…be sure to wear some artificial flowers in your hair, Part II

typed for your pleasure on 11 June 2012, at 11.31 pm

Sdtrk: ‘The boys and the girls’ by The Network

Did you read Part I first? Go read Part I first.

After a good night’s sleep — exhaustion and jetlag rendered me blissfully insensate — I was up with the lark at 8am, and ready to do my part as an ambassador for iDollator culture. Or make a complete tit of myself, one or the other. Matt, Bronwen, and I were to meet Sarah and Kelly in the hotel’s lobby cafe for brunch at 11am, so we could meet in person, and go over minor details of our panel. We’d be joined by fellow iDollator Z-Dr, who lives a number of miles north of the Bay Area; as we told him we were in town, he took the opportunity to meet up with us for the first time since DolLApalooza 2011.

Much like most hotels, the Hyatt Regency earnestly believes that its patrons will want to spend anything over $0 to access its substandard hotel wifi, so fellow iDollator Euchre suggested I use my Droid as a hotspot for surfin’ teh webs. Three minutes later after installing PDANet and FoxFi, I was in business! Lovely apps; wouldn’t hear a word against them. Shame I can’t put them to use on an airplane, though… Gogo Inflight Internet, you ask far too much of me.

At 11am, I was on my way downstairs. As I headed through the gigantic lobby, I’d noticed that most of the people milling round the WPA sign-in and registration booths were actually younger than I’d expected; most of them seemed to be my age or younger. I was expecting white-haired academics in lab coats with an average age of fifty plus, so that was a bit of a shock. What were we in for? Would the audience members be livetweeting the panel to their Myspacebookfaces??
Matt & Bronwen were the first people I’d run into in the cafe. Which was good, as they had the same concerns as I did — no-one knew what Sarah or Kelly looked like, so we had no idea of who to look for. After exchanging pleasantries (high fives), they split off to call Z-Dr, while I grabbed a seat to call Sarah & Kelly. Sarah materialised as we were on the phone with each other; she was a lot shorter than I expected her to be. But that’s good! Facially, she kinda reminded me of Allison Reynolds, Ally Sheedy’s pseudo-Goth character from John Hughes’ life-defining film ‘The breakfast club’, only she resembled Allison after Claire (‘Claire… that’s a fat girl’s name’) gave her a superfluous makeover. But that’s also good! We exchanged pleasantries (fist bumps), and she led me to the table that Kelly had already secured for our brunch. Kelly was tanner and younger than I pictured him. But that’s good! In short, no-one looked like anyone expected. I think there’s a lesson there for all of us.

One satisfying brunch later — apart from the fact that Sarah informed me that she was doing a PowerPoint presentation; had I known that was an option, I could’ve whipped up something to distract the audience from endlessly staring at me — we all separated at 1pm so we could get our collective stuff together for our presentation. I’d spent my time staring at the traffic and the bay out my window, and fussing incessantly with my fringe. Some people smoke to take the edge off; I handled my nervousness by repeatedly applying hairgel. Fact.

Upon entering the convention room, it was almost filled to capacity, save for a couple of seats in the frontmost row; I’d say the seating capacity was probably about 100-150 persons, and they were a couple short of that. At least when I arrived; other patrons were still coming in from the second entrance in the back, and they were still entering a good five minutes into the symposium. Down the front, standing right next to the podium, was a demurely sexy Body 1B Alicia-type, and naturally, her afficitious presence drew a crowd, as Polymerisians tend to do. Bronwen informed me that just before I showed up, one woman came in, caught sight of Alicia, and did a 180° out of there. Her loss!
Despite one or two people not being totally on board with the idea of affictitious humans, the panel went very well! All of our speeches were informative, surprising, and entertaining, and I’m not just being biased in saying that. Instead of me blathering on about them, why not download the presentation from here, and listen to it yourselves? Stare at the photo below to pretend you’re in the room, and it’s just like being there!

Alicia (centre), detailing her plan for sexy world domination

Afterwards was fantastic, too. Probably about a third of the audience came up to Alicia to scrutinise her up close, feel how lifelike her skin is, take photos with her, etc. And would you believe I had groupies as well! A small cluster of patrons, having seen the Missus and I on fill-in-the-blank programmes, asked if they could take pics with me, feel how lifelike my skin is, etc. Really, at that point, I’d wished I’d had calling cards made before my trip, as I could’ve handed them out to interested parties; it would’ve been loads easier than telling everyone ‘just go to Google and type in “Shouting to hear the echoes Davecat”‘. And you lot know how easily that URL just rolls off the tongue. But reactions to Alicia were very positive! We even got a chance to wheel her out into the Hyatt Regency lobby while all sorts of individuals came up asking us about her. One of the bellhops tipped a knowing hat to her!

