The Old Writing Draught of 1806

typed for your pleasure on 20 November 2006, at 1.54 am

Sdtrk: ‘For o, for o, the hobby-horse is forgot’ by Harrison Birtwistle

I have to apologise for the deafening silence (ho ho ho) recently, as I’m trying to get used to my new work schedule. It’s bizarre; we work evenings on Monday and Tuesday, and mornings Wednesday through Friday. Having no consistent time which I’m supposed to set my alarm is an awfully pointless exercise. Who’s to blame for this??
Also, I’m kinda in a writing slump, as evidenced by the poor showing since the 5th of the month; and no, I don’t rate the last two posts at all, as they are (in order) a linkdump and a YouTube video. I don’t feel entirely bad, as quaisi is in the midst of a null-writing period right now as well, but still.

To be honest, I’ve been distracted lately by the fruits of INTERNET PIRATES. Over the course of the past week and a half, I’ve watched all six eps of Aim for the top! 2 and all five episodes of Battle fairy Yukikaze. Being a big fan of the original ‘Aim for the top! Gunbuster’, I’d resisted seeing Diebuster for a while, as the FLCL-style character designs seemed incongruous, but after watching it with an open mind (HINT: technically, it’s not a sequel to Gunbuster), it was rather fab in the end equation. Yukikaze, on the other hand, had some astounding aerial combat scenes, but man, the homoerotic tension between Rei and James was ridiculous. Heh; on 4chan‘s /m/echa board, they call it ‘Brokeback Airforce’, and rightly so. And then I picked up Burger King’s Sneak King and Pocketbike racing today. Yes. Eminently entertaining!
Then I considered throwing in the towel and switching ‘Shouting etc etc’ over to Blogger Beta cos its categories capabilities is filling my pants with joy, but apparently there’s been some conflicts with HaloScan interacting rudely with it, and obviously, I don’t want to lose all of your lunatic lovely comments. Plus, as SafeTinspector pointed out, as far as Blogger Beta goes… well, let’s just say that it’s called Blogger Beta for a reason.

So, this brings us to here, wherever ‘here’ is, exactly. I’ll knuckle down this week and handcraft something worth reading, as sure as my name is Hans Christian Andersen*

*N.B.: not actually my name

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    ” Having no consistent time which I’m supposed to set my alarm is an awfully pointless exercise. Who’s to blame for this??”

    You can purchase one of those alarm clocks with two alarms. Alarm “A” and “B”. In some languages you can use the feminine form to describe the former and the masculine for the latter. This will help you keep the two separated within your memory meat. Since working evenings is a feminine thing, you would set the feminine alarm to help you prepare for those days. Masculine will be left with the remainder…as always. *sigh*

    Oh, and whatever happened to your plans for migration to scribbly-pad?

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