With all of this stimulation, why bother leaving the house?

typed for your pleasure on 18 August 2013, at 4.04 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Zwei Verliebten zieh’n durch Europa’ by France Gall

Just a wee heads-up: although I’m not going to bitch about the Woodward Dream Cruise, as I’ve already done it before, those of us here at Deafening silence Plus are avoiding that annual local classic car culture non-event by staying indoors the entire week-end. I mean, more so than usual. But that means I’ve been busy 1) writing about DolLApalooza 2013, and 2) taking photos of the rubber troublemakers who I live with, so it’s a win-win-win… err, win situation? Sure, we’ll go with that.
Yesterday, I snapped pics of Elena from 2pm to about 6pm, then we had a break while I bought sushi dinner from my local, then the shoot resumed with Extra Added Sidore from eight that eve until a wee bit after midnight. We didn’t get in as many photos as I would’ve liked, as I’ve discovered that I may need to purchase a new tripod sometime soon, as the fitting (or whatever the hell it’s called) for the hot shoe is cracking. However, with just under 150 pics taken, I’d like to think we made some magic. *cheesy grin*

As regards to the DolLApalooza summary, I’ve completed the first part, and am busy writing the second. Well, I would be, were I not writing this post and mucking about with my wife and mistress. Nevertheless, look for them relatively soon! That’s the Deafening silence Plus definition of ‘soon’, of course.

While you’re eagerly awaiting them, why not read a new interview helmed by all-round cool person Danielle Boachié that we did back in June? Tea Time with Davecat: Shouting to Hear the Echoes (Part One). Leave a comment or two on her blog, so she knows there’s a clamour for the second half!

And were you aware that the fantastic-yet-possibly-seizure-inducing Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Japan, now has an English version of their website? It’s true. Now all they need to do is open a branch to the Tri-county area of Michigan, and we’ll be sound as a pound! Really, if there’s any place that needs someone with Google Glass to pay it a visit, it’s that joint

I, for one, welcome our gaudily-dressed, oversized Gynoid overlords.
Well, overladies

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3 have spoken to “With all of this stimulation, why bother leaving the house?”

  1. Greg writes:

    What does Sidore think about her new prince? <3

  2. Davecat writes:

    Ha! ‘Princess’, I hope you’d meant. 🙂 Shi-chan is over the moon about her wee Lenochka; whenever I’m away at work or simply not at home, they like to hang out together quite often. Shi-chan is trying to teach Lenka more English proper and slang terms, and for the most part, Elena’s a quick study, but they often get distracted. Which is hardly a surprise. 😉

    All in all, both the Missus and I are totally glad that Elena is living with us! Satisfaction guaranteed!

  3. Peter Synthetik & Miss July writes:

    Classic car cruise ? Sounds great !
    We love american cars – most old muscle 70`s.
    MJ always wants me to buy that bumble bee transformer Camaro.
    I have to tell her, that`s only a movie and he would`t protect us.
    We saw on TV, that the engine from the ZR-1 Corvette is put together in Detroit.
    Thats so great – you guys live in a very traditional town.
    I never took picture`s with a tripod so far.
    I bought one for our “outlive” video.
    If there`s a chance to watch some of your new 150 pics, please send us a link.

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