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typed for your pleasure on 24 March 2008, at 8.54 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Les mains dans les poches’ by Les Roche Martin

Back in the spotlight! Yesterday, I spent a pleasant 40 minutes on the phone with Josephine Tovey, who was writing up an article about RealDolls for the Sydney Morning Herald, mostly due to the fact that Australia (and the UK) will finally be screening ‘Lars and the Real Girl‘ in the next couple of weeks. She wanted the views and opinions of an iDollator, in regards to the film and being a Doll husband and things of that nature. So she asked me, for reasons I cannot fathom. I know nothing of these ‘Dolls’! My silicone-based wife was shipped strapped securely into a wooden crate, after sixteen weeks of painstaking sculpture and assembly, just like anyone else’s.
It should be on their website as well as in print, but Josephine said it should be hitting the stands on 5 April. Now, I’m aware that that’s the same day the new series of Doctor Who starts up, but don’t let that distract you; you can always TiVo it.

Also, 4woods comes through again! They have a new model — well, a new head, really — due out very soon; a charming NEO-J-type named Ally.


She looks a bit like Neu, but even more elfin, if that’s even physically possible. You can get her in either ‘Natural’ or ‘Asian’ skintones (as seen above), and much like the Neu-types, you can swap out the pointy ears for regular ones. Rather nice!

So there you have it. New interview, new A.I.Doll. Two things for everyone to look forward to

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Congrats on yet another (presumably) fine interview! You might have to erect a bookshelf on which to store them all. Or, better yet, stand the Missus’ crate up (or down) and fill it with the magazines, books, and videos/DVDs of your very own contributions to widening the public’s horizons. Or whatever they have that needs widening.

    And 4Woods ain’t no slouch when it comes to boosting the competition 😉

    PBS and The Other Ones

  2. ray rentell writes:

    Well I’ll sing “lets go a waltzing Matilda”… nowhere safe from Davecat, next it will be little green men especially flown in from the planet Glog seeking interviews.
    But maybe they have already beeeen………..the truth is out there.

    And just when you thought it safe to peep out from under the duvet I am slapped in the face by my favourite dreamed of doll with ANOTHER head, its too much!

    I’m orf down the pub, fancy a beer?

  3. Davecat writes:

    PSB and ladies the –
    You know as well as I that widening the mindset of the collective public will require the Jaws of Life. And that’s just for starters… But we iDollators have to start somewhere! Could you imagine Nancy Oliver trying to get ‘Lars etc etc’ made ten years ago, for example?
    Onward, upward and outward! 🙂

    Rentell –
    Another new Doll face? But it’s hard enough to keep up with the lasses you have, with their fluid names and sexy interchangeable bodies! So when will her well-composed, high-fashion BDSM photoshoot debut occur?

    And pssst, check out the ‘Media appearances’ page up towards the top left, above the hit counter. Although you didn’t hear about that from me. 😉

  4. ray rentell writes:

    As I thought theres no mention of Glog Daily News in *media appearances*.
    Was it a case of “when you see the flash” but then if you had seen the flash you would not of remembered it!

    And did you see this months C…rD..l, amongst all the excellent photos theres a poorly lit set which could almost classify as BDSM but a little more Goth from me…. and pssssst, the blogs up again should you care to peruse it

  5. Davecat writes:

    In all fairness, the Glog Daily ‘people’ did enquire about an interview, and I was all set to do it, but I asked if there would be any anal probing involved. They said there would be, and although that wouldn’t have been as bad of an experience than if I’d gone on the Dr Phil/Geraldo/Tyra Banks shows, I decided to politely decline anyway.

    Yes, we did see Matilda’s striptease on C*******l, actually — very enticing! I particularly like the photo where she’s wiping her mouth off. I can’t imagine why. 😉
    A lovely rubber lass, with a lovely leather dress sense. You can’t beat that! Well done to both of you!

    And I’ll gladly re-link the Tunnel! I left a comment on your Holiday snaps post, if you’ve not already seen it…

    O, and mine’s a pint if you’re still getting round t’ pub. The Missus will just have a cider, she says. 🙂

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Ugh. Hate that anal-probing. Leave it to Geraldo and Phil, who seem to enjoy that sort of thing. Lily’s definitely anti-anal-anything. Eden, I dunno… she’s not telling!

    By the way, Ray, didja know that you can link your blogsite to your name here by simply filling out the appropriate box where it says “website”, which will turn your name into an enticing green link whereby visitors can clicky-clicky and instantaneously be transported to your realm?

    Another btw or two: (a) loved the Brian Auger “O.E.” ref on your latest blogpiece, and (b) check out the Pogues’ excellent rendition of “Matilda” on “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” from their Rum, Sodomy & the Lash album. Devastating account of (I think) the Boer War from a disabled vet’s perspective…

    It can never be said that you won’t learn anything useful from “Shouting to hear the echoes” 🙂

    Regards to all,
    PB and the girls

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