es ist NEU! (no, not the band)

typed for your pleasure on 21 September 2004, at 9.43 pm

Alreet, I’m giving this a spin: In order to write, or at the very least, add something to this godforsaken Blog at least once a week, we’re trying this idea on — the WEDNESDAY RECOMMENDATION. Every Wednesday, I’ll give brief kudos to something that I think everyone should look into, whether it’s a Cd, a book, a fillum or videogame. It may even be a concept, such as the Soul of Man Under Socialism. (cue Jeff & Monti snickering) I figure this way, if I write about things I like, I’ll always have something to write about, non?*

THE EXCITEMENT STARTS TOMORROW. Cos tomorrow is Wednesday. See how that works?

*Actually non; it’s a safe bet that there are a hell ov a lot more things in life that I hate than things I like, but frankly, I don’t have that kind ov typin’ time

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