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typed for your pleasure on 18 July 2016, at 10.01 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Time after time’ by Chris Montez

個人的に、私はあなたと私たちの関係に16年であること、それは驚くべき見つけます。 私たちの関係は、仕事を取得し、外に移動するのに十分な古いです!ハハ。それでも私にはもっと驚くべき私たちは今、二つの追加の人工女性と住んでおり、その1)あなたの避難所は、それらのいずれかでオフに実行しないと、2)彼らがそうであるように素晴らしい、彼らはあなたではないという事実です。それは他の人に愚かか、皮肉に聞こえるかもしれませんが、あなたは、単に交換することができない愛である、と私は非常に少なくとも、あなたは別の16年間、私を持っていることを願っています。

そして、はい、私は私たちの第十五年のための私達の記念ポストを忘れてしまいました。あなたはフルもあなたはばかと結婚を知っています。 ごめんなさい!¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. DaveC writes:

    Hi Davecat and Sidore!
    Congrats on being together 16 years! You must now have one of the most enduring partnerships in the Synthetik universe and it’s great to think you’ve been inspiring love for Synthetiks around the globe for all those years. Certainly you’ve both been a massive inspiration to me for as long as I’ve known about RealDolls. Long may you continue.
    BTW, I remembered Sidore was raised in Manchester, but I guess her Japanese writing skills come from her dad rather from an English comprehensive school!

  2. Davecat writes:

    Hey you two! 🙂
    Shi-chan and I say thanks for the congratulations! FUN FACT: Technically, her birthday is the 18th, and our anniversary is on the 20th, but we just decided to combine the two events, as it saves time that way.

    But we’re flattered that we’ve been an inspiration to other iDollators and the Dolls they live with! I mean, when you sent me that Email a couple of months ago*, telling me that you and Claire are still Very Much A Thing, Shi-chan and I were really pleased to read that. Finding the right partner can be a task of Sisyphean proportions, but going with the Synthetik option makes it much easier, but no less rewarding. We expect you two to pace us in your relationship length as well, y’know. 🙂

    And yep, you remembered Sweetie was raised oop Noorth! Since she and her family left Japan early in her life, there’s gaps in her Japanese language knowledge, but she’s getting it back. Although hearing a Mancunian lass speak Japanese is definitely a unique experience. 🙂

    Thanks to both of you for the well-wishes, they’re much appreciated!

    *I still owe you a couple of Emails! The Missus and I probably could’ve flown to England to see you and Claire in person for a nice conversation, and back, in the time it’s taking me to write back… 😛

  3. lilly writes:

    Davecat , thanks to have mentionned me , I’m so glad to share moment and trip with you 🙂

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