‘Welcome to the Atrocity Exhibition’

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Sdtrk: ‘Reel around the fountain (The Troy Tate sessions version)’ by the Smiths

It’s about feckin’ time — hopefully this will be worth the wait. From the July newsletter for NewOrderOnline.com:


Sure to excite (or enrage) many a disaffected, morose fan, filming for Control, the long-awaited movie about Joy Division’s late frontman, Ian Curtis, began this week. Directed by veteran music video director and photographer Anton Corbijn, the film focuses on the tumultuous last years of Curtis’ life before he committed suicide in 1980, at the age of 23 and shortly before the band was to depart for its first American tour.

Control deals with Curtis’ romantic conflicts with his wife, Deborah, and his mistress, Annik Honore, his increasingly debilitating epileptic seizures, and his performances with Joy Division. Filming will take place in the English towns of Nottingham and Macclesfield (where Curtis lived and is now buried). The film will be released in the UK by Momentum Pictures sometime in 2007.

The film is based upon and expands on the 1995 book Touching From a Distance written by Curtis’ widow as a personal account of her life with the singer. Deborah Curtis serves as a co-producer on the film as well, along with Factory Records founder Tony Wilson. Matt Greenhalgh wrote the script for Control, talking to those closest to Curtis, including Honore, who previously remained silent on her relationship with him.

Sam Riley, who played Mark E. Smith in 24 Hour Party People, stars as Curtis, Academy Award-nominated actress Samantha Morton plays Deborah Curtis, Alexandra Maria Lara is Honore, James Anthony Pearson is Joy Division/New Order guitarist Bernard Sumner, Joe Anderson is bassist Peter Hook, Harry Treadaway is drummer Stephen Morris, Toby Kebbell is Factory Records partner and Joy Division manager Rob Gretton, and Craig Parkinson is Wilson.

Longtime fan Corbijn has his own history with Joy Division. In 1979, he moved from Holland to the UK to photograph the band, resulting in this now-familiar image. He directed the posthumous video for “Atmosphere” in 1998. In a press release, Corbijn said, “If I only ever make one movie, CONTROL would have to be that. I simply feel that as Joy Division and Ian Curtis played a big part in my life, I cannot think of a better combination of subject and director.”

But what’s a film like this without a killer soundtrack? Not to worry, that will be more than taken care of. The soundtrack will include original tracks recorded by Warsaw (the band’s previous incarnation before becoming Joy Division) and Joy Division from the late 1970s and early 80s. New Order will compose the score for the film. Other featured acts on the soundtrack are David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, and the Buzzcocks.

With Corbijn directing this, at the very least, it’ll look ace — after he worked with Joy division, he was also heavily involved with raincoated Scouse groovemasters Echo and the Bunnymen back in their Eighties heyday.
Also, I find it interesting that they managed to get Annik Honore to break her silence, as she’d kept stumm for years. I don’t want to say she’s approached this with dollar signs in her eyes — well, euros, or whatever currency they use wherever she’s currently residing, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

If I’m not mistaken, there’s supposed to be another film based on the history of Joy division in the works too, as well as a pair of documentaries. Certainly something(s) to look out for

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