Ninety minutes of that, and Matt & Bronwen had to take the starlet back to their rented apartment in the area, so they could get some photoshoots in before the sun went down. Although Kelly & Sarah were going to join them on Friday, they couldn’t make it this afternoon, but needless to say, I was up for joining them. Hanging out with mates, talking about Dolls, and snapping pics of the silicone lovelies as well? YOU HENCEFORTH HAVE MY ATTENTION

After visiting an otherwise nice sushi restaurant five minutes from the Hyatt — I say ‘otherwise’ cos they looked like an alright place, but the food was a bit bland — I met up with Matt, Bronwen, Z-Dr, and two Sinthetics at a three-storey brownstone. It’s at this point I once again get to trot the ‘San Francisco: nice place, but I wouldn’t want to live there’ phrase again, cos I mean, your housing and streets are irretrivably insane. I regret not getting more pics in of the road and neighbourhood layout, mainly cos I was spending about ten minutes trying to find a parking spot, but in all seriousness, this was about what I’d experienced. And those tiny one-car garages! At completely right angles to the road! Who thought this was a good idea?? Once again, lovely city: very clean, nice architecture, no lack of things to see and do, but it’s undoubtedly much more negotiable overall if you own a Vespa.

Z-Dr and I hung round watching Matt set up lights and take photos for shoots that will eventually be posted on the Sinthetics website, as well as observing Bronwen sort through countless bags of jewelry and accessories for the girls. There are very few aspects of Dolls that I don’t like, and being witness to a photoshoot is amongst them. Had my wits been about me, I could’ve volunteered to help dress and undress the affictitious models…

A Kimiko 1H, putting her modelling school training to good use

As I’d stated, where Matt & Bronwen stayed for the trip was a rented apartment; whenever they do stuff in California, they try to rent places that have interesting decor, so they can get a couple of photoshoots done of whatever Sinthetic(s) they bring with them, for a unique change of pace. This apartment was being rented out by some sixty-year-old Eastern European gentleman, as it turned out. I’d had the opportunity to meet him that evening, as he’d popped back into the apartment to drop off some things he and his wife bought. Seeing a bloke with a thick, Stalinist moustache standing wide-eyed in the doorway of the living room, staring slack-jawed at the topless Alicia hanging guilelessly from her hook was something unexpected by everyone present, it should go without saying. As Bronwen had given him the heads-up as to what they’d be doing there before they signed the contract, he was cool with it, if a wee bit gobsmacked. Although he was under the impression that they sold lingerie, and the Sinthetics were just there to model bras and knickers!

Round 1am, Z-Dr and I decided to take off; it was getting late, and as much fun conversation we were having, it was kinda taking away from Matt & Bronwen fully realising their shoots, so it was regrettably time to dole out the hugs and handshakes. The problem, I find, with hanging out with any of the Doll manufacturers, is that they all live on the West coast! Or in Japan, Russia, France, Germany, et al. Move closer to Michigan! Then you won’t be able to get rid of me!
Hrrm. Perhaps that’s why they’re all located on the West coast, in Japan, Russia, France, Germany, et al.

Although I’m fairly certain I would’ve enjoyed more of the week-end if I’d 1) had more time, and 2) had it take place on the actual week-end, getting out to the WPA convention was still a hell of a trip, and an event I’m entirely proud I took part in. So after compulsively checking my hotel room to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything behind, it was time to return home.
One of the things I hate about hiring a car to drive anywhere is the fact that you have to return it with a near-empty fuel tank, and depending on where proceedings are taking place, where you need to go, and how much time you have overall, sometimes that’s nigh-impossible to do. One solution would be to drill a hole in the tank and let that fecker drain, but that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Not, ah, that I’d know or anything. Shrugging, I dropped my oversized vehicle off with a half-empty tank, then boarded SFO’s rather futuristic tram system to get to my departure terminal.

