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typed for your pleasure on 15 November 2009, at 3.45 pm

Sdtrk: ‘I see, so I see so’ by Broadcast and The Focus group

Earlier today, I peeked through the blinds outside, and checked my calendar, and it appears that yes, it’s about time for the Q4 Davecat Writer’s Block! Which would explain why I’ve not written anything, really, since the last two posts. Technically speaking, ‘Micromoscow‘ doesn’t count, as I completed that in the summertime, and ‘Answer the Question, Mr A. Rorschach‘ was actually started round this time last year. I’ve always said that we here at Deafening silence Plus work at tectonic speeds; people chuckle and think I’m kidding, but it’s no joke, more’s the pity.
And I’m sure you’ll ruefully note that there wasn’t any ‘Any Doll/Synthetik news…?’ entry for last month? That’s cos I was simply out of it as far as writing, to be honest. It was literally a case of there was so much to report on, that my brain just kinda shut down due to information overload — a lot happened that month as far as affictitous companions, and I couldn’t effectively tackle it. So what that means is that you’ll get reports on breaking news that get reported several weeks after the news broke! My saving grace is that most of the people that read ‘Shouting etc etc’ aren’t involved in either the iDollator or technosexual communities, so it will genuinely be news to those of you who aren’t. Yessir, that would be a cop-out answer!

Now to other ephemeral bits of interest that aren’t embarrassingly late! Today, one of my favourite personalities would’ve turned 79 today, the eerily prescient writer JG Ballard.

The American Dream has run out of gas. The car has stopped. It no longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams, its fantasies. No more. It’s over. It supplies the world with its nightmares now: the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Vietnam.
— Interview in Metaphors No. 7, 1983

Coincidentally enough, his birthday happens to fall one day after the birthdays of two other people I’m keen on. Turning a distinguished 70 years of age, you’ve got Wendy Carlos, the musical prodigy who revolutionised the use of analogue synthesisers, particularly through the albums ‘Switched-on Bach’, and of course the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A clockwork orange’; and, as SafeT put it, being in 37 years of operation would be yours truly.* I’m loping closer to 40, and that’s freaking me out. But I’m sure when I’m loping closer to 50, that’ll freak me out even more. I am lucky, however, to have friends and family that love me, and a very patient audience!
What’ll I do in the meantime, however? Get my head down, and get back to writing

*In the interest of full disclosure, he’d gotten my age wrong. The sentiment still stands though, I’m sure

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  1. Mrs. ARDO writes:

    Like I said on Twitter..age is not a destination it is a journey..enjoy your journey friend..

    To quote Lucille Ball: “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

    This is how I try to think while enjoying my journey. Doesn’t always work but it’s great to try, right?

    Big hugs!!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Cathy writes:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday too Davecat. Angel’s b-day was Nov 1st…a Scorp like you ! I hope you are doing well….Has the Geo special been on yet ?

  3. Miss Hyde writes:

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday! I won’t mention anything about age considering as I am still very young myself and it would be ever-so rude to rub that in!

    Anyway, I opened my weekly glossy today to see an artical on real dolls! Well, I use the term artical loosley as it was one of those “shocking real life” stories. I was actully quite shocked, however, by the way the artical was written. There were only about 2 mocking or sarcastic comments in the whole 2 page article?
    Could this mean that people are beginning to accept different types of relationships?

    Honistly, I seriously doubt it!

    Hope Sidore is well =D

  4. Mahtek writes:

    Fear not, my friend! All of that freaking over an approaching age milestone should stop after forty. At least it did for me. That’s when all my childhood goals and dreams were given up on, and I learned to be content with where I ended up, which is a lot better place than I figured it would be.

    So Happy Birthday, Davecat! May you have many more!

  5. Davecat writes:

    Mrs Ardeaux –
    That quote by Lucille Ball is so fitting, really. Kinda makes me think of ‘My way’ by Frank Sinatra. And since I was never keen on Frank Sinatra — I always preferred his daughter, instead — my thoughts then turn to Sid Vicious’ shambling wreck of a cover of ‘My way’. Then I think about the film ‘Sid and Nancy’, and how I haven’t watched my DVD copy in a while. Then I think of how, had I been quick enough about it, I could’ve bought the super-rare, long-out-of-print Criterion version of that DVD, instead of the cut-rate MGM version that I actually have. Then I think of that Lucille Ball quote.

    I’ll certainly go the distance for a joke, won’t I? 🙂

    Cathy (and Angel) –
    I am doing as well as can be expected, for a man of my advanced years!

    Angel’s a Scorpio as well? You’re in good company, then. With our libidos, I would expect he keeps you *cough* busy. 😉

    And once again, I’ve not heard hide nor hair from the Nat.Geo people! Perhaps it’s time to write them again! In the meantime, when I know, you’ll know, etc etc

    Speaking of Hyde –
    You made the right decision, not making any comments about my age! Always respect your elders. Unless, of course, they’re lunatics. 🙂

    Okay, you must tell me what paper that Doll article was in! A not-entirely-judgemental look at iDollators? Can such a thing actually exist??

    Mahtek –
    You’re right; age is all about perspective. I mean, look at David Bowie! He is as old as the hills, yet as young as tomorrow.
    But you can’t give up on all of your dreams, though — dreams and goals keep us going! My dream: an eight-Doll household. Now that’s something everyone should aspire to!*

    *’everyone’, meaning ‘predominantly iDollators

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! 🙂

  6. Everhard writes:

    According to her web site, Wendy Carlos “introduced the use of vocoders for synthesized singing…” which is interesting in that I just did a photo shoot for a magazine with my dolls dressed up as the pop group Girls Aloud. (Bear with me…) My favorite song of theirs is this:
    Notice the vocoder effect. (The video is said by Wikipedia to be inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey.)

