How many echoes are there?

typed for your pleasure on 19 July 2006, at 12.00 am

Sdtrk: ‘State laughter’ by Death in June

It’s 19 July again, peoples! That means ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’ has been operational for two years. Two godforsaken years. I find that nearly impossible — and almost frightening — to comprehend.
Much in the same fashion as last year’s anniversary post, I will now trot out the List of All The Taglines That Have Appeared Beneath The Title for Fifty-Two Weeks Running. And we’re off!

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+ Fantasy for three Crystal Palaces, two Jasons, and an Albis
These were the names given to some of the types of tone generators that the BBC Radiophonic Workshop used


+ Whither Richey Preacher?
How long has he been missing? A little over a decade? Yeah, I’m thinking at this point, he’s probably dead

+ ‘I pulled the trigger on rock and roll’
That’s my interpretation of a line from Ministry’s ‘Supermanic soul’. I’ve no idea what Al is actually saying in real life

+ Hamster.. as Master?
One of the titles to one of the many mixtapes I’d made during the Nineties

+ ‘Of course I over-romanticise everything! I wouldn’t leave the house otherwise!’
That’s another quote one of mine, naturally

+ Pessimism is Realism with a sneer, and Nihilism is Pessimism with a gun
Yet another Davecat quote. That one’s old! I think I came up with that in the Nineties..

+ Hello Kitty, last of the hatchet murderers
It takes quite a bit of effort to kill someone with a hatchet; more than you’d think, really. On the plus side, it’s a great way to burn off a lot of calories

+ ‘And remember: if you turn your stereo speakers on their sides, you’ll have a strange taste in music’
attributed to Booga, from Tank girl (the comic series, not the hateful movie)

+ ‘The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo’
from ‘Alice’s adventures in Wonderland’, of course

+ Performing unspeakable acts with the severed head of Jayne Mansfield
What? What??

+ ‘You have to do things that normal people don’t understand, because those are the important things’
Andy Warhol, speaking what could possibly be defined as the greatest quote of his life – at least as far as I’m concerned

+ Attack ships on fire
‘…off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears.. in.. rain.’ No points guessing what fillum that phrase origiBLADE RUNNER

+ Synthesiser guidebook on fire
Despite the fact that I really don’t like Boredoms (partially cos when I say I’m into Japanese Noise, people — if they have any vague grasp of what the concept entails — usually respond with ‘Oh. Like the Boredoms?’ That’s not Noise; that’s noise-rock, bunky, and it’s not a patch on Merzbow), I always thought they had a couple of fab song titles. This is one of them

+ New sidereal extrahere
I’ve always loved this phrase; it was made when I stuck a couple of cool-sounding words together. ‘Extrahere’ is apparently Latin for ‘to draw out’, which is where we get the word ‘extract’, but I didn’t know that up until a few months ago. Be careful what words you choose, I think, is the lesson learned today

+ ‘As with most such perversions, Giger did it better’
a comment someone posted whilst on one of those crazy imageboards I frequent

+ ‘I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving / England is mine, it owes me a living’
‘And if you must go to work tomorrow / Well if I were you, I wouldn’t bother / For there are brighter sights to life and I should know because I’ve seen them / But not very often’
The Smiths, ‘Still ill’

+ Anecdotes from the darkest pits of Hell. Or, if I haven’t eaten yet, the darkest pits of my stomach
No lies there

+ Signal to silence, siren to synapse
Another mixtape title. Sounds like summat Coil would’ve come up with

+ Giggling nervously in the face of oncoming traffic

+ ‘The body is turned over.. ANTS.. ANTS..’
from an episode of ‘Sprockets’. O, that Dieter

+ ‘I don’t want a Tripper tripping in my kitchen!’
Attributed to Dean Travers, who was the dean at the culinary school Jack Tripper was attending.
People simply don’t believe me when I say that ‘Three’s Company’ oozed pure Comedy Gold

+ Midgard Welcomes Careful Drivers
Just don’t do anything crazy, like piss off Jörmungandr, otherwise we’re all so very doomed

one of the chants that the ‘Cheer Gals’ in Space channel 5 part 2 sing, in order to cheer Ulala on. It works for me!