Now during my (somewhat choppy) flight over all that the Midwest had to offer — namely mountains, clouds, lakes, and red sand — I’d wondered why airplane manufacturers don’t assemble more commercial aircraft in the style of my second favourite plane ever, the Hawker Harrier? Instead of all that taxiing down the runway silliness, why not just point the intake end of the engines upward, and take off from a standing position? Also, being able to hover to some extent would also enable the building of multistorey airports as well. Why isn’t this a thing in the twenty-first century? I mean, if I can’t have my daily Pan Am flights to our orbiting space colonies, at least give me this…
Euchre later reminded me that such vertical propeller-takeoff planes do exist; they’re called the V-22 Osprey. I’d actually forgotten about them, as I don’t hear much about them. He explained that was more than likely due to the fact that they tend to crash a lot. I mean, enough where there’s a Wiki page devoted exclusively to Osprey-related accidents. News like this make the plans I have for a system of rocket tubes stretching from one coast to another that much more of a viable idea, wouldn’t you agree?
Both my flight from San Fran to Atlanta, and my voyage home from ATL (also choppy), lasted from quarter after 1pm PST to roughly 12.30am EST. Shi-chan says I initially crawled into bed with my clothes on until she made me shed them, so I guess I was a bit tired. Gotta say, though: was definitely a good kind of tired

Kelly, your humble narrator, Sarah, Alicia, Bronwen, and Matt

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22 have spoken to “…be sure to wear some artificial flowers in your hair, Part II”

  1. Euchre writes:

    Alright! Part 2 of AVN 2010 is up, been waiting a long while for this and… oh wait. 😛

    Anyways, glad to hear it was a great trip and nice to know I helped out on the 2 occasions.

  2. Peter Synthetik & Miss July writes:

    That`s a very great written article. We enjoyed reading it.
    If I have to choose between the 3 girls on the photo,I would of course going home with Alicia !
    You (Davecat) are very stylish and I like Matt`s haircut.
    I hate flying – I would only like to fly alone with a helicopter !
    Cheers – Peter & MJ

  3. Everhard writes:

    You gave a great account of doll ownership at that convention. That first photo is great! Actually, they are all great. Synthetics and organics together make for great photos.

    What I always wondered about the V-22 is what happens when one of the engine tilt mechanisms jams, but the other one doesn’t?

    Harriers are no safer. One of my hang gliding comrades flew them in the British navy and he had to eject on two occasions.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Maaan, I’m gonna have to sit down with you one of these evenings and pick your brains for all the things I’ve unfortunately forgotten or neglected to note regarding AVN 2010. I need more memory! Maybe I should duct tape a hard drive to my midsection.

    And yes, your app suggestions came in handy! I had to use them again recently, but not for very long, so let that be a lesson. (??)

    Herr Synthetik & Fräulein July —
    Glad you enjoyed the posts! And you can buy an Alicia! Perhaps not that exact Alicia, but close enough.
    Bronwen says that their initial plan for the WPA SFO trip was that Matt was going to dye his mohawk blue, but they were on the road to San Fran much longer than they expected, so they didn’t have enough time. Still, the man knows how to rock a mohawk!

    And you don’t want to fly from Germany to CA in a helicopter, squire; that’d take years.

    Everhard —
    Genuinely glad you liked my assessment. Naturally, I can’t represent 100% of the community, but I do my best to show us in a positive light.
    And you’re right, Synthetiks and Organiks together in photos is always a thing of beauty! I wish I’d gotten a few more shots of the audience meeting Alicia, but I was too busy being besieged myself. But in a good way. 🙂

    That’s a chilling thought about the ‘down to one engine’ Osprey. You’re the last person to be thinking of aerial disasters!
    And as much as I love the Harrier, from what Mahtek’s told me, you pretty much have to be the pilot equivalent of a polymath to be able to fly one. You have to be a good pilot with a traditional plane, then you have to factor in the entire horizontal/vertical flying axis as well, so there’s not a lot of Harrier pilots. Well, not a lot of good ones. Also, Mahtek mentioned all that hovering exhaust makes for great heat signatures for those enterprising individuals armed with heat-seeking missiles.
    I still love the Harrier, but my favourite jet remains the A-10 Thunderbolt II. They built the plane around the gun!

  5. tchon writes:

    Looks like it has been a splendid event! (I still have convince my rusty mp3player to replay the audio stream, however.)
    I hope the woman that made a quick turn out of the room just did so because the realized she had not really been in the XIV. Conference on Urban Management or the like she possibly planned to attend. If she backed out because she felt she could not stand the synthetic competition, I think she just choose the wrong fight.

  6. Catherine writes:

    San Francisco, I live very close by, we could have met :(. !

