Hope you like your modern art ballsy*

typed for your pleasure on 4 October 2010, at 7.01 pm

Sdtrk: ‘I’m Bruce (Dimension 5 Mega mix)’ by Fantastic plastic machine

I’d have to say this is pretty mental. Looks like someone Photoshopped something onto the picture of a courtyard, right? But there’s much more behind it…

They’re really small Toclafane! And THEY WILL END US ALL

Beginning October 23, 2010, MASS MoCA will present a new site-specific sculpture by Prague-based artist Federico Díaz. Created from 420,000 black spheres precisely milled and assembled by robotic machines, the 50-feet long by 20-feet high sculpture, Geometric Death Frequency-141, will fill MASS MoCA’s entrance courtyard with a fragmented wave seemingly caught between movement and stasis.

An interior installation of one of the robotic machines used to manufacture the work will accompany Díaz’s presentation at MASS MoCA. The robot will assemble additional spheres to be later added to the massive sculpture, providing viewers with the opportunity to experience the process by which Geometric Death Frequency-141 is created. The Díaz-developed process is unique-in addition to utilizing modern computer-aided manufacturing techniques, pure data and algorithms based on particle physics are the guiding forces behind the sculpture’s shape, texture and size.
taken from this article

Frankly, I’ve no idea which is cooler — the fact that it’s a solid thing that resembles something liquid, or the entire gigantic sculpture is assembled entirely by robots, or the title itself — ‘Geometric death frequency-141’. Sounds like the name of a piece by Masonna. Very nice!

*Yes yes, I apologise for the title

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  1. veach writes:

    I’ve search surfed and dove (dived?) the deeper links in an attempt to find out one thing: the diameter of each sphere.

    Because I have a collection. Spheres. 2″ diameter (+/-). Minerals, metals, woods, antiques, glass, you name it I’ve got it (or want it). One piece; no flat surfaces; minimal duplicates.

    If these robot-generated-sculpture-pixels qualify, I want need one.

    (And will pay handsomely).


    This post – the first in six years – has teased an obsession of mine to a point of anarchy-level distraction (I’m considering a boston craig’s post offering a “reward”).


  2. Davecat writes:

    Anarchy-level distraction, eh? Well, I do try to be helpful. 🙂

    Try starting out with a smaller scale! Using an Armatron would be perfect for spheres roughly 2in in diameter. Plus, Armatrons make everything better. Fact.

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