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Sdtrk: ‘Mr. Dante Fontana’ by Piero Piccioni

Every couple of months, I run across someone doing an article on the whole Borghild mythos, and I never really know if it’s real or not.

The world’s first sexdoll – or ”gynoid” – was built in 1941 by a team of craftsmen from Germanys Hygiene Museum Dresden. The project was supervised by the famous preparator and technician Franz Tschakert. The ”Father of the woman of glass”, which happened to be the sensation in 1930’s II. International Hygiene-Exhibit, used his skills and experience in order to create a kind of doll the world had never seen before.

The ”field-hygienic project” was an initiative of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, who regarded the doll as an ” counterbalance” (or regulating effect )for the sexual drive of his stormtropers. In one his letters, dated 20.11.1940 he mentions the ”unnessessary losses”, the Wehrmacht had suffered in France inflicted by street prostitutes.
”The greatest danger in Paris are the wide-spread and uncontrolled whores, picking by clients in bars, dancehalls and other places . It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health, just for the sake of a quick adventure.”

The project – called Burghild in the first place – was considered ”Geheime Reichssache” , which was ”more secret than top secret” at the time. Himmler put his commander-in-chief SS-Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky in charge, the highest ranking officer of Berlins notorious SS-institute.

Ultimately, it sounded like a good plan — keep the soldiers sexually satisfied whilst preventing them from succumbing to gonhorrea — but it didn’t get too much of a chance, both financially and time-wise, to get off the ground, as the Nazi war machine was too busy concentrating on constructing planes, tanks, and the like. You know — war stuff.
And answering the question of ‘if Borghild was built, or at least planned, why didn’t we have the Deutsche equivalent of RealDolls long ago?’, well, the factory that was assigned to make Borghilds was located in Dresden, which was incinerated, thereby making use of that nice loophole there.

I’ve heard the story debunked a couple of times, but unfortunately Snopes.com comes up trumps on Fraulein Borghild — if she ever existed.
Pfft. Next, they’ll be saying that the Haunibu series of Nazi flying saucers was never constructed

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