Strangely, Tomas wasn’t invited to attend

typed for your pleasure on 2 June 2006, at 4.56 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Keeps on burning’ by The Burning bush

Linked from the malcontents at b3ta; this is truly a Thing of Beauty.

Zombie Wedding
How to spoil your wedding for your parents and in-laws; get everybody to dress as the living dead. The twin coffins for the bride and groom are a nice touch. The group photo is impressive – worth noting who didn’t come as a corpse.

Now, if the buffet table featured food made by that bloke in Thailand, then this definitely gets the title of Best Wedding Ceremony EVAR

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3 have spoken to “Strangely, Tomas wasn’t invited to attend”

  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    They’ll never regret those wedding photos, I’m almost absolutely certain of it.

  2. KrazyQ writes:


    That’s right…I would have gone all medievel on their asses with a single-handed chainsaw / sawed-off-double-barrel-shotgun combo, a time proven method for Zombie disposal.

  3. Davecat writes:

    I would agree — those pics are beyond ace. You only really get one chance in your life to do something like that, and I’m sure they’ll be glad they did it. 100 Points awarded for Creativity!

    T-money –
    But you know they’re not really zombies, right? They’re just zombie wannabes. You can’t kill zombie wannabes, cos eventually they turn into real zombies, and then you have to kill them again.
    So much effort wasted! And all because you didn’t get a slice of the wedding brains.. err, I mean, cake.

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