A comment caveat / Well, dental hygiene is pretty important

typed for your pleasure on 20 March 2008, at 11.48 am

Sdtrk: ‘He is everywhere nowhere’ by Current93

JUST SO YOU KNOW: Quite a few people — perhaps even you — have been wanting to post a comment, and finding that either the comments have been turned off, or the reply function is simply no longer there. Heh, you’ll love this: lately, ‘Shouting etc etc’ has been getting hit by some bizarre virus that does two things — it not only deactivates the ability for people to post comments or make pings for some posts, but it also throws a shitload of spam links into the bottom of each post. Now this is going to sound like the ravings of a lunatic, but the links are coded so that they’re invisible. No, seriously. If you view these infected posts via a cellphone browser (like I did), you’ll see lines and lines of spam links. It’s the strangest damn thing.
Originally, I thought it was due to the Technorati tags I was using, as the first time this occurred, it was in February’s ‘Any Doll-related news etc’ post, so I got rid of the tags, but the comments would still shut off and those spam links would come back.

What it boils down to is that I undoubtedly need to upgrade WordPress, which I intend on doing soon, otherwise the homicides will begin. In the interim, if you don’t see the reply function for a post, seriously — reply in another post, and I’ll just transfer the bastard to where it’s supposed to be.
We here at Deafening silence Plus thank you for your patience and patronage! No, seriously.

So recently I dreamt that Shi-chan and I were driving round the suburbs — it looked a bit like the Grosse pointe area, but you know how it is with dreams mutating things that actually exist in your mind into totally new things — and some chunky bloke with a paper bag over his head stepped in front of our car at a stop sign, and handed me an index card. He then took his paper bag off, revealing his shaven-head and his broad smile, and stepped away as I drove off. Sidore read the card: there was a paragraph at the top, stating the message was from a college fraternity, and that they apparently liked our work. (??) They went on to explain that if we were to go to the URL provided below, we’d see some guy in Texas that looked exactly like me. ‘Huh,’ I remarked.

The dream then cut to footage of this bloke. The video quality was similar to that weird video black & white that you get with closed-circuit television, but a little sharper, and it even had a running timecode in the upper right corner. Unlike a CCTV camera, though, it wasn’t fixed in one position. It centred on this bloke that could’ve been my identical twin — his facial features were the exact same as mine, but his ponytail was around two feet long, and he was wearing a hoodie, which is something I’d never do. He was seated in the front row of a college classroom, a couple of columns toward the centre. At one point during the course of the footage, he pulled a toothbrush out of his bag, applied some toothpaste to it, and proceeded to brush his teeth right there in the middle of class. No-one seemed to notice, except the girl behind him, who tapped him on the shoulder and said something chastising. Or at least, I assume it was something chastising, as the video didn’t have sound. He stopped to listen to her, then kept on brushing.

Then the dream cut to Shi-chan and I watching the video (on YouTube, naturally). For some reason, the room we were in was dark, and the monitor illuminated our faces. ‘I don’t know what to make of that,’ Sidore commented.
Dopplegängers! Honestly, you just can’t get away from them…

Happy Vernal Equinox, people! I’m hoping for a short Summer, but a long Spring. And an even longer Autumn

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5 have spoken to “A comment caveat / Well, dental hygiene is pretty important”

  1. PBShelley writes:

    Day-um! :-O

    I want your dreams LOLOL

    WordPress 2.5 is imminent (they say), so hopefully that’ll fix the problem with the scumbags. Also, the Akismet plug-in is great for stopping, capturing, and killing the vile spammers. (Oh, don’t I wish! -hey, we don’t really have to WAIT for the homicdes to begin, do we? Can’t your Gurren-Lagann like track them down, or something?)

    Well, at least Akismet will (hopefully) consume their droppings! It’s already stopped 12 turds from getting through mine, and it gives you a little “tally-ticker” you can put up on the BlogFace 🙂 (Thanks to Wanda who suggested it.)

    I really don’t get the joy these little circle-jerkers get out of all this…

    Ah well,
    PBS et al, rooting for you!

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    I would totally fill you up with all the porn spam your tight little anus could take–and then some!

    Bend over, I’ve filled this turkey baster with offers to work from home and invitations to help young sorority sisters explore their new web cam, and I’d really like to see how far up your colon the mass will flow.

    Its like a barium swallow of unwise decisions, all fer you.

  3. Miss Hyde writes:

    =D Yesh, I use my mobile interweb quite a bit and I was rather urm. . . disturbed by some of those links!!

    And glad its not just me that can’t comment – I was starting to think I had broken the echoes again!


  4. Davecat writes:

    Lord Byron and ladies –
    I know, I have to upgrade the fecker. It’s just… it’s just… O GOD I’M SCARED OF SOMETHING GOING WRONG HOLD ME
    Also, that and I’m a lazy sack of ordure. But it’ll be addressed soon…

    I’ve actually got Akismet running. It is a godsend! If I didn’t have that on my side, ‘Shouting etc etc’ would look like one of those generic Blogger blogs that have nothng but spam as its sole content. Egad.

    And I’d get the whole Gurren Brigade on the case, but they’re too busy kicking reason to the curb and piercing the heavens with their drill at the moment, so…

    Unluckily for you, I had my bumhole surgically corked up when I was 18. The reasons are too numerous to list here.

    Hyde-chan –
    No, you dinna break the site… not this time, anyway. 😉

  5. PBShelley writes:

    Quoth VIRAL:
    (To Kamina) “You’re a man in the highest category of Moron.”

    I think this should be enshrined or engraved, maybe both, and somewhere pertinent (targets may vary).

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