How many echoes are there?

typed for your pleasure on 19 July 2005, at 12.31 am

Sdtrk: ‘Something’s in the house (demo version)’ by Tubeway army

It’s 19 July! You know what that means! Probably not, as I had to look it up myself a week ago. It’s the one-year anniversary of ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’! Unimaginable! I hadn’t any idea that I’d be still doing this in a year, so I’m as gobsmacked as the rest of you.
In lieu of a genuine post, I’m going to instead explain every single one of the rather obscure and undoubtedly cryptic taglines that have appeared every week under the title since, well, a year ago.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

+ Don’t be surprised if it gets weird. No, I’m serious
The first tagline! You never forget your first

+ ‘Nothing succeeds like excess’
Quote attributed to Ron Via, from ‘a, A novel‘ by Andy Warhol

+ Sorry, no Off switch for ‘Sarcasm’ mode
Self-explanatory, really

+ ‘Swallow all your tears, my love / And put on your new face / You can never win or lose if / you don’t run the race’
‘Love my way’, the best song ever by Psychedelic Furs

Back in the days when I toiled as a specimen processor, I used to pass my hours with the headphones of my Cd player (a.k.a my ‘idiot filters’) strapped to my head from pretty much the start of the shift until finish. One of my coworkers would occasionally pass by & tap me on the shoulder or otherwise warrant my attention, and I would jokingly shout ‘YOU’RE INTERRUPTING MY REVERIE’, cos I’d be in the midst of a drum solo with whatever band was playing at the time or something

+ At least one new post every week, GUARANTEED! (Note: not actually guaranteed)
My blog does what it says on the tin

+ the Oscar Wilde ov his Workplace.. minus the homosexuality, ov course
I don’t want to say that I was probably the wittiest person at my stupid goddamned ex-workplace, but.. no wait, I take that back. I’m certain that I was

+ ‘You see that left button? The button on the left?? That’s the left button. The LEFT BUTTON. It handles things on the left side ov the screen. The LEFT SIDE. Do you remember what button that is??’
That would be me, attempting to teach my father how to operate his own cellphone. Yes, of course he forgot what button does what about ten minutes after we were finished — that’s the Magick of My Dad

+ Relentlessly solipsistic, above and beyond the call ov duty, since 1972
Now see, I messed this one up. I was originally under the impression that a solipsist was a person who lived life under the assumption that everyone knew, or was at least aware of, the same things he knew of. According to Merriam-Webster, solipsism is ‘a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing’. So there you have it

+ My problem with people is not that they’re different; my problem is that they’re not different enough
an original quote, and it’s entirely true

+ I think the real tragedy is that sometimes I’m right
another quote du Davecat

+ ‘Violence is never the answer, except when you ask the right question’
a stolen borrowed tagline from Jeff Rowland’s online comic Wigu

+ You’re soaking in it!

+ You’re sulking in it!
the previous one begat this one, really

+ ‘Rome Martin is a compulsive liar, and has never even met the Fantastic Four.’
a line from Hewlett & Martin’s post-Tank girl comic entitled ‘Get the Freebies’. In one issue, the Freebies, who were three supervillains, were auditioning other villains to be their fourth member, and this oddball named Rome Martin was one of them. His was a bit part, but he had the best line when he was refused: ‘I am Rome Martin! The yeasty walnut on the ballbag of law and order! I kicked shit out of the Fantastic Four in ’96! While looneys ran riot in the streets of Napoli!’ The actual tagline is what Jamie Hewlett wrote alongside that particular panel

+ Yes, I am an elitist as well as an anachronism — I’m multitasking
another original quote

+ ‘We are vain and we are blind / I hate people when they’re not polite’
Talking heads’ ‘Psycho killer’, duh

Every so often on the way home from my hideous telemarketing job, I would drive past a field of sunflowers. For some reason, I’ve always liked sunflowers, and I’d wanted to get my photo taken in the midst of this field. I kinda put it off until Autumn arrived in extant, and one day, I passed the field, and all the sunflowers were wilted and shrinking. I don’t mind telling you that that depressed me a little

+ Sorry son, you must be this tall to ride the internet. Better luck next time.
can’t remember where I stole this from

+ ‘Sunglasses and handkerchiefs / I’m chronicling everything that’s happened to us / so hate me if you must’
‘C’était pour le passion’ by The Dears. Tell me that isn’t apropos

