A perfect day for iDollators, Part I

typed for your pleasure on 10 October 2005, at 2.37 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Suzunne Erica is Sunohara Yuri’ by Merzbow

It’s finally out!!

128 pages, 72 colour plates, and with a foreword by Elisabeth Alexandre. Plus, dig this: Elena is selling signed copies through her website for $40, which includes the shipping and handling. Why not order one? Why not order a couple?

Also, for those of you residing in West Hollywood, CA, Elena will be signing copies at the Sunset strip location of Book Soup, on 25 Oct, at 7pm. Shake her hand, call her friend, etc.

YEAH!! *throws fist in air, camera freezes, cue Simple minds song, credits roll*

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Can’t wait to see it; I’m waiting even now for my copy to arrive! Actually, I’m awaiting Elisabeth’s book as well; I am hoping that it didn’t arrive here in my new town before I did and got snatched by some nefarious mail-stealer. She seemed to have mailed it last week of September… maybe I am champing too much at the ole bit? I noticed that you got yours pretty quick, how about a preview of Lily’s chapter? 😉

    Anyway, that’s two books and one article; not bad for a month’s output!

    Regards to you and Sidore 🙂
    PBS & Lily

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