meat cake trade paperback; you’ll not regret it. I mean, if you can find it and all, that is, as copies are getting scarce

  5. Laura writes:

    I just say what everyone else is thinking. It’s part of my charm 😉

    And thanks for the tip, I’ll have to pick up a copy….I mean ‘Santa’ will 🙂

  6. MontiLee writes:

    Mizuki is kinda cute.

  7. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    Heh; you sure you’re not actually a Scorpio? 😉

    I agree! I wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating Triscuits! Although I would ask that she please hold off on eating crunchy snacks in bed, as that’s not something anyone would want to sleep on. It’s just common sense.

    But yes, cute!

  8. altairm writes:

    When will we see more pictures of you? Some people think you are lucky for having such gorgeous looking dolls, but others *like me* think it’s the other way around. I know you hate the ‘social media’ stuff, but you wanted to promote this and caught all of our attention. I think it’ll be kinda cool to see more of you, at least some of the time. We need a fan page of just Davecat! hehe I know I’m not the ONLY one asking for this.

  9. Davecat writes:

    Ha! Well, you don’t see a lot of photos of me for a couple of reasons. First off, as I’m usually the one operating the camera, which makes things difficult, unless I use a mirror, and then it looks like rubbish, cos it’s a photo in the bathroom. Second, much like Joy division, New order, and Andy Warhol, I’m cultivating a ‘non-image’ image. Yeah, that’s it. 😉
    Seriously, I think there are much better things on ‘Shouting etc etc’ to look at than myself, but I aim to please! This would be from 2010:

    That’s probably far larger than it needs to be, but hopefully you’ll find it effective nonetheless. 🙂

  10. altairm writes:

    Rofl – It’ll do. It’s funny how you always mask your “seriousness” with sarcasm. It cracks me up every time. I’ll check back periodically for new stuff *of course* because that’s just what I do *bye for now, friend*

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