After ‘Head music’, it’s diminishing returns

typed for your pleasure on 10 January 2014, at 8.54 pm

Sdtrk: ‘She’s in fashion’ by Suede

First post of 2014! Written in 2013. Cough.
Were your holidays good? Did you witness The Descent of the Shimmering Death Sphere just before midnight in New York city? I swear, the recent New Years’ Eve ball is just one redesign away from becoming Leviathan. Give ’em time.

Allow me to recount part of another one of my amusing dreams, whether you want to hear it or not: in this one, I was round at my parents’ house, sorting through great big piles of things I wanted to keep or get rid of, and joining me in this task were a younger, late-Sixties-era Hugh Hefner, and Crawley’s Favourite Gothic Son, Robert Smith. Also, my parents’ house had four storeys instead of two, because why the hell not?

HUGH (going through large plastic bag): Are these [tools] from an IKEA couch?
ME: Yep! God bless the Swedes.
ROBERT: ‘God bless Suede’??
ME: No no, god bless the… I think you’d thought I said that last time! No, Brett Anderson’s cool, but they’re not that good.
ROBERT: Especially now.
ME: O no. God, no.
ROBERT: *frowning, shaking head vigourously*

A music critic, even in my sleep

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  1. Everhard writes:

    “…one of my amusing dreams… my parents’ house had four storeys instead of two, because why the hell not?”

    One might think that dreams, presumably distillations of real experience, would be a simplified representation of reality. However, I have a recurring dream where I am in a sprawling multi-story building. At the time it seems both real and utterly alien. Yet, in retrospect, it embodies characteristics from two schools I attended and the nursing home that was my late mother’s last home.

    I think that’s one reason I like the movie Sucker Punch so much. Its two levels of fantasy seem more elaborate than the reality (at the start and end of the film).

    It’s not all bad though. I recently had one of my frequent dreams of wandering hilly city streets in search of something (not sure what). Crossing one street, I noticed its slope and camber were conducive to jumping over it, so I leapt across and retracted my legs a bit, and — like a spacecraft in orbit — I floated on and on. That’s about when I woke up. Probably just as well: I had no means of aerobraking or steering, so I must have crashed into the building on the other side…

  2. Davecat writes:

    That’s one of the many things I dig about dreams: as they encompass the unfamiliar within the familiar (or vice versa), it’s one way for me to be adventurous without being freaked out by that which isn’t familiar to me. But a recurring dream where you’re in the same location that you know, yet don’t know? Your mind’s more consistent than mine is on that score. There’s arguably got to be some reason why you keep returning…

    Apparently Earth has lower gravity in your dreams! That could come in handy! Either that, or you’ve lost a bit of weight, there. 🙂
    I’d say half of my dreams are ‘normal’ interaction (see post above), and the other half have me in some action-adventure scenario where I either have natural powers (flight, invisibilty, etc), or like the one I’d had a few days ago, where I was using a powered suit much like Sam Gideon of the videogame Vanquish. Between a relatively uninteresting waking life, and a super-exciting life when asleep, the choice is clear…

    I still have to see ‘Sucker punch’. ‘Inception’, too; that’s on the list as well.

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