A sorry excuse for a post, or, LOOK OUT RUNAWAY LINK TRAIN

typed for your pleasure on 22 October 2004, at 1.53 am

Whilst I was asleep this eve, I had a really good idea for a post, but damned if I can remember it now. Egad. I do recall that I dreamt that I met one-half ov Laibach, and they signed my copy ov Neue Slowenische Kunst. Well, they’re in town two days before my birthday next month; perhaps that dream will come true?

+ Marc Almond is okay! But why is ‘stable’ in quotes? That’s a little alarming..
+ My copy ov Mezzo — disk one, with the art box — arrived today. It’s true; Yasuomi Umetsu is a fucking maniac genius. ROCK ON
+ BloodRayne 2 is difficult but enjoyable. After initial misgivings, I’d say that it’s more fun than the first one, and I loved the first one. I still love the first one. Gotta love guns that feed off human blood
+ Mike, Tomas & I caught ‘Team America: World Police‘ last Saturday, which was a laff riot. (One ov) my favourite part(s)? Kim Jong Il releasing the panthers
+ Before that, they showed the trailer for the new Wes Anderson fillum, ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. Maybe this’ll be the first Wes Anderson film I catch in the theatre
+ New Synthetik companion manufacturer link added to the list ov.. Synthetik companion manufacturer links. It’s a German company called Delphi creations, and they construct the rather sexy lass known as SuperDoll. Which reminds me, I really need to write the head ov that company, and inform him that as far as Synthetik companions go, that name’s already taken..
+ Finally, this would be a new film entitled ‘Gusher no binds me’ — could this be the new ‘Ichi the Killer’?

I will try to get my collective shit together and whip up a more substantial post sometime soon, as I do need to make a report on the Interpol concert that Jeff & I saw last week-end. STAY TUNED

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