Wheels (spinning), or, I have run out of levelheadedness

typed for your pleasure on 27 March 2006, at 10.20 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Packing, printing & light assembly’ by Basil Kirchin

As I was driving through my neighbourhood going home today, I saw a young man walking down the middle of the road. Now the problem here is that there were available sidewalks on either side of the road that he was clearly uninterested in using, and he was in my way. No, the stupid bastard was more enthralled with the idea of obstructing, or at least slowing, my progress. I have absolutely no respect for people who do that shit. I don’t even mind it if a person is in the road, but perhaps walking alongside the kerb no more than a foot away, but this tosser was about a foot away from the centre of the road. I wanted to shout at him as I passed, ‘They’re called “sidewalks” for a reason, you cakefucker.
I should’ve run him down, like a dog in the street. Not out of nastiness, mind you, but simply to teach him a lesson. No sane jury would convict me.

On a lighter note, I present to you: the sum total of Human Evolution.

Better post later, as obviously I need to think of something arguably more interesting or profound to type

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5 have spoken to “Wheels (spinning), or, I have run out of levelheadedness”

  1. Neo writes:

    Ah yes Davecat, there are often a lot of Wankers in the middle of the street… and sometimes you would think they are beggin’ to be run over! One comment in your piece did worry me a bit… “No sane jury…”, That is provided in the typical human herd you can find “sane humanity!”

    Your photo of the cookie stuffed lass is another example of “sane”! (?)

    Keep the Good thoughts coming… I do drop by every so many weeks! —



  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Good god, are those…nilla wafers?!?

  3. Davecat writes:

    Yes, she is indeed brimful of Nilla wafers. I’m thinking that ability of hers is gonna take her places..

    Neo –
    I know, I know, ‘sane’ and ‘jury’ aren’t so closely related as they used to be. Perhaps I should’ve said ‘jury of my peers’.. which takes me back to square one, really..
    Always good to hear from you, sir. Shi-chan and I send our darkest regards. 🙂

  4. zszsz writes:

    is it even possible for someone to be THAT cute with so much food (nearly) IN them? :l

  5. Davecat writes:

    It is possible! Little Miss Cookiemouth will show us how it’s done.

    Now if she can manage to speak without showering everything in front of her with wafer shards, that would be super-impressive.

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