+ ‘I’m saying your snark’s a boojum.’
One of the sub-forums on 4chan, a place I frequent all too often, is /s/, which stands for Sexy Beautiful Women, and once, a person posted the wrong name of a girl in a particular photo. Someone informed him that he was wrong, but he insisted he was correct, and the tagline comes from someone else’s response to that post. Go read some Lewis Carroll, if you still don’t get it

Odhinn bless Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

+ ‘Romantic and square / is Hip and Aware’
a message scratched in one of the run-off grooves of a Smiths release, but I can’t recall which one right now

+ NEXT WEEK, on Alternate Universe Theatre: Christopher Reeve throttles a horse with his bare hands
I would pay good money to see that! Well, maybe not good money. Perhaps the contents of my couch. But still!

+ Prince Matchabelli
‘I can’t seem to forget you / Your Windsong stays on my miiind..’

+ As God as my witness, I am the worst Pokémon trainer ever
random tagline from Tristan A. Farnon, author of the brilliant online comic Leisuretown

+ What you call ‘hostile’, I call ‘practical’
original? Yes

Yes, this one too

+ ‘People aren’t equipped for my filth’
Err, gods; it’s another selection from Andy Warhol’s ‘a, A novel’, from page three, but I’ve no idea who said it. If you’ve ever seen that book, you’ll know what I mean. It’s a lot like Finnegans wake, but with a soundtrack by the Velvet underground

+ Your local Bohemian Industro-Goth Dandy
My official statement these days regarding my dress sense is ‘I’m not a Goth, but I dress like one’, and sometimes, that’s even a bit of a stretch. This tagline sums it up, however: the Bohemian is due to the fact that 60% of my clothes are proudly bought from secondhand stores, the Industro-Goth part stems from the fact that I still dress like the fifth member of Laibach, and the Dandy comes from my aesthetic sense that overrides.. common sense, I suppose

+ the Moody Bastards Club
stolen from Michael Lalonde’s online comic Orneryboy

+ Place obscure reference / tenuous witticism / uncharitable observation here
That pretty much sums up ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’ as a whole, doesn’t it? Or for that matter, just about anything that issues from my mouth

+ Witness one man’s descent into Cool Whip
Instead of a descent into madness, I went with the dairy option. Plus, if things get too desperate, I can always eat my way out

+ Most people aren’t worth the paper they’re written on
..i.e, their birth certificate

+ ‘I guess when you have the constitution of a baby bird, you really have to watch what you eat’
this was from me idly blabbing on the phone at my telemarketing job, with some elderly woman who had a string of ailments, as they often do

+ the Misanthrope’s Holiday
I’d had this tagline lying around for years, as I always thought it would make a good title for a Noise piece for my very-neglected Anti-music project, Wreath.VCA. One day, I’ll actually use it

+ ‘What are words for / When no-one listens anymore / When no-one listens / There’s no use talking at all’
‘Words’ by Missing persons, arguably the best New wave band out of California

+ Husband to a Dutch wife
A ‘Dutch wife’ is a slightly archaic term for a love doll, and the Japanese still use that term on occasion, bless ’em. Again, self-explanatory

the eponymous phrase shouted by my friend Mike, whenever he plays any of the Resident Evil games, and is presented with the problem of a zombie gnawing on him. Over the course of almost ten years, he’s never failed to shout it at least once. Y’know the funny thing, though? The zombies don’t listen

+ Lying (face down) somewhere between the writings of Samuel Pepys, and the Hitler Diaries
Pretty admirable goals for a blog, I’d say

+ On the whole, I’d rather be in bed
one of my quotes. It’s not just a tagline, it’s a philosophy

+ ‘Build a man a fire, and he’s warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’s warm for the rest of his life.’
from the online comic ‘The Karnak Hates Everything Show

+ In Soviet Russia, blog writes YOU!
Ahh, Yakoff Smirnoff. Your legacy of tenuous humour will outlive us all

+ 25 years gone
in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ suicide

I think I got this’un from Jeff, who I think got it from someplace else. I DON’T TAKE NOTES FOR THIS KIND OF STUFF, YOU KNOW

+ Never accelerate on a curve!
Cos it’s harder to maintain control of your vehicle, is all I’m sayin’. Unless you’re playing Burnout 3, of course, in which case, it’s always accelerate on a curve

+ ‘Julianne was first called a genius / Julianne a genius too / Our song is framed by a genius / Suddenly she got up and turned it on’
Apparently, this is the English translation, from the Japanese translation of.. whatever the hell language Liz Frazier of Cocteau twins is singing in. Liz and Robin were both gobsmacked by the utter wrongness of the ‘lyrics’, but I mean, come on. Does Liz even know what the hell she’s singing??