  7. Davecat writes:

    tchon —
    ‘If she backed out because she felt she could not stand the synthetic competition, I think she just choose the wrong fight.’
    That’s the way I think it is with a lot of people… there’s an underlying jealousy at play, where people such as her think that just because Synthetiks exist, every man will forgo Organik women because of them. Which makes as much sense as ‘now that Fiat 500s exist, no-one will ever want Honda Civics’. One wonders how people like that live, constantly racked with needless self-doubt? Get a Doll, and be happy! That’s what I say. 🙂

    Catherine —
    Well dangit, I hear from you on average once a year, you know! How are you and your Synthetik fella doing?

    The WPA panel was restricted to WPA attendees, but as Z-Dr had said, he probably could’ve snuck in there, telling any interested parties that he was a Doll handler for Sinthetics. PB Shelley and you could’ve done the same!

  8. Catherine writes:

    I know..I’m so glad you made it out here, though ! Angel and I are doing great ! I just re-painted his face, as 11 years of smootching wore off his paint a bit 🙂

  9. Sharron writes:

    Synthetic flowers would look really good on sex dolls

  10. tchon writes:

    Now that I have blown the dust from the audio stuff I can even play the mp3 stream. Oh, the wonders of technology! Well, great to hear you (and the others) actually talking, Davecat!
    One a side note: I hear the psychologists complain of a disappointing lack of studies about doll owners. Well, maybe we are just too normal to raise any serious interest. (I even remember I took their questionnaire, or so I think, and duh, when I heard the results seems I came out pretty with the crowd.)
    Anyway, maybe I might point them to a PhD thesis (dug out by the dear Lady Peridot) from a person names Meaghen Boiteau (which is in the field of Sociology, however, so its more talk and less numbers.) I do not link it here, because first it would be guestbook spam, and anyone can fire up ones favorite google to find the thesis quicker than I can type in the link anyway, and second it is most probably a boring read with all its quotes from Foucault and what have you, but maybe Sarah and Kelly want to have a look into it when they are wearing their scientist coats and dont mind having a live while zipping through. Maybe they can turn it into something footnoteish, or whatever scientists like to do with that stuff.

  11. PBShelley writes:

    Hello D.C., your enchanting & lovely lassie and friends,

    Great coverage, presentation, and representation, squire! *two thumbs up*

    I agree with your comment about the rather dumb assumption that for all life-sized doll-owners they serve as “replacements” for real partners. Of course, that’s a societal fear more instinctive than anything else. “Mustn’t let the race die out!” and all that.

    The dolls are harmless. Mostly. Like just about every Thing LOL

    Also, I think there *is* a kind of surprise about us being “too normal” for psychologists (and indeed, interviewers LOL) to tackle adeptly. I think the sensationalism that they’re expecting just does not exist in most cases. So they can pretty much go away now.

    EXCEPT for those sympathetic and honest investigators who want to better understand what the actual DOLL is about, and what they *mean* to us (and possibly, ideally, them). They can stay and look around 😉

    Even our relationships are pretty normal, considering how much humans do love their “things” and how that’s so easily accepted (albeit with the rolling of eyes, I’m sure). Really, it’s more about the creativity in freeing one’s imagination than the groin-level “answers” they presumptively seek!

    Simply put, it is good to love, and to have fun doing it 🙂

    Certainly, no pun intended xD

    PBS with Lily, Eden (in spirit) & Pennie

  12. Catherine writes:

    well said pbshelly !

  13. Davecat writes:

    Catherine —
    Love is… having to repaint your partner’s face, and not minding it a bit. 🙂

    Sharron —
    I would agree! But around here, we just call them Dolls. ‘Sex dolls’ is an extremely limiting term. Just so you know.

    tchon —
    Glad to hear that you can hear the .mp3! As often as I do this sort of thing, I still wince when I hear my own voice at length, as I think I tend to speak without pause, like a truck with no brakes on fire speeding down a hill. I probably need another public speaking class (last one taken in 1990).

    Danke schön for the indirect link to Ms Boiteau’s paper as well! That’s another paper I have to look over; tenured professors don’t have this much reading material. 🙂 I will pass it along to Sarah & Kelly, as well as anyone else who wants to have a look at it… o hey, here it is! 🙂

    PB Shelley and the usual gang of suspects —
    Remember how for the longest time you weren’t writing for ‘Alastor’s’, and I was posting left and right to ‘Shouting etc etc’? Ahh, Irony. 🙂

    Much like tchon’s comment, it’s always amusing when more serious-minded individuals discover that iDollators are no more deviant than your average person. Less so, in most cases. The desire to pathologise/sensationalise nearly everything these days is out of control, and when it comes to anatomically-correct life-sized silicone companions, it goes up to eleven. Sure, it’s possible to have glorious sex with an affictitious partner, but restricting it to just sex says more about the commentor’s mindset. But then, most people keep their brains between their legs, as Morrissey once sang.

