I am not going to bitch about the Woodward dream cruise (again)

typed for your pleasure on 13 August 2008, at 12.13 am

Sdtrk: ‘Roma’ by Pizzicato five

Cos you’ve heard it before, really. But perusing my stats this eve, I did get a hearty laugh out of someone hitting ‘Shouting etc etc’ through a phrase that (temporarily) shifted the scowl from my face:


As a completely unrelated point of interest, I’d also like to point out that on average, the price of a gallon of 87-octane petrol in the tri-county area is between $3.79 – $4.07 USD. Just something to consider

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  1. Kat writes:


  2. Euchre writes:

    Ahhh yes… the Dream Cruise. Detroit’s little contribution to the continuation of global warming. 1 week of smug faces driving old cars (classics and muscle). 1 week that the city police of the cities involved probably can’t take vacations or get time off due to having to manage the crowds. If anyone wants to know what a NASCAR race looks like in the wild (and with actually a few right turns) come and see…

    Needless to say I’m staying as far away as possible from it.

  3. Zip Gun writes:

    It’s been longer than a week for several years now. The rednecks start camping out along Woodward at least 2-3 weeks before the actual, official “event” starts. The Free Press just had a story about some 68 year old fuckwit who is spending $2000 to drive his “classic” car here (in a trailer, of course) from California. $2000! To sit in a day long traffic jam. WOO HOO

  4. Stacy Leigh writes:

    Your list is awesome!!!!! You’re AWESOME!!!!! I love Ally Sheedy especially in Breakfast Club. My list is ever changing- but John Mayer and Seth MacFarlane are new additions. Knocked off the list was Mark Wahlberg, and the Rock.

    kisses you!!!!

  5. Davecat writes:

    Kat –
    I would agree!

    ‘the Dream Cruise. Detroit’s little contribution to the continuation of global warming.’
    Gods yeah, that just now occurred to me. That’s even more hideous.

    One of my supervisors mentioned to me that the Dream cruise wasn’t as bad when it started out a little over a decade ago — there weren’t as many people, for one — but then you’d get twats in their ‘classic’ cars driving four abreast down the road at like 20 – 30 mph, turtle-dragging. I’m sorry, I’d be out there with a hatchet if that shit were allowed to happen today.

    Instead of blocking a major artery of traffic, why can’t we exile send all those no-lifers car enthusiasts over to a great big smoking pit in the earth Milan, Michigan, where they actually have a NASCAR speedway? Just… just send them where the rest of us don’t have to see, hear, smell, or otherwise experience them.

    I have nothing positive to say about that person. As you’d suspect. Something like that is akin to when Kramer and Newman decided to haul a mail truck full of soda bottles from New York to Michigan in that one episode of ‘Seinfeld’, only worse.

    Stacy-chan –
    No, YOU are AWESOME! 😉

    I think the best way to approach something like that is that you’ll probably generate a new list at least once a month, so you should compile them. Find out who you would’ve wanted want to bang back in 1998, or similar! You might well end up with a couple of volumes of lists. 🙂

    (for those who don’t know what list Stacy’s referencing, check her blog entry here.)

  6. Laura writes:

    I’m not about to join the likes of those pretentious old fucks, however, as soon as the Korean is paid off, this is my future ride.
    I will dub thee, the Millenium Falcon

  7. SafeTinspector writes:

    That was me, DC. I completely forgot your URL and the only thing I knew for sure about you was your deep and abiding sexual fantasy regarding having sex on the median during the height of the Woodward Dream Cruise.
    It worked, and I have now added you to my bookmarks for now and forever.

  8. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    Then this will be the perfect bumper sticker for you!

    ‘…your deep and abiding sexual fantasy regarding having sex on the median during the height of the Woodward Dream Cruise.’
    Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘HONK HONK’, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Bizarrely enough, about a day later, I was checking different stats for my blog, and someone found it by typing ‘woodward dream cruise sidore’. I mean, what??

  9. Jaems writes:

    The dream cruise again? I see vision of spikestrips and rednecks throwing rocks at each other. At least it is over…

    Stacy: If you like Sheedy, try the movie, “Only the Lonely”. I’m not huge on romantic-comedies but this one took the cake, speaking of cake it has John Candy co-starring which is good fare in my book.

  10. MontiLee writes:

    I know I’m the aberation, but I like the Cruise. I love the classic cars and I think it’s neat to see how someone can maintain a car the size of the Queen Mary whike some can’t keep a sub-compact from getting knicked in their own driveway.

    My dream car is a 1972 Triumph Spitfire Convertible OR 1972 MGB Roadster (also convertible). British Racing Green.

    And no, you can’t ride in it. :p

  11. Davecat writes:

    Jaems –
    Spikestrips? If only it were that exciting!

    I know you like the Dream cruise. But I love you anyway.

    Also, your two favourite cars? Both British-made. *BZZZT* ALERT YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED FROM CRUISE

  12. SafeTinspector writes:

    Yes, Monti, you speak with forked tongue. First you praise the maintainers of land-barges and then you site two diminutive roadsters–pocket sized for a man of my girth!–as your examples.

    Hah. In my garage I house a 1972 Buick Centurion, a convertible so large that the front bumper must nuzzle the back wall to clear the garage door.

    You could fit three of your so-called classics in the back seat and still have room to operate the ash-trays.

  13. Desiree writes:

    You’ve probably seen this already, but just in case:

    I used to live in the Detroit area, but for some reason I can’t recall the Woodward Dream Cruise.

  14. SafeTinspector writes:

    Hey, that looks like relatively current video of the Warobohol! DC, what say you?

    Also of interest to me was the “related” video YouTube offered of Andy Warhol using an Amiga to paint Debbie Harry. How 1980’s can you get?
    Andy Warhol Paints Debbie Harry on an Amiga

    Funniest exchange:
    Presenter:What computers have you worked on before?
    Andy Warhol:I haven’t worked on any. I’ve waited for this one.

    Oh, Amiga, what the future might’ve been had you been marketed properly.

  15. Davecat writes:

    Desiree –
    I might have to add you to the staff of ‘Shouting etc etc’ as a researcher or something! I do have to warn you, the pay isn’t anything to write home about, but if you ever need to play a week’s worth of skee-ball, you’ll be set…

    A hell of a find! And it does indeed look like recent footage. Maybe they did trot out Warobohol for Andy’s 80th birthday. He’s not altogether bad-looking — the facesculpt is a bit substandard — but I daresay if they let Kokoro Co. Ltd do an upgrade of sorts, he’d be more articulated. Not necessarily articulate, cos that’s pretty much how Warhol’s public persona sounded like — monosyllabic.

    Personally, I’d like to paint an Amiga on Debbie Harry. 😉

    That right there is a time capsule. I’d completely forgotten about the Amiga! Dig that proto-Windows interface! Dig that brick of a mouse! Wow.

    ‘He’s using the Fill.’ Shit, I can do that. HIGH 1980S TECHNOLOGY

  16. MontiLee writes:

    While my cars are not MOPAR decendent they are stylish and frequent in the Cruise.

    Not to mention, I’d look dmn cute in them.

    You may not remember my mother’s old car, a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible in Saddle Bronze. I saw one cruising down 12 Mile during the pre-week. It’s a car you can put out in, which ranks it high on my list of possible ownables.

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