+ ‘Some people look down on me / I hope they like what they see’
entirely appropos lyric, cribbed from ‘Truth’, off New order’s ‘Movement’ release

+ Simply Fuss Free!
found in the inside disk tray for Pulp’s ‘Different class’ Cd

+ The perfect fusion of Brevity and Verbosity
that would be Me

+ ‘There are two kinds of people in the world: those who say, “There are two kinds of people in the world: those who say there are two kinds of people in the world, and the other kind,” and those who don’t say. Well, and then there’s me.’
Attributed to J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, the craven (?) idol (??) of the Church of the SubGenius. Try not to think about it too hard, as it might cause headaches

+ ‘A fox fighting an eel, suspended in aspic. It was like a Nine Inch Nails video.’
from a guest instalment of Bobbins / Scary go round‘s John Allison, as drawn by Achewood‘s Chris Onstad. I’d look for a link, but I am le tired

+ The futuristic curmudgeon
Again, that would be me. I prefer things from the Sixties, yet I love futuristic technology. Such a quandary!

+ ‘He’d never cried before. At first he’d thought someone had shot him in the eyeballs.’
from ‘Tank girl: The Odyssey’ by Hewlett and Martin. It was the lads’ mashup version of both Homer’s and James Joyce’s The Odyssey, crossed with a satirical look at how shite their experience with Hollywood and That Movie was. At one point in the story, there’s a flashback detailing how a Mafia don gains a healthy respect for all animals; he had never seen a circus as a boy, but a couple of years previous, he attended one, and was saddened by how the animals were being mistreated. The sights made him weep, which resulted in the bit of narrative text that I’d nicked here. He then gunned down all the clowns. Well done!

+ DJARUM: Our logo is a golf pencil driven through a Cert.
Tell me I’m wrong! I should pick up a pack tomorrow, for lack of anything sensible to do with my money. I really like the way Djarum Specials taste, though — that rich clove aroma, blended with discrete amounts of sugar and honey, certainly makes for an exceptional taste experience. It’s a unique cigarette — sorry, kretek — for unique people. Why not try a pack of Djarums today? Available in Special, Super, Black, Bali Hai, and Continental.
*endorsement paid for by the Djarum Consortium, Indonesia

+ ‘When you scratch the surface of a cynic, what you find underneath is a disappointed idealist’
attributed to George Carlin, and extraordinarily true

+ ‘Turn the beat around / Love to eat percussion’
a wee joke amongst my circle of friends. ‘Turn the Beat Around’ (Vicki Sue Robinson, 1976) has a catchy opening line, but none of us remember what the rest of the song’s lyrics are. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the song in its entirety.. But for some reason, it stayed with us, only we’d sing it at completely random and sometimes inappropriate intervals as ‘Turn the beat around / Something something something’. This went on for a little over a year, until one day, whilst we were hanging out at Jeff’s, a.k.a Zip Gun’s place, after hearing it for probably the seventieth time that month, he immediately hopped online and looked up the actual lyrics. ‘Turn the beat around,’ he explained, ‘Love to hear the percussion. Turn it upside down’, he continued, ‘Love to hear the percussion.’ We were aghast. ‘Love to hear the percussion’? That’s got like an extra unnecessary syllable! That ‘the’ doesn’t need to really be in there! For one, it kinda throws the rhythm off when you’re reading the lyrics without music, but it sounds like she’s singing ‘Love to hear percussion’, which is six syllables, and has an undeniable cadence to it. Now if she was singing it ‘Love to hear / the / per-cus-sion’, that would make sense, but as anyone who’s ever heard the song knows, it’s ‘Love / to hear / per-cus-sion’. O, sorry, ‘love / to hear / the percussion’. Pfft. ‘Love to hear the percussion’?? That can’t be right.
So with this grim knowledge, we’d moved on. We’d learned that it’s ‘Love to hear the percussion’ instead of ‘Something something something’. But it was universally agreed that our version was funnier! It all turned out alright in the end, as collectively, we couldn’t really remember the new and proper lyrics, and we simply replaced it with ‘Love to eat percussion’. Six syllables, contains Humour, and it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it, so it fits the bill perfectly

+ I smell Florence Henderson

+ Mice, and what they like

+ ‘He once stopped a madman from launching a pit pony into the heart of the sun’
I misremembered this’un; it’s from an episode of Bobbins (yes, again with the Bobbins). The original is here!
I like my version better

+ Let’s go to Sears and try things on and not buy anything

+ ‘I’m tired of picking up your tabs at the Bunny Club’
an excerpted sample from the song ‘Dear Mr Salesman’ by Shibuya-kei stylists Fantastic plastic machine. Why isn’t their new stuff (re.anything after the ‘Beautiful’ album) as good as the old stuff (re.the ‘Luxury’ release)? Hm?