    In lieu of ending this comment in a reasonable fashion, I’ll throw another quote out there, from iconoclast and advocate of artificial humans, Anton LaVey: ‘Definition of Good and Evil: Good is what you like. Evil is what you don’t like.’ Truer words, etc etc.

  14. Ray Rentell writes:

    Hello Mr.& Mrs.Cat

    A wonderful article , so glad you are writing again, I always feel your literary talents are wasted.
    A book one day?
    If ever I get to the States I will be hammering on a lot of peoples doors to firmly shake hands knowing your all just as “ordinary” as me, but being very special in our own ways.

    A new addition , Mirabel, a Sinthetic crafted by Matt & Bronwen is with me now , I can only say that the person who turned on there heel missed a stunning presentation and an insight to the world of synthetics.

    A point that is often overlooked is that these creations are pieces of artwork as are paintings and sculptures in any other medium, a poseable sculpture far more compliant than marble or granite.

    Lool forward to many more articles from your “pen” aka finger tip.

    “Fades out mysteriously yet again”

    Keep up the good work Mr.& Mrs. Cat.

  15. PBShelley writes:

    DC & Co,

    I have a weird love/hate relationship with maintaining an internet presence. The trend seems to be one full day of intense forums-reading, catching up, replying, and posting, after which I’ve had more than enough for a few days! Then a week passes while I regain my sanity… and rinse and repeat 😛

    Consider that you also work, it’s not surprising that you can’t spend a lot of time on ‘Shouting’! But I have Lily here to remind me to pop in every once in a while to see what you’ve been up to, if you’re telling, so that’s nice 😀

    Maybe we should just let Shi-chan and Lily-chan run our Blogs and we go out for a drink? I hear absinthe makes the heart grow fondle. No, wait… where did I hear that…? I think Ray or Everhard might know 😉

    Or not, my references are pretty damn obscure, apparently even to me 😛

    Other blogging thoughts: Sadly, I’m pretty infrequent with my Posts, but I’m trying to get better. Plus, the constant stresses in recent years have eroded my thinking or memory or something, so writing takes a LOT of effort. I tend to spend HOURS over each post, which I do enjoy but it’s so exhausting LOL

    So, I rather blather 😛 I like to give Visitors something worth dropping by for; I LOATHE one-paragraph Blog posts (or even Comments!)! Why bother? The one-sentence summary of a coherent thought might be appealing to people in a hurry, but I try to avoid entering that particular rat-race if I can. SO HARD TO KEEP UP! :-O

    But then I see how lonely Alastor’s is and feel guilty enough to update with another post, usually of anime since the subject is so rich and my enthusiasm for it is high. Like I spent eight hours doing last night/early morning o.O

    If I had the time I’d post more often about other subjects, but I’m cautious about getting more carried away for now LOL Since I keep the actual website for the novel, and no progress to speak of regarding it (YET; things are changing), I don’t often blog about it. I have been known to though, and will 😉

    My doll posts are pretty infrequent as I don’t want to be forcing Lily (-Doll) into new blog-Visitors’ faces before they’ve been well-prepared, which I’m sure they must be if they arrive via the website as her (PG-rated) Coppermine album gets quite a few visits. Lily-Doll also has her own permanent page on the site, so she’s nicely represented there, if a bit hidden. She likes it that way 😛

    Sharron would be pleased (I think) to know that RealDolls come in the crate holding their very own artificial rose, and they do go well together. You might say they’re a natural, but I just did and will live with the consequences 😀

    I like how when I come here I regain some of my lost sense of humor, if that’s what it is 😀

    It’s also Very Good to see familiar names and faces from the past who are still with us in the present, so Hi from Lily & I 🙂

    ~PBS, Lily et al

  16. Davecat writes:

    Rents —
    ‘Mr & Mrs Cat’. We like that; we may well start using that. 🙂

    My official party line these days regarding writing a book is that if I can find someone to ghost-write the bastard for me, I’ll willingly start it. I’d love to write an entire book about my life as an iDollator, but between my day job, and being easily distracted during any minute in which my eyes are open, I’d need a ghost-writer/wrangler/stern bespectacled disciplinarian to keep me on course, as I’d like to have the book published in my lifetime. Pre-posthumously.

