There’s been a break in the weather, you see

typed for your pleasure on 3 July 2005, at 4.28 pm

Sdtrk: ‘La fermeture eclair’ by Delphine

First off, I’d like to give an extended thank-you to Mordi of the fantastique Sixties ye-ye .mp3 blog blowupdoll, for generously linking to this site. If you’ve not checked it out, what in hell’s wrong with you? Hm?
While I’m on the subject, I’d like to point out another link to an ace .mp3 blog already residing in yonder sidebar called spikedcandy, which is also brim full of retropop goodness. Both of these sites are highly recommened, as their maintainers have incredibly good taste..

Second, this has me enthused. Greatly enthused. (from

Aeon Flux – Trailer provides early details

MTV is set to release Aeon Flux later this year; a bit of a no-brainer since the movie with Charlize Theron is planned for the fall. [..] The release will include digitally restored picture and sound (in Dolby Digital 5.1!), and some great extras including commentary tracks, interviews with Peter Chung, production crew, and the cast, and a “History of Aeon Flux” featurette.

If that set includes all three seasons — meaning both runs of the Liquid television shorts, as well as the last season with the 22min long episodes that MTV did such a horrible job compiling when the DVDs first came out — this will mean that yes, there is indeed a god, and he is a benevolent deity.
All told, though, I’m staying the hell away from that Charlize Theron movie, as it doesn’t look promising. Peter Chung should’ve done the Æon flux film as a cartoon, just like, y’know, the rest of the series, but I would say that. Gotta love that rangy anorexic chara design of his!

Third, ‘Gundam vs Zeta Gundam’ fills my pants with joy. Derek and I managed to obtain copies on Friday, three days after the supposed release date. I’d say our frantic efforts in checking local stores was well-rewarded, though, as the game is a Zeta Gundam fan’s dream. Changing modes with any transforming mobile suit and hearing the appropriate sounds that go along with it are beyond fab. And the section of unlockables alone is awe-striking, as there’s quite a lot to be opened up. The BGMs used in the show! Multiple illustrations! The Hyaku shiki’s mega-bazooka launcher! A canister of G3! And MORE! Rest assured, it’ll keep us busy for the next couple of months..

And fourth, I’m sure you’ve all seen the site with the lass in the bikini plummeting and bouncing amidst the blue spheres site, but if not, prepare to waste an hour or so with it. If you get tired of simply watching her fall (or if she gets stuck), you can grab her by a limb and drag her to wherever. Dig those realistic rag doll physics! It’s disturbing and sexy at the same time, which is just how I like my Internet. 🙂

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    I loved the original no-talkie Æon flux shorts. I have a few on a crappy liquid television DVD compilation. The one with the parachute sequence….
    I didn’t like the talky eps.
    And I usually am not so purist as to be upset when things change, but I genuinely would have loved to see a feature length silent movie version of it.

  2. Davecat writes:

    I enjoyed the ‘talking’ third season! Not as much as the previous two, but still..
    Truth be told, I have all three seasons on tape, and if I had access to a DVD burner, I’d throw ’em on one, but I’m really hoping they don’t drop the ball with this new DVD set.

    And a silent feature-length film would be rather fab, but it would never get greenlighted, at least not in this country. People barely understood Æon flux when the third season was showing, you expect them to sit through two hours of that show without anyone speaking?? 😛

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