Metal machine maiden

typed for your pleasure on 3 August 2008, at 12.21 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Nu, Iside’ by LAShTAL

What with SoulCalibur being one of the two fighting games I like (the highly-underrated Rival schools being the other), how pleased was I to see that one of the characters in SCIV is a Gothic Lolita automaton lass? As punch. Meet cute, rustproof Ashlotte:

Between her metal dress and the head of that crazy spear she’s rockin’, she seems to have an ‘iron maiden’ motif going, which is entirely appropriate. And did you spot the gears in her midsection? Mmm, lovely. All she needs is a great big key sticking out of her back, and that would be fantastic. Clang clang, indeed…

Normally, my fave SoulCalibur character is the luscious British alchemist Isabella Valentine, even though SCIII screwed up her movesets. SCIII screwed up a number of things, such as not nipping that whole file corruption bollocks in the bud, to be honest. But don’t worry, our Ashlotte will put things right!
Now all I need is a PS3 or an XSLAB 360! Ergh

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6 have spoken to “Metal machine maiden”

  1. Laura writes:

    She’s goregeous.
    However, let’s not forget the real highlight of SCIV, DARTH VADER!
    I too must accquire a PS3. You think my car dealership would accept a “Sorry, I had to get a PS3 this month, but you’re more than welcome to come play it” note in lieu of a payment?

  2. Davecat writes:

    Your car payment people might accept that, if they’re nice! And if you let them make profiles on your PS3 as well.

    And pfft. *dismissive hand gesture* That Darth. If he’s anything like Yoda or that ‘Starkiller’ bloke, he will be the cheatingest cheat that ever lived in Cheattown (pop. cheat). If they’re supposed to be that powerful, they shouldn’t need to use the Force. Man.

    I wanna use the Force too, is all I’m sayin’.

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Wow, she is absolutely beautiful, gears and all!

    Dangerous too, I reckon :-O

    Her outfit is to die for (I’ll bet) LOL

    Dammit, another console game! *shakes fist at consoles*

  4. Davecat writes:

    I know, another console game! My consolation (pun) is that I don’t have any of the next-gen systems, which elicits another sigh. I have to get round to Zip Gun or goshou’s place to enjoy them. Although it should go without saying that I’ve made a version of Shi-chan in the Create a Character mode on goshou’s XBLOX. She’s sassy. Well, sassier. 😉

    Ashlotte’s moveset is like Astaroth’s, which makes sense, seeing as that she was created to destroy Astaroth, but that results in a less-than-spectacular moveset. However, there is that one attack she does where she throws her opponent face-down onto the ground, and tramples over them… Ashlotte, you so crazy.

  5. Laura writes:

    I can teach you the ways of the Dark Side….

  6. Davecat writes:

    Bah! It’s common knowledge that I’m already pretty danged evil. I, however, refer to myself as ‘abberant good’. Marketing, y’see.

    Docksiders, though? I had a pair of those in like 7th and 8th grade. They were bland shoes, but sturdy shoes. But what do they have to do with Darth Vader?

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