You have to have at least one shot of Twiggy in these things; it’s the rules

typed for your pleasure on 4 July 2014, at 3.45 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Structures’ by John Baker

No, I haven’t fallen in a hole somewhere, nor have Shi-chan, Lenka, and Mew-Mew tied me up and subdued me, ‘Faster pussycat! Kill! Kill!’-style. Although that’d be interesting. No, recently I’ve been reconciling my post-work free time, clocking in many hours of Earth defense force 2025 with goshou, SafeT, and Euchre, finishing Far cry 3: Blood dragon, and replying to Emails, cos I’ll be rolling that particular boulder up that mountain for eternity. O, and keeping up with this year’s World Cup! As of this writing, our favourites England, Japan, Italy, and the US are out, leaving a match with Germany going up against France. Those would be two of our other favourite teams, so having to choose between them was like choosing your favourite child, or pet, or pet child.

But you’ll be pleased as punk to know that I’m working on a new post! A Synthetiks-related one! And there’s so much info/effluvium in it that it’ll have to be split into two parts! So if you like your women rubbery, you’ll have those to look forward to. And who wouldn’t? Idiots, that’s who. Idiots.

For an interlude in the meantime, why not enjoy some vintage footage of some fashionable models amongst the amazing architecture of Sixties London, whilst a piece by John Baker of the BBC Radiophonic workshop plays in the background?

I’ll be back after the break. O, and looks like Germany won! *stands up and starts to sing ‘Deutschland über alles’, realises he doesn’t know the words, sits back down*

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  1. Angel and Cathy writes:

    Hi Davecat ! Hope your enjoying your summer. We are also enjoying the World Cup ! Are you rooting for Germany or Argentina ?

  2. Davecat writes:

    Hey you two —
    The Missus and I are definitely rooting for Deutschland! We’re just that sort of people. 🙂 Elena and Muriel aren’t bothered, as they’re not keen on football. Their loss.

    Shi-chan and I just watched Holland making a mockery of Brazil, and it’s just… we don’t see how that was even possible. Brazil is a nation where its people eat, drink, and breathe football, so what happened? It’s worse than how Spain fell from grace earlier in the competition, and they had a lock on winning that sort of thing for years. This year’s Cup was a series of shakeups. Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. Who’s your favourite? Can you and Angel agree on a favourite team?

  3. Peter Synthetik & Miss July writes:

    Hi, it`s Miss July !!
    We both are looking forward to the new post youre working on.
    I`m not that interrested in soccer – so germany did it. I would more like to see Japan and my US boys in the final.
    Thx for always fav. Peter`s tweet`s, with stuff of me in it.
    Kisses back for all you four !!
    Love xoxo 🙂 MJ

  4. Angel n' Cathy writes:

    Yess We are happy Germany won. Brasil just had a really sucky team. It was the best World Cup ever. I always think ” How old will I be next World Cup “?? not a good thought :/

    We are ejoying the summer, but we only have one day of hot muggy weather ;(.

  5. Fukyondo writes:

    So looking forward to your next posts!
    A guy who prefer his girls rubbery 🙂

  6. Davecat writes:

    Frau Synthetik
    Not interested in soccer?? But… isn’t that one of the rules for living in Europe or South America??
    No, Shi-chan and I don’t fault you. I mean, football is about the only sport we like — although I’d love to see some curling, or if I had a day to myself, a cricket match — so apart from that, we spend our days avoiding any big events for baseball, American football, tennis, basketball, golf, etc.
    We’d love to see Japan make it at least to the quarterfinals, but… they’re just not that good. Not that they’re not trying! I mean, half of our teams (Japan, the US, and France) aren’t exactly consistent World Cup winners, but it’s fun to cheer them on!

    Tell your Peter to keep posting photos of you on Twitter, as everyone who’s an iDollator who sees them always appreciates them. 🙂 Kisses from us to you, and take care!

    Herr Angel & Frau Cathy —
    Well, we don’t know if it was statistically the best World Cup ever, but it was definitely the best World Cup that Sidore & I have ever seen. And Germany demolished a hell of a lot of footie records with their jaw-dropping match against Brazil, so well done!
    At least Brazil’s manager, Phil Scolari, took the blame upon himself and resigned from his position. Woe to the person who decides to take his place for the 2018 World Cup, as they’ll have their work cut out for them…

    If we could just get the humidity to stay within the confines of, I dunno, Winter, then that’d be great. So far, this Summer hasn’t been completely horrible, but it’s not Autumn, and that’s where it fails as a season. *nods*

    Fukyondo —
    Good to hear some positive feedback from A New Reader! Thank you! You being an iDollator helps as well. 🙂

    My calendar is less heavy as of today, so I’ll be beginning work on those posts. I have to hurry anyway, as it may stretch out to two and a half posts at this rate… Too much of a good thing, perhaps?

  7. Miracle writes:

    I have a question if u ever get to answer, if an organic woman liked you would you like to take her, or stick with a synthetic female? Take your time.:-)

  8. Davecat writes:

    More than likely, I’d go with a Synthetik woman, preferably a Gynoid. I’ve been romantically involved with Organik women before, and it never lasts. With a Synthetik, there’s no variables. I like things consistent…
    By any chance, you’re not the same individual who’s asked me a slew of questions on Twitter recently, are you?

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