+ Live twice the life, in half the time!
This was on a poster by a designer named Shawn Wolfe, who once had a studio/project called BeatKit. It was very post-modern, y’know — if I recall correctly, as BeatKit was a statement on planned obsolescence, it was only supposed to exist up until the year 2000 — but thankfully, his work overall was actually pretty ace

+ Star of Stage, Screen and Trampoline
Back in 1986, Morrissey had posted an envelope to a journalist who lived in Hyde who had written an article that ran afoul with the Smiths as a whole. The envelope was addressed to ‘STAR OF STAGE, SCREEN AND TRAMPOLINE’; it contained a label for ‘Big mouth strikes again’, and featured AND SO SAY ALL OF US written on the reverse. How very Wilde

+ If I have to shake one more ceramic bunny, I’m gonna puke
This was an actual line from some semi-serious cop show on telly, wherein one of the cops was with her partner in some sort of knick-knack shop, looking for concealed illegal drugs that were theoretically being smuggled in the porcelain wares. They had no idea exactly where they were, so they had to go through the contents of all of the shelves, shaking each piece to see if it was one they were looking for. As far as out-of-context phrases go, it’s pretty unbeatable

+ I find it highly ironic that the first three letters in ‘mania’ are M. A. N.

+ ¯\(º_O)/¯
Self-explanatory, really

+ Start your day with a migraine, just like the pros do!

+ All of my Armored Cores are named after Merzbow releases
It’s True! I have Surfactant, from the Cd ‘Mercurated‘; ‘Amlux’; Oersted (coloured in a lurid shade of magenta, just like the cover); Age of 369, Springharp, from the ‘Last of analog sessions‘ box set; and Ananga-ranga, from ‘Venereology‘.
Hrm. Shi-chan and I desperately need to get back into the Armored core loop — we’re rusty

+ analoguemusikmaschine

+ Now Entering Carpal Tunnel

+ ‘If you hear beautiful music coming from a toilet, it’s probably a trap’
from Tristan Farnon’s brilliant Leisuretown. It’s Sound Advice, you know

+ Gerbils with sheepdogs, terriers with geese / These are a few of my favourite crossbreeds
‘When the door bites / When the bee sings / When I’m feeling sad / I simply remember my fav’rite crossbreeds / And then’
And that’s where the song ends. It was rejected for the current version of ‘My favourite things’ that we all know and ‘love’ today. Personally, I think they missed a trick with not keeping the original

+ Hello Kitty has no mouth, and she must belch
Aww, Kitty’s gassy. So cute!

+ That’s the last time I drop acid at Tesco’s
I.. I have no explanation for this, as I’ve never dropped acid, and I’ve never been to a Tesco’s

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Yep, another year of appropriated, yet inappropriate, taglines! O, and some other mad ramblings seem to be bringing the property value down on the blog as well.
Once again, thank you all for reading, and I hope you’re enjoying the ride so far. 🙂

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  1. Wanda writes:


    And two years as a blogger! I stand in awe….

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Happy blogiversary, you right bastard.

    “The way the future was..” is the taste you prefer, I think.
    Quotes listed in such a way slowly grow numbing, but by taking small breaks and returning to the task refreshed, I was able to take them all in while remaining receptive.
    Thanks, they were amusing indeed!

  3. Davecat writes:

    I know, it’s a large passel of quotes. Have some refreshment handy, and pull over if you grow too tired!
    And if you think that’s a big hunk o’ text, you should see the .doc file..

    Wanda –
    I didn’t think I’d make it two years, either!
    I’d quit while I’m ahead, but I honestly don’t know what I’m ahead of, so I suppose I’d better keep going. 😉

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    Yes. It reminded me of my recent epiphany regarding the ill-advisability of very very long posts. No one likes to read through them, because they want more immediate gratification.
    Yours, however, worked out well because there was gratification throughout the whole endeavor.

  5. Davecat writes:

    It’s a bit like getting a multiple-choice quiz, where the answers are at the bottom of each page.
    Horrible analogy, I know, but it’ll have to do.

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Congrats, DC and the ever-lovely Sidore,

    TWO years!

    Um, is that all? :-O Seems like you’ve always been here (‘always’ being relative of course)! Thanks for keeping this Space secure and a place of Principle, I always enjoy my pop-ins 😀

    Best regards and wishes for (at least) two more 🙂

    PBS, Lily & Eden

  7. zszsz writes:

    who’s that guy who draws the rather technically “accurate” skeletal systems of icons such as betty boop, etc. & (hello) kitty?

    apparently HE believes a mouth is nestled under that darling apparently pseudo-blankishness . . .


  8. Davecat writes:

    zszsz –
    Ohhh yeah, that bloke! I know exactly who you’re talking about, but his name escapes me. TO THE GOOGLEMOBILE!
    ~ later ~
    That would be Michael Paulus. Disturbingly lovely. 🙂 But y’know, according to SANRIO, Hello Kitty has always had a mouth; you simply can’t see it..

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