The Eighties are back! And THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR EARS

typed for your pleasure on 6 February 2010, at 5.15 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Do or die’ by the Human League

Spotted this on Retro to Go: this would be the Mint cube, an .mp3 player designed for the retro mind. This might be the sexiest non-Synthetik thing I’ve seen in a while.

On the top side of Mint cube lays ten buttons, and these buttons are also analog. In the past, cassette players would have this type of analog buttons where you pressed one button and then pressed another button; the first button would pop right back out. Mint cube’s employed same types of button and together with analog indicators; it completely brings out the “retro” styling. In the absence of the LED status light, moreover, users can check its status by looking at which buttons are pressed. When you use Mint cube, it will bring back your memory of childhood, although this statement only applies to people who were born in 80s and before.

The blessed thing has indicator dials, for the love of “Bob”. So sexy. Unfortunately, it appears that Mintpass is a designers’ collective, not a gadget boutique, and as such, their Cube is not for sale. At least not yet, that is.

And what headphones — headphones, not bog-standard earbuds — would do that lovely device justice? Would sir or madam be interested in these, perhaps?

Tracks Headphone Series (headphones & headphones with microphone) are on-ear headphones inspired by the function and design of the old iconic walkman headphones. […] The slider connecting the ear cup and the brace comes in three sets of different colours for customization. For disassembly you can easily slide off your ear cups and pack them securely for transportation or share your music with a friend. The headphones come with a neat carrying bag for protecting the different headphone parts and keeping the wires from entangling with other items in your bag.

Designed and created by Danish firm AIAIAI, the group seem to have a solid grasp of the Eighties aesthetic. Furthermore, you can actually purchase a pair of Tracks headphones right now, if you like. Well, maybe not right now, as all variants (except for peach) are out of stock. Ehh, peach. *waves hand dismissively*

What better combination of music accessories to listen to the Human League’s ‘Dare’ album with, I ask you??

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3 have spoken to “The Eighties are back! And THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR EARS”

  1. Wolfgang writes:

    It’s… a box.
    It’s a very nice box.
    It doesn’t eat, it doesn’t sleep…
    Are you jealous?
    Are you jealous?
    It’s my… rhythm box!
    (boopa boopa boopa)

    Erm… or am I the only one who remembers Liquid Sky?
    Come to think of it, does Liquid Sky even exist? Or did I just imagine it? Because it seems an awful lot like a hallucination.

  2. Davecat writes:

    I’ve never seen ‘Liquid sky’, but I’ve always wanted to see it *insert comment about ‘giant list of films I have yet to watch’ here*
    Tim, of course, was always like, ‘You haven’t seen “Liquid sky”? That’s such a Davecat film!!’

    It’s on the list. 🙂

  3. Wolfgang writes:

    I’m totally amazed that you haven’t seen Liquid Sky. It’s an interesting film, odd, experimental, somewhat uneven. Some stuff works and some stuff doesn’t. But it’s an absolutely fascinating portrait of New Wave while it was still underground, before it became all candied-up and commercial. The clothes, makeup, art, music… it’s a really fascinating thing to watch. Seeing Anne Carlisle playing both lead roles (one male, one female) is worth the price of rental alone.

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