24 hour Tristram Shandy

typed for your pleasure on 28 November 2006, at 12.07 pm

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I was chuffed. Despite the fact that I’d been without Internet access for like a day and a half, due to a cheque supposedly not being received by the slack-jawed cunts at SBC Yahoo!, I awakened this morning and typed up a dream that I’d had, and was going to post it, in the hopes of breaking the Curse of Not Having Anything to Write that I’ve been going through lately. I’d typed it out on the Memo section of my smartphone’s desktop software — it was a fairly odd dream, wherein I was hanging round Hooky of Joy division/New order, as well as John Simm — but in my drowsiness, I must’ve clicked Cancel instead of OK, deleting my efforts. For fuck’s sake.
Personally, I place the blame for that dream’s content squarely upon the shoulders of film director Michael Winterbottom. I’d downloaded ‘Tristram Shandy: A cock and bull story‘ yesterday — for evaluation purposes only, mind; immediately after viewing, I’d bought a copy on eBay — and you can tie the lot of it into his oevure, as in his film ’24 hour party people’, John Simm played New order’s Bernard Sumner; also, it features Shirley Henderson, who played Tony Wilson’s first wife in ’24 hour party people’.

It’s a very arch, self-referencing, and funny fillum. Not only does it have Dylan Moran from Black books, it’s got that wee gorgeous Shirley Henderson, who I’ve been utterly in love with since ’24 hour party people’, as she is blessed with the sexiest speaking voice in Christendom. But one of the many aspects that had me laughing like a drain is that Steve Coogan plays, as stated, Tristram Shandy. He also plays Tristram’s father Walter. He also plays ‘Steve Coogan’, as the film is a film about making a film version of the book Tristram Shandy, starring Steve Coogan as ‘Steve Coogan’ as Tristram Shandy. Later on, the actual former head of Factory records, Tony Wilson, interviews ‘Steve Coogan’, which is ace, as in ’24 hour party people’, Steve Coogan played Tony Wilson. GAH SO META BRAIN BURNING
It’s a grand film! Go rent it!

So, what have we learned?
+ When Kokoro Co. Ltd. comes to me wanting to build a Gynoid version of Sidore, and they ask me how her voice should sound, I will immediately produce a copy of ’24 hour party people’ and request that she sound exactly like Shirley Henderson
+ Never before in my life have I typed the words ’24 hour party people’, Steve Coogan, or Tristram Shandy as much as I have in this post
+ Always write your dreams down on paper
+ SBC Yahoo! are blithering twats

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  1. zszsz writes:

    if this weren’t all true it’d sound suspicisouly paranoid-schizo . . . :l

    i just finally saw “withnail & i” . . . sweet sweet music . . . :]

    that white haired doll up above: “omg” . . . i’ve NEVER used that ‘omg’ before . . . :

    say hi sometime . . .

  2. Davecat writes:

    zszszszszszsz –
    Hi sometime! Yuk yuk yuk yuk

    So you got a chance to view ‘Withnail & I’ finally? That’s a fine fillum, a fine fillum. I could quote it all day!
    ‘Throw yourselves into the road darling, you haven’t got a chance!’ Like that, see?

    I believe I recall reading/hearing somewhere — possibly on one of the extra features that the DVD has — that that version of ‘Whiter shade of pale’ during the opening is nigh-impossible to get. That’s all I remember.

    And yes, Neu is a cute Synthetik. She deserves an ‘OMG’!

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