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typed for your pleasure on 7 March 2008, at 2.12 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Polar bear’ by Little claw

(In case it’s slipped your mind, go back and read this post first. Or not! I cannot stop you. At least, not from here.)

Of course, it’s one thing entirely to describe Noise, but if you have no reference points, you might be completely at sea. So I’ve generously uploaded a handful of tracks from Masami’s staggeringly enormous backcatalogue, as a kind of half-assed sampler. Remember, the files will only be up for a limited time, so make with the clicking and saving, like, RIGHT NOW.

‘Nimmappa’, from Aka meme, 1985
‘3 types of industrial pollusion’, from Antimonument, 1991
‘Traveling’, from Metalvelodrome: Exposition of electro-vivisection, 1993
‘Part 1’, from Noisembryo: Psycho-analytic study of coital noise posture, 1994
‘Woodpecker No.1’, from Pulse demon, 1995 (yes, that’s where my Gmail Eddress comes from)
‘Bozzio’, from Springharp: Last of analog sessions, 1999
‘Takemitsu’, from Amlux, 2002
‘Green’, from Merzzow, 2002
clicky here! (90 MB) File has expired, sorry.

CAVEAT: As Merzbow is a Noise artist, you might want to mind the volume level on your speakers. Just sayin’

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