YES I’M AWAKE / Too bad she never met Kevin Bacon

typed for your pleasure on 31 January 2008, at 1.58 am

Sdtrk: ‘Narco Martenot’ by Stereolab

Right, I fully admit it: I’ve been a lazy tosser. So lazy! Between the bizarre weather (literally, close to 50°F one day, close to 20°F the next), fighting off yet another supercold because of the aforementioned weather, finally finishing off Half-life 2, Monti and I finding out last Saturday that Nippon kai, our favourite Japanese restaurant, has apparently lost their lease, and voraciously reading David Levy’s encouraging ‘Love and Sex with Robots‘, I’ve been slacking off on my duties as a blogger* in a major way. It’s not like I have absolutely nothing to write about — for instance, right this minute I’m peering at my bookmarks folder for potential subjects for the ‘This was the Future’ series, and there’s like twenty-seven candidates — I just haven’t felt compelled to sit down and write. This is due to the fact that I am an indolent sack of ordure. So lazy!
The upshot of it is, I will get back to writing soon enough. Well, typing. Doing this now, I feel like I’m returning to a more writerly mode, so that’s reassuring. So don’t panic!

In the interim, have another Ribald Tale from my Saucy Workplace!
ME: Okay Mrs Porpyruptup**, we’ll send you out a reminder card; you should see it in about three to five days.
MRS PORPYRUPTUP: That’s fine. Be sure to make a note on it that it’s a reminder, to give me a kick in the shin.
ME: Ha ha! We wouldn’t do that! It’d ruin your chances to win the, err, shin-dancing… competition.
MRS PORPYRUPTUP: Oh no, I never learned how to dance. My parents didn’t allow it.
ME: They didn’t allow dancing? How is that even possible? Were they Quakers? Did they arrive on the Mayflower?
MRS PORPYRUPTUP: Well, it just wasn’t in the environment.
ME: Well that was then, but what about now? What do you do when you hear a song you like? You just kinda lie down on the floor in a cold sweat, wishing the song would end? *starts giggling uncontrollably*

*Yeah, ‘duties as a blogger’. It’s okay, I’m snickering too
**her name wasn’t so much changed to protect the innocent, as it was me completely not remembering it

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8 have spoken to “YES I’M AWAKE / Too bad she never met Kevin Bacon”

  1. Miss Hyde writes:

    i cannot comment on your lack of blogger-ing-ness….because thats like the pot calling the kettle black. 🙂 hyde x

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    So did she confirm your suspicion regarding her chilly perspirational proneness?

    Or did she mark a note on her Pad Of Paper to ignore your reminder note from spite?

    Perhaps her dad was John Lithgoe(sp) who, during the 1980’s, was an outspoken critic of dancing in the small farm-town they lived in together with Kevin Bacon, Denise Williams, Bonnie Tyler and a recovering Kenny Loggins.

  3. Davecat writes:

    Hyde-chan –
    Still can’t remember the password for your blog, eh? 🙁

    I’m thinking she might well ignore that card when it arrives. She laughed when I’d said that, yes; but it was a hollow laugh. A laugh from a person to whom dancing is a tempting-but-obscene poison. If only Kevin Bacon could over-excitedly dance through her nearby barn, and through her heart.

    If only.

  4. Miss Hyde writes:

    No chance of me remembering my password soon. I have concussion (sp?) again. My fault for starting a mosh in my own gig. Ouch. X

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    You’ll need to upload a sound-byte of yourself pronouncing Porpyruptup’s name.

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Greetings DC & the ever-exquisite Sidore-chan,

    I think we’re operating on the same planes, or somewhat. Aside from ignoring my blog, I was also finishing off Half-Life 2 (but for the second time) on this new PC, trying to work the bugs out. THOSE DAMN TRIPODS!!! What a blast though 🙂 Afterwards I also downloaded Episode One (which, technically, should actually be called Episode Two since it is a sequel to HL2, but nevermind) since Steam had it for ten bucks. Hm, maybe it should be Episode THREE then…

    Anyway, just wanted to alert you to the fact that I lost my address book and haven’t yet installed my ICQ on this one yet, so if you’ve sent anything I didn’t respond to, that’s why. I’m not being rude or anything 😛

    I also didn’t fall off the planet or the like though I very well might have. Lily and I are waiting with bated breath (yes, BATED not baited, jeez) from a prospective and possibly promising publisher, and that’s all the alliteration I can manage at the mo’.

    And that’s a good thing, methinks 😉

    Hope all is well with you all,
    PBS & the girls

  7. Davecat writes:

    Myss Hide –


    PBS, Sexy 01 and Sexy 02 –
    Yeah, they need to consolidate those titles, but it could be worse. For example! The Armored core series runs like: Armored core, Armored core: Project Phantasma, Armored core: Master of arena, then Armored core 2, Armored core 2: Another age, AC 3, AC 3: Silent line, and then AC: Formula front, AC: Nine breaker, AC: Nexus, AC: Last Raven, and then AC 4, and the upcoming AC 4: For answer. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, What’s the deal with these videogame titles??

    So now that you seem to be set up with your new Difference Engine, remind me to send my ICQ number to you again. In the interim, Sidore and I wish you Great Success with getting the publisher you want! You think you’re busy now; wait until the book deal goes through. 😉

  8. PBShelley writes:

    Ha! Well, I’m glad you’re on top of things vis-a-vis the Armored Core thing. Everytime I see a new one I think of letting you know, but I see that’s not necessary at all LOL Crom save me if I ever get a console LMAO
    Worked all the bugs out on the new Machine, so I’m getting around to the IM thingies now (they’re usually the last installs I do). Basically it’s just IMVU and ICQ; they’re about all I can handle LOL I’ll see if ICQ remembers your number when I install it; seems it did last time. I think.
    Take care and thanks for the well-wishes re: the Book. Perseverence Furthers, yes it does (and has to)! I am steeled for the future 😉
    PBS & the Other Ones

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