Borghild really WAS a myth? NOOOOO

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Sdtrk: ‘Hélicoptère’ by Mireille Darc

Some of you vaguely recall my report on Fräulein Borghild, the WWII-era RealDoll analogue assembled by Nazis, for Nazis. Yes, I was sceptical that she existed in the first place, but deep in my heart, I wanted to believe. Much to my chagrin, I just discovered this article on Boing Boing, posted back in 2005, about how a pair of unrelated and investigative readers in Germany revealed that the entire affair was merely a protracted example of japery. Gods, how depressing.

The main problems with “Borghild” are:

– There is no evidence that any of the documents the text talks about ever existed. The Deutsche Hygiene Museum says that of course most records were destroyed in an attack in 1945, but that still no one they talked seems to remember anything about this project. The photographs on are clearly fabrications, and the site even acknowledges that.
– The author of, “Norbert Lenz”, claims to have worked for a number of German magazines – all of which claim not to know a journalist by that name. He is not listed in phone directories, and the only book currently available in Germany by a Norbert Lenz is a book about – ducks.
the entire article is here

DAMNIT *pounds desk with fists, collapses into loud sobbing*

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