‘Ready for the action now, danger boy?’

typed for your pleasure on 4 September 2005, at 1.55 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Prelude and dawn’ by Basil Kirchin

*shivers with excitement*

November 22nd is the exact street date for Aeon Flux – The Complete Animated Collection. This is a 3-disc affair which fans will enjoy a lot more than the hard-to find original 4-episode DVD released in the disc format’s first year, 1997.

Not only will this release consist of the complete series, but it will have some great extras on it as well. Planned bonus material (subject to change) includes:

  • Commentary tracks
  • Interviews with Peter Chung, production crew, and the cast
  • “History of Aeon Flux” featurette
  • …and much more!

(from TVShowsOnDVD.com)

My favourite rangy pseudo-anime, PVC-wearing, assassin-slash-foot-fetish-model is back on DVD, and All Is Right With The World. I can finally get rid of my dodgy VHS copy! Hurrah!
Just as a point of interest, 14 November is my birthday, hint hint

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  1. KrazyQ writes:

    Hopefully, the sticker of “See the movie” can be easily removed by unwrapping the celephane.

  2. PBShelley writes:

    Davecat, have you seen Charlise Theron in the movie previews? WOW! How do you think the movie will do/be like?
    She is one of the Lily-likes in looks, so I am a bit jazzed/apprehensive at the film’s impending release. But she looks fiiiine 😀
    What say you?

    PBS & curious Lily

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    I loved the non-speaking shorts I saw on Liquid Television.
    I really disliked the TV series with the speaking peoples in it.
    Two questions:
    1 – Does this make me a “bad” person.
    2 – Will this DVD set still make me happy?

  4. Jeff "Wolfgang" Lilly writes:

    Don’t worry, Safe-T… I concur, which might give you some comfort, provided of course that I too am not a bad person…
    I also prefer the silent shorts to the episodic talkies. I mean, the talkies were entertaining and somewhat interesting, but they were… hmm. I felt that Herr Chung (much like Herr Tarantino in his films) went for “odd for the sake of oddity” instead of odd for the sake of advancing the plot in new and heretofore unseen ways, that the writer tried to look like he or she had a vision when all s/he had was scraps, that the “huh?”s were from impenetrable obfuscation rather than the elicitation of exciting mental processes. But that’s just me… I can see where the style of Aeon Flux would be addicting to many… and, obviously, since they are releasing another box set, there must be lots of appreciative folks out there.

  5. Davecat writes:

    Wolfgang –
    Now see, I love everything that show had to offer precisely because it was weird for its own sake. It was unlike anything ever seen on American television, from the wordless episodes of the first and second ‘seasons’, to the sexual ambiguity, to the ‘main character dies in half the episodes’, to the appearance of the chara designs and the civilisation, and several other aspects.
    And I love the dialogue! There was this one episode which had this really bizarre poem which I ended up incorporating into a Wreath.VCA piece cos it was so freakish.

    There was one thing that I thought they should’ve expanded more upon: most of the time, the series dealt with Breen agents versus soldiers from the neighbouring state of Monica. EXCEPT! There was an ep during the second season, where there was a third and completely different group of soldiers. I thought they should’ve done more with whoever they were. Then, of course, there were those aliens with the really long legs as well..
    I can’t say fair about the third season’s writing not advancing the plot, cos arguably, you could say that about the first two seasons. Aeon and Trevor — lovers, or predator and prey? Technically, you could take any of the episodes and show them out of sequence, and you really wouldn’t lose much..

    Really, I just think they’re releasing the boxset to cash in on the film, myself.. I doubt, apart from a handful of people, that there’s a large enough audience for the series to not classify it as ‘cult’. And Hollywood making a film out of it doesn’t mean anything, cos as we all know, they ran out of original ideas back in the 70s, and are going after anything they can make a movie out of, at this point. I mean, the series is 14 years old, for the chrissakes..

    I can only say the DVD set will make you happy, if it includes the first and second seasons, as well as the nine episodes of the third. If that’s the case, then everyone will be happy. 🙂

    PBS und Lily –
    Mari and I caught ‘The Brothers Grimm’ about a week ago, and we walked in and just missed the trailer for Aeon flux. I’ve not seen it.. o, wait, duh, the Internets.

    Err.. I think I’ll probably wait for the DVD. But I am impressed that 1) they have that lass with the hands-for-feet from that one episode, and 2) Jonny Lee Miller (Sick boy from ‘Trainspotting’) is in it as well. And Charlize Theron isn’t too bad as Aeon, but I would’ve cast Sean Young. But then, I want to cast Sean Young in everything. 😉

  6. Davecat writes:

    ‘Peter Chung has said that this plot ambiguity and disregard for continuity are meant as a satire of mainstream action films, and his stories often emphasize the futility of violence and the ambiguity of personal morality.’

    Thanx, Wikipedia!

  7. SafeTinspector writes:

    I always figured that the ever-dying chick was a battery of disposable clones sent one after the other…

  8. PBShelley writes:

    If Sick-boy is in it as well as such a foxy Aeon, then I’ve got to see it! And yes, Sean Young is so delicious, I must agree…
    Excuse me, images of Bladerunner are running through my mind, yum! She was delectable in it 😀 Her best film, IMHO…

    PBS & Lily

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