Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Sept 2007)

typed for your pleasure on 8 September 2007, at 3.28 am

Sdtrk: ‘Holiday’ by the Bee Gees

Well, no. Well, yes? Not so much, but I’m merely bringing your attention to a few things:

+ That nutty cyber porn goddess person Violet Blue has an interesting two-part article on, entitled ‘The Rape of the RealDoll‘, which touches upon performance art duo Amber Hawk Swanson and Amber Doll, the upcoming Hollywood film ‘Lars and the Real Girl’, and looks at some of the sociopolitics behind the existence of everyone’s favourite artificial women.

+ Also, on her site tiny nibbles, she mentions a new photo series orchestrated by Low Tek Photography: much like the projects by Juergen Specht and Mario A., Organik photo models are made to look like Synthetiks.

The Doll series

Lovely to look at, no question…

+ And heh, ManneCamp.

The ManneCamp is the home of the free-range Mannequin, a place where they get introduced into a more natural habitat.
We adopt discarded or mistreated Mannequins and help them find a new life.
Every new arrival has plenty of time to decompress and to get used to their new feedom. They are given a complete physical exam and receive any medical treatment as well as plastic surgery they need and request. [..]
The ManneCamp Habitat covers an area of almost 5 acres and contains open fields, wooded areas and wetlands. Several buildings and improvements offer shelter and entertainment. A swiming pool and a tennis court are available for use during the warmer months of the year.

Their site has live video feeds as well. Man. *snickers* That pun was unintentional, by the way.
A question that springs to mind, though — as large as that refuge is, surely there’s enough room to build a skateboard park or two?

Sorry for the bare-bones quality of this post, but it’s like two hours past my bedtime, and as we all know, the news waits for no man

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