That’s, ahh… that’s some Dalek, alright

typed for your pleasure on 20 May 2010, at 12.37 am

Sdtrk: ‘Seed ships’ by Belbury Poly

During a lull in the action at work today, I grabbed my pen and legal pad, and decided to draw a Dalek from memory for a lark. It took me twenty minutes! I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

‘Perspective’?? That’d just slow me down

You may be asking why it looks elongated, yet simultaneously stunted. The answer to that, my friend, is foreshortening! Yes, foreshortening.
Also, an utter lack of drawing ability.

What I like is how it gets progressively more inept the further down the illo you go. Except for the gun; I think the gun is the best detail on him. And I even managed to draw it on the correct side! But by the time you reach the bottom, it’s like all bets are off, really.

You might be able to tell that I was going to draw him in profile, at least going by his dome, but Fate (and again, artistic ineptitude) had other plans in store.

I’ve learned you have to be careful when drawring them Daleky fellas; although I couldn’t remember how many sensor globes — aka Dalek bumps — a Dalek is normally supposed to have, I knew it wasn’t seven from top to bottom. I couldn’t stop myself! I just kept drawing bumps.
But now I know it’s only four, now that I’m home and have flipped through my well-worn copy of ‘The Doctor Who Technical Manual’. Coupled with that knowledge, you can’t draw your Dalek too narrow from the front either, otherwise it’ll resemble something made to pleasure the ladies. Heh, now you can’t unsee it!

I’m fully convinced that, thanks to this illo, the ghost of Terry Nation will haunt me until the end of my days. And with good reason

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7 have spoken to “That’s, ahh… that’s some Dalek, alright”

  1. Luna Chase writes:

    ONE HUG, PLEASE, despite that it might be kind of cold and –

    are those Miss Sidore’s buzooms I see in the left navigation bar? More to the point, why did it take me this long to notice?

    Well. It seems I have a Flickr account to troll. If you’ll excuse me.

  2. Davecat writes:

    His hug may be cold, but his heart is not. Err, do Daleks have hearts? I can’t remember. They have tentacles though; you might want to look out for those, as I know you aren’t that kind of girl.

    And yes, those are the Missus’ perky bosoms you see there! How on earth could you miss those? Undoubtedly cos you’re a hetero female, but that’s beside the point…

  3. Luna Chase writes:

    Tentacles, eh? I’d better hide my various Japanese outfits, then. Oh, those crazy Japanese sea monsters! Or, rather, just “those crazy Japanese”.

    And pshaw, hetero or not, as a dancer I think I can appreciate a pair of breasteses when they’re all up in my face. And I appreciate them A LOT. She also needs more sexy heels. Just sayin’.

  4. veach writes:

    Quite a fab french tickler design! Mold it in bendy-plastic (The rutting-out bits…for her added pleasure).

    I refuse to believe that I’m the first to correctly interpret your “elongation” for what it is. Or (*shrug*) does that say more about me than you?

  5. Kt writes:

    Hey, its worth a shot and you gotta let your mind play. 🙂

    Dalek’s give me the heebie jeebies so they would be hard to draw myself.

  6. Euchre writes:

    Should’ve had one of those 4-in-1 color pens and tried your hand at drawing the new Power Ranger Daleks.

    just sayin… 😛

  7. Davecat writes:

    Luna –
    Yeah; the Japanese might be nuttier in some aspects than a sack full of pinecones, but their lunacy is really our gain, bless ’em.

    And I’ve been thinking about picking up a pair of strappy sandals for the Missus, but she’s not entirely sure of the idea, as ‘sandals aren’t exactly Goth’. Hm. We’re still working on a compromise! Well, our designated representatives are, at the very least…

    veach –
    Sometimes an armoured xenophobic killing machine from the planet Skaro is just an armoured xenophobic killing machine from the planet Skaro, you know. I’d always wondered what the hell Freud (pronounced ‘Frood’) meant when he said that, but now it’s crystal clear!

    Kt –
    Daleks are awesome! Especially the chocolate ones. They never win any skirmishes, but people love ’em! Truly, the most delicious race of armoured xenophobic killing machines from the planet Skaro ever. 🙂

    I thought about having a go at one of those New Paradigm Daleks — officially known as ‘iDaleks’ — but I was going from memory. The new ones have all those crazy swoops and aerodynamic lines (cos everyone knows how fast the Daleks are…), and it was all I could do to remember how a bog-standard Dalek looked in the first place. In my mind, I was picturing something like one of the Mark I types, but then I was like, ‘o wait, there’s some mesh involved with it,’ so it turned out looking more like a Mark III. Then I got distracted.

    Related: All I need now is a full-sized version of this, and I can die happy. 🙂

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