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Sdtrk: ‘Winnipeg is a dogshit dildo’ by Venetian snares

More links to more effluvium! Will you click on them, or will they click on you?

+ Normally, something as pedestrian as a set of chocolates wouldn’t register at all on my radar. Unless — they happen to be shaped like miniature human skulls.

Make those skulls 1/1 scale, then we’ll talk

Loosely translated, MORI EX CACAO is Death by Chocolate – dangerously overwhelming indulgence. These marvelous and macabre chocolate skulls are among the most extravagant confections made today, notable for the excellence and purity of their ingredients and the intricacy of their design.

But egad, the set’s like $65 USD, and yes, you only get three. *shaking head disapprovingly* Neat concept, though

+ Remember that post I made a couple of years ago that was pretty much me gushing like a schoolgirl about how fab Japanese truck drivers’ gaudily-decorated vehicles are? As to be expected, they’ve made a game out of it in Japan. No no, you’re obviously thinking of Shin dekotora densetsu, but that was for the PS2. No, this one is called Zenkoku dekotora matsuri; it’s for the Nintendo Wii, and it looks lovely. Naturally, you can race against traffic and other trucks using the Wiichucks as a steering device, but since dekotora culture is all about pimpin’ yo’ torakku, yo, half the fun is kitting out your vehicle with gigantic chrome airhorns, multiple rows of lighting, and Japanese folklore-related airbrush artwork on the trailer sides. And for gods’ sakes, don’t forget your in-cabin chandelier!
It seems that games developer company Jaleco created this, and Shin dekotora densetsu. Which makes complete sense

+ So it seems cranky ol’ Warren Ellis, author of such heartwarming family-oriented graphic novels as ‘Transmetropolitan’ and ‘Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.’, has a new weekly online comic series called FreakAngels. It literally just started two weeks ago, so bookmark it now so you can tell your mates a couple of months down the line that you’ve been on the cutting edge ever since it started

+ It’s been well-documented that my opinion of Hollywood and what it produces is not exactly charitable; an accurate assessment of it that I read once somewhere was ‘Hollywood is a bunch of executives spraying shit at the world, and seeing what sticks’, but rarely, something comes out of that Babylonian hellhole that seems pretty cool, or at least, not entirely bad. Like the film Jumper, for instance. I’ve heard from reviews that it’s really not that good, but the concept is appealing enough to me — a man discovers he has the ability to teleport wherever at will, and is subsequently chased by a squad of assassins — where I wouldn’t mind seeing it. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’d love to have a power like that, and I fully admit that I’d be abusing it too — in his apartment, you can see all sorts of articles that he undoubtedly ‘borrowed’ whenever he went somewhere. It might well be rubbish, but hopefully it’ll hold up to the trailer’s promise

+ It’s been well-documented that I’m a huge Joy division fan, so when I read about the new book ‘Fotoreportage23: In search of Ian Curtis‘, I became more than a little intrigued.

A photographic mapping of the places in the story of Joy Division and their singer Ian Curtis. And the space he left behind. With contributions from people who knew him, worked with him, or were just inspired by him and the music the band created. Pictures by Katja Ruge and words from, amongst others, Terry Mason, Peter Saville, Mark E. Smith, Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Annik Honore, Bloc Party, The Rapture, Karl Bartos, Genesis P.Orridge, Johnny Marr (Modest Mouse, The Smiths), Mogwai, Maximo Park, Lindsay Reade, Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke), Anja Huwe (X mal Deutschland), Mark reeder and the late Tony Wilson.

You can place an order through the publisher’s site, Monitorpop, which is something I’ll be doing relatively soon

+ Kitty wigs. Kitty wigs?? Yeah, sure, why the hell not.

Someone’s filling a very specific niche

ta very much to Zip Gun and KrazyQ for some of the links

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  1. Miss Hyde writes:


  2. PBShelley writes:

    MM-MMM, skulls!!!

    -er, do they have brains in ’em? Or, at least walnuts that look like brains? That would be cool 🙂

    Thassa great Warren Ellis link, thankee *bookmarked immediately* Great artwork; reminds me of Heavy Metal mag, when it was good. God, THAT’S awhile ago :-O

    And Pennie definitely wants that kitty wig, but when I told her that Soony (the resident Luts-Delf dollie still in need of a cute name) would have to wear it she got all pouty.

    Believe me, you do NOT want a pouty kitty around the home! You should see what she did to my (formerly) comfy-chair…

    Ah well, cats… what ya gonna do?

    PBS & assorted felines

  3. Mahtek writes:

    That cat looks like he’s about to change someone’s name to Claude Bawls.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Hyde-chan –
    Isn’t Flo confused enough about his gender without you slapping a wig on him??
    Raise that kitty right. Take him to see some Man Utd games! That’ll put some hair on his chest. O WAIT

    PBS &c. –
    You should get Pennie and Soony matching wigs, then take a photo of Soony riding Pennie, as if she were some sort of small horse! The universe would then promptly die of sugar shock.

    Mahtek –
    Kitties get cranky! This is a truism. I’m sure putting a cap with multiple strands of annoying filament atop a kitty’s head would drive them to premeditated homicide. Or at least hissing.

  5. Miss Hyde writes:

    yeah, i guess your right about flo. *cough boy toy have got miss march out and cough* 🙂

  6. PBShelley writes:

    I am too depressed to look at any Boy Toy dolls… I hate seeing something I want but can’t have.
    But I peeked anyway 😛


    Those eyes are lush! Maybe a bit big for some, but not eye

    Some day, some way…

  7. SafeTinspector writes:

    My cat would probably rather chew upon the wig than wear upon it.
    Also, I prefer my skeleton chocolates to be femurs.

  8. HS writes:

    I love chocolates and I would love to have some of those but the price being that much… i guess I wont be buying any anytime soon… maybe on my birthday i will buy some for myself…

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