+ The most inept that ever stepped
from ‘These things take time’ by the almighty Smiffs

+ ‘The human voice conspires to desecrate everything on earth.’
Attributed to Seymour Glass, from the ace J.D. Salinger story ‘Raise high the roof beam, carpenters’

+ The Carpenters have been, and always will be, creepy
For the longest time, I suspected that they weren’t just brother and sister, but that they were dating each other as well. But isn’t Richard Carpenter gay? Well, any way you slice it, their extreme closeness and stapled-on smiles frighten me
‘I’m on the top of the world / Lookin’ down on creation / And pukin”

+ ‘I’m not doing the real work of a real human being; I’m just stringing words together’
Anthony Burgess, the second most self-deprecatory writer ever, from his book ‘Autoportrait’

+ And now, Phillip Glass performs music from ‘Coin-operated Nazi’
A mate of mine, Tim, likes twisting words and phrases around, for Better Humour Value. You’ve heard of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, right? ‘Coin-operated Nazi’ is naturally Funnier

+ ‘You have to have written to have writer’s block! Otherwise we’d all have it!’
from an episode of ‘Golden Girls’. Dorothy said this to Blanche, in an episode where Blanche was trying to write a novel. Despite its seemingly ridiculous sitcom blandness, ‘Golden Girls’ was actually not that repellent of a show — its acerbicness appealed to me. Or maybe I just like it cos it was supposedly Edward Gorey‘s favourite show

And finally, regarding the name ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’: it comes from a statement written by Stevo, head of the record label Some Bizzare — the actual phrase is ‘I’d rather shout at an echo rather than lie that someone’s listening.’ That really struck a chord with me. as that’s always been my approach to any creative endeavours I put forth. I do things like this to amuse myself and to stave off boredom, as well as prevent my creative muscles from falling into complete atrophy. And to paraphrase Ian Curtis, I do things like this for myself, but I still hope other people will like it.
Hopefully everyone that continues to, despite all odds, return again and again to read this blog, is enjoying what you’ve seen before, and will stick around for whatever writing, ranting and additional effluvium comes up between now and the 2nd anniversary.

Thanx very much for reading. 🙂

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  1. veach writes:

    obscure reference / tenuous witticism / uncharitable observation

  2. Davecat writes:

    Sarky rejoinder, smiley emoticon, compliment

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Tomas claimed the Soviet Blog Write thingy in a conversation I had with him once. I think the two of you should engage in a g-string mud-wrestling match for dibs. I’ll operate the video camera.

    Also, I love sunflowers! Big N’ Happy.

    no. I’m not gay.

  4. PBShelley writes:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Hm, I wonder if Stevo meant “I’d rather shout OUT an echo rather than lie that someone is listening”?

    EXAMPLE: Somebody yells: “Can anyone hear me -me -e -eee?”

    Shouting AT an echo:
    Stevo (not listening): “Fuggoff!”

    Shouting OUT an echo:
    Stevo (still not listening): “Can anyone hear ME?”

    Shouting AT an echo seems… well: They don’t really seem to care! Echos, that is.

    I probably over-think these things too much LOL

    In any event, it doesn’t change anything Blogspace-wise!

    Keep on f- um, yes. Truck as you will 😉

    Regards to Sidore-chan!

  5. Davecat writes:

    Well, you’re probably not wide off the mark. Stevo was the definition of ‘oddball’. He was Soft cell’s manager and started the Some Bizzare label when he was 17, and he’d do stuff like force prospective labelmates to sign contracts whilst riding one of the stone lions in Trafalgar square, or signing business deals whilst riding a rocking horse. Very.. unique.. individual. So you may be right there, PBS.. Or maybe he just likes the concept of being seated on replica animals!

    By the was, Shi-chan takes those regards, and sends her own to Lily-chan. 😉

    Yeah, sunflowers are ace, aren’t they? Despite the pollen and whatnot, that is..

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