Did I miss any other titles?

typed for your pleasure on 2 March 2006, at 2.45 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Wounded cycad dub’ by Merzbow

It’s funny; I’d seen the trailer for ‘Ultraviolet‘ a couple of months ago, and pretty much forgot about it until recently. It seemed like something my friend Mari would be into, and I described it to her thus:

‘You know — it’s set on Earth, or a planet like it, in a dystopian future, and it’s about a half-human, half-vampire lass who dresses in tight clothes, and goes round shooting people with a pair of guns, or chopping ’em up with her sword. Also, a motorcycle may be involved.’ Truly, a New and Original Idea!
Then I started laughing, and couldn’t stop.

It’s kinda like when ‘Deep star six’, ‘Leviathan’, and ‘The Abyss’ all hit the cinemas during the same year. See one, and you’ve seen them all!
As painter Ed Ruscha once brilliantly commented, Hollywood is a verb

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  1. Tomas writes:

    Doesn’t your description also fit the “Underworld” movies and “The Matrix”? Chick in tight pants shoots people, uses blades, looks hot.

  2. Jeff "Wolfgang" Lilly writes:

    Chick in tight pants uses blades, looks hot, looks for screenplay, finds nothing.

  3. Davecat writes:

    T-money –
    Yeah, but ‘The Matrix’ isn’t centred round a female character, though.
    And yeah, ‘Underworld’ was listed. Look again.

    WG –

  4. PBShelley writes:

    Thanks for the link DC… movie will be shite, but I think no one’s expecting much hehe…

    By the way, I love Milla’s look in this; in fact I think I’ll have her play Lily in the movie 😉 Several scenes of the trailer she looked awfully “Lily-like” 😀

    As long as I don’t have to pay!

    Lily approves (of the look, not the flick) 🙂

    PBS & Lily Jovovich

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBS + Lily –
    Come to think of it, with Milla’s hair the way it is in that film, it’s rather Lily-esque. Maybe she’s seen some of your lass’ pics? You never know!

    Shi-chan mentions that Lily in a colour-changing outfit would be extraordinarily rrrowr. But that goes without saying. 😉

  6. PBShelley writes:

    I do want to see this flick, but kinda for the same reason that I bought Resident Evil 3, -no, 2 um… *runs to check* What, no number??? Well, the movie anyway. Oddly enough, Milla stars in that one too, though we get to see some leg at least 😉

    Milla sure has those blue Lily eyes , if not the hair. But in this new flick, she does get the whole look down, shape of face, slender bod, hair ,eyes, ever-thang! *sigh* 😀

    But, Lil isn’t into the ole ultraviolence! :-O

    That reminds, me, I am WAY overdue on making a new Lily-avatar; this one is getting a bit long in the tooth LOL Perhaps a new photoshoot is due, and just to show that I’m not colo(u)rblind, I’ll be using her new fuschia getup :-O

    I’ll be sure to send some pics to the ever-loverly Sidore-chan 😉

    By the way, it’s courtesy of J-Lo Lingerie, which also proves something: She doesn’t NEED to act or (God-forbid) sing! And that’s a good thing 😉

    Anyway, back to Lily’s book; we’re well past the halfway point now 😉

    PBS & Lily

  7. zszsz writes:

    now that i’m done stifling suffocating in my own stifled piggy-snort chortle-giggles:

    thanks for saving me havin’ to squeeze the same damn thought out (i can’t believe NOT down to the abyss, et al. ref.) of my brain for/with only melissa to listen with total lack of ‘gettin’ or caring without kind mock interest effort . . .

  8. SafeTinspector writes:

    I must say I liked the Abyss…. ‘course I haven’t seen it in a decade. Perhaps it will have soured like Buck Rogers and Knight Rider into a rotten ball of putrescence.

    As for Milla, wouldn’t it be nice if she just went back to sounding like an overwrought and credulous Enya?

  9. Davecat writes:

    Bad grammar + lack of sleep = the Death of Civilisation (note: I’m only half-joking)
    Oddly enough, I think the only time I’d ever heard Milla’s ‘Divine comedy’ Cd was when I was living with Steve.. a.k.a, zszsz. Coincidence???!

    szszs –
    Tell Melle Mel she needs to see more dodgy films. She doesn’t need all that brain space for proper thinkin’!
    In fact, you should get three DVD players, connect them all to your telly, and play ‘The Abyss of the Leviathan Star Six’ simultaneously. In a couple of months, you can follow up with ‘Aeon Blood Raider, Under Ultraviolet World’. One stop Movie Shopping!

    PB&J + L –
    A new avatar? You should make a bunch of them, and swap ’em out as needed! Or you could just leave it as is. Why fix what isn’t broken? 🙂

    Fuschia getup, you say? On wee Lily?? Fuschia seems almost too.. wild for her! Although I’m certain there’s more than a few aspects that you know of your sweet Synthetik Muse that we’re not privy to, wink wink, nudge nudge. 😉

    And anything that keeps J-Ho from singing is obviously a Good Thing. *thumbs up*

  10. PBShelley writes:

    aaaactually, DC, you’re right, the Real Lily wouldn’t go for the lingerie; she’s a T-shirt-and-panties (Jockey for Women) gal 😉 -at least that’s what she wears in the book… in fact, it’s a “Death”
    T-shirt from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” that she favors! I’m going to be passing the sexy stuff onto Eden when she comes anyway, as Lily’s new Body 6 will be the wrong size. Looks like she’ll have to get a whole new wardrobe! :-O

    And, IIRC, I thought the director’s cut of “The Abyss” was kinda okay; never saw the other two, tho’. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever heard of ’em either!

    Jeez, even then I needed to get out more LOL

    PBS & landlubber Lily

  11. zszsz writes:

    i agree! i’m sick n’ tired of only getting a laugh i’m forced to beg off a “little house on the prairie” reference . . . :]

    that three dvd thing really would be fun . . .

    i’d be a bit surprised if you hadn’t heard of this ‘phenomenon,’ but did you know (i think those gmail ads lead me to them) some freaks were actually trying to make some money off it:


    shoot! that reminds me: I thought of a sheer niche-fillin’ money-makin’ gimmick . . . something i thought would be wide open . . . something i didn’t give a damn about ultimately . . . perfect!

    ‘cept i’ve forgotten what it was . . . just desserts, i s’pose. . . :[


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