18 May 1980

typed for your pleasure on 18 May 2011, at 10.39 am

You’ll see the horrors of a faraway place,
Meet the architects of law face to face.
See mass murder on a scale you’ve never seen,
And all the ones who try hard to succeed.
This is the way, step inside

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2 have spoken to “18 May 1980”

  1. veach writes:

    This post…are you commemorating the news of this CD?

  2. Davecat writes:

    Well, ish; 18 May 1980 was the day that Ian Curtis took his own life, due to a ever-mounting succession of personal problems. I make these tribute posts every year, with the exception of last year, as I was starting to think they were becoming too hagiographic. But Joy division is my favourite band, and they continue to be a major influence to this day, so I figured, why not write about it?

    As far as Joy division + New order compilations go, you can’t beat ‘Heart & soul‘ and ‘Substance 1987‘, respectively, as they’re ‘all killer, no filler’.

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