    And on the subject of Nancy Sinatra, I recently re-watched my videotape of You Only Live Twice, with its screenplay by children’s book author (and ex WWII Spitfire pilot) Roald Dahl. Theme song sung by Nancy Sinatra…

  7. Mahtek writes:


    I haven’t given up on ALL of my dreams! Just the wife and kids stuff. I can’t imagine being divorced with children at this advanced age. Nope, any woman must be post bio-clock with grown kids from here on out.

    And what is this about only 8 dolls? That’s less than one from each manufacturer! Tabo would definitely not approve!

  8. PBShelley writes:

    Oops! Gotta get my Birthday greetings in before they become even more belated! Better late than never, they say! Er, whoever “they” are :-/

    “They” seem to say a lot of things, but never mind. *shakes fist at “they”. Er, “them”, even.

    Would have posted sooner but I was away, leaving Lily alone to mind the store, as it were. Speaking of “dreams” (we WERE speaking about them, yes?), it had long been my dream to be reunited with my high-school sweetie (RG version) and after twenty years (GOD!) we finally hooked back up, albeit temporarily.

    Turns out she’d been living … in WASHINGTON! Right where I’d just moved from! Can you say “ARGH!!!”? Thought so. ’twas fun 😀

    My other dream is to get my novel published, so that will get Lily off my back (not to mention Eden). Two dreams, not so bad nor greedy 😛

    Anyway, sorry I missed the celebration, and I LAUGH AT YOUR TREPIDATION!!! 40??? Pff! Wait’ll you hit 50! I advise paying it no mind at all. Time, that is. It passes, and eventually so do we, so it’s not such a big deal as it is as keeping yourself healthy and having a good outlook on life, liberty and happiness 🙂

    So, all of that to you and yours xD

    PBShelley, Lily and Eden (who send hugs to you & Sidore-chan),and Pennie (who sends treats) 🙂

  9. Davecat writes:

    Everhard –
    To be honest, auto-tune drives me mental, but that Girls Aloud video is actually pretty ace! I can definitely see the ‘2001’ reference, with the Stargate and all that. Only they’re all kinda dressed like Barbarella, as filtered through ‘The Matrix’! Why aren’t your lasses dressed like that?? ‘To keep you away from them’, is the only proper answer. 😉

    And I had forgotten about both of those factoids concerning ‘You only live twice’! It’s been so long since I’ve seen any Bond fillums that they all kinda run together — apart, that is, from the recent ‘Casino Royale’, and ‘Goldfinger’, as I’d seen the latter 36 times. Fact.

    Mahtek –
    Yeah; when you encounter Organik lasses with biological clocks that are ticking so loudly that you can hear them, then your best opportunity for survival is to leg it as quickly as you can in the opposite direction. ‘I want a baby!!’ Do you really want a baby, madame, or do you just want a baby cos all your friends are having them? Choose your answer wisely.

    And you’re right — maybe two Dolls from each manufacturer. For comparison purposes only, you see. 😉

    PBS and da crew –
    And Happy Birthday to you, too! O wait, sorry; reflex response. 🙂

    Now THAT is Irony — moving out of the same state as your Organik sweetheart. At least she’s once again aware of your presence, and you’re in contact with each other again! Who knows what could happen?

    And you will have that novel published, or my name isn’t Hans Christian Andersen! Wait, don’t answer that!…

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes! And tell Pennie that the treats were deee-lish! I love the crunchy kind that brush my teeth as I chew; it saves so much time. 😉

  10. Miss Hyde writes:

    Ah, silly internets being broken for a few weeks so I couldn’t get back to you!

    It was a glossy called closer, usually full of celeb gossip and people marrying their brothers and such.
    Issue 367 if you are intersted.
    The artical is mainly made up of the iDollator himself talking and the woman writing it doesn’t give much of an opinion.
    Shocking really.

    As ever, much love to you and Shi-Chan,
    Hyde x

  11. Davecat writes:

    Waaait a minute — that wasn’t ‘Plastic Doll girlfriends‘, the interview they did with Everard from March, was it?? That wasn’t too bad of an article, but the comments were typically brainless, for the most part.

    Incidentally: hey, journos? Most Dolls are not made from plastic; they’re silicone rubber. Plastic ≠ rubber. That’s lazy writing. But on the other hand, it is only a tabloid. Heh.

    Yeah, it’s a step in the right direction, but frankly, the iDollator community needs a bit more than a single step…

  12. Miss Hyde writes:

    This is a newer one I think, I have read about 3 articles they have done on real dolls – and I am pretty sure they have done many more, clearly running out of material.

    This was on a man called Gordon Griggs and Brooke and Kelly. Being completly detatched from the community I have no idea who they are but seem nice enough 🙂

    Hyde x

  13. Davecat writes:

    O, but Hyde-chan, you can’t possibly be insinuating that the UK tabloid press recycles articles that are barely researched and 50 per cent subjective in the first place, can you??? OMG NOOOOOO

    And you’ve seen Gordon Griggs! He was in ‘Love me, Love my Guys and Dolls’! You know him! Well, not personally, but still. He’s a good bloke, though, so you’re right about that. But most of us iDollators are!

  14. Everhard writes:

    Yeah, Closer did an article on Gordon and his dolls the other week. I heard about it too late to get a copy.

    Watch out for the Xmas edition… They did a photo shoot with my dolls dressed like Girls Aloud’s more usual attire (not the Barbarella style of the Untouchable video). Different also from when I dressed them up St Trinian’s style a few days previously:

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