Do come in! Just not all of you at once

typed for your pleasure on 29 November 2014, at 1.50 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Some days’ by Martial Canterel

Don’t we all, insidious cash register; don’t we all.

At Shouting to hear the echoes, the official blog of Deafening silence Plus, we do our utmost best to bring you the most information possible concerning artificial humans, 20th century architecture and design, and above all else, relevant news regarding Davecat, his wife Sidore Kuroneko, their live-in mistress Elena Vostrikova, and their flatmate Muriel Noonan. This blog has been chugging along for a wee bit over ten years, and it’s the visits of viewers like you that keep stoking the coal fire, as it were. Why, if you’re reading this post, that means that at some point very recently, ‘Shouting etc etc’ has had its 700,000 visitor gaze upon its countenance! That’s a lot of visitors! Heck, most people can’t even count up to 100,000 without taking off their trousers!

Anyway, we’d just like to publically recognise this milestone, with a heartfelt Thank You, to those of you who weren’t just here looking for photos of Synthetik women. And even if you were, we hope you enjoyed your stay, and sincerely hope you’ll be back for — as we like to say here — more of the same! Cos let’s face it: you really can’t get writing like this anywhere else

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  1. Peter Synthetik & Miss July writes:

    Congrats for over 699999 visitor !!!
    We are 2 of them – Yay

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yay! 🙂

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