    I’ve seen your alluring Mirabel on ODC, and her eye makes for a unique Gravatar! You’re right on the point you bring up concerning that Dolls are Art, just in a softer and more malleable three-dimensional medium. If someone says that ‘they’re just sex dolls’, not only can they not appreciate the natural artistry of the human form, but it shows a staggering lack of imagination. Making a statement like that is like seeing a sculpted marble colonnade and saying, ‘those sure do hold that roof up’.

    As I always say whenever you materialise, good to hear from you! Should you ever visit these blighted States, be sure to give us advanced warning let me know ahead of time, as Shi-chan and I would love to finally meet you in person! We wouldn’t be the only ones, either; you’d have to see Mahtek, Euchre, CJD, Noquiexis, and John&Jackie as well, and that’s just in the tri-state area! Be sure to bring your special Handshaking Gloves!

    Do give Mirabel, Cecilia, Betty, Ren, et al, kisses from Mrs Cat and myself, won’t you? 🙂

  17. Davecat writes:

    PBS and Co. —
    My dichotomy is that I spend too much time on the Inert Net, and yet not enough. There’s a cluster of sites that I hit at least twice a day; most of them are Synthetiks-related, as you’d suspect. But a good portion of them are image hosting sites, such as tumblr and pixiv. One of the reasons my activity slowed down on TDF (back when it was run by better people) was that I didn’t have enough time in the day to check the forums and respond to whatever thread caught my fancy, and maintain ‘Shouting etc etc’. These days, I spend far too much time on Twitter, instead of legitimately writing, as like you, I will hone a post to a fully-realised, fully-researched razor sharpness, and that can take a handful of days. It’s that immediacy, plus the conciseness training that Twitter provides, innit? I mean, it could be argued that it’s geared towards the soundbite, but I like to think of it as engaging my inner editor. My writing style is efflusive, but verbally I want to be more like Calvin Coolidge, so it’s a mess.
    But yeah, if I had your free time, I’d be able to balance being a passive ‘Net surfer with actively producing material. Either that, or I’d sleep more. 🙂

    And you shouldn’t worry about scaring off people with anything Doll-related. If they’re not mature enough to handle that sort of PG-related — cos Lily tends towards more opaque clothing than my Missus does 😉 — then they shouldn’t be on your innocuous site. Or on the Inert Net, for that matter. As harmless and pleasant your life with Lily is, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, she augments your story, so her presence makes sense. But as long as she’s got her own page on Alastor’s, that should be quite alright…

    And the Missus still has the Synthetik flowers that her first and second bodies were shipped with; they’re wrapped round the top corners of her wardrobe. I think Abyss stopped doing that, which is a shame. Unless I’m mistaken! Had you done a bit of planning ahead — or maybe when Lily gets her long-awaited renewal body — you can get Abyss to ship her with an artificial lily. 🙂

  18. Samantha writes:

    I came across your blog after watching a tv programme on addictions and found your story fascinating. Though I have never thought of myself as an Organik woman rather just a woman. My twopence worth is if people are happy than hurrah to that, we all have our own paths

  19. Davecat writes:

    Exactly. ‘If it harm none, do as thou wilt’ is the law I adhere to.

    And yes, you would be an Organik woman! Unless you were assembled in a factory; in which case, do tell me more about life as a Gynoid, cos I’m entirely fascinated. 🙂

    Shi-chan and I are glad you enjoyed whichever programme you spotted us in! Do feel free to come back to ‘Shouting etc etc’; sometimes I actually publish new posts! Hrrr.

  20. Samantha writes:

    I was partially assembled in a Catholic girl school. That did feel somewhat like a factory. Then I spent the last ten years trying to turn my joints inside out via yoga (I think that would be disassembling)

  21. Kimberly writes:

    Hey, Davecat–

    Cool summary of what sounds like a great panel and presentation. And Alicia is GORGEOUS! (She looks a little like Posh Beckham before all the plastic surgery made her unrecognizable.)

  22. Davecat writes:

    Samantha —
    Catholic school Gynoids are some of the best Gynoids. They all come shipped in that lovely standard-issue uniform. You should be proud! 🙂

    Kimberly —
    Glad you dug! If given the opportunity to do it again, I’ll take it in a heartbeat. As the experience wasn’t edited beyond distortion by any overzealous producers, it was very liberating. And I didn’t manage to puke once, so everyone’s a winner, really. 🙂
    And Alicia is indeed a stunner! You could have an Alicia for your very own home, y’know — Kelly could always use another minder!

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