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typed for your pleasure on 23 April 2008, at 11.47 am

Sdtrk: the soundtrack to Tadanori Yokoo’s ‘Tokuten eizou anthology No. 1’

IT IS DONE. Last night, I finally upgraded ‘Shouting etc etc’ to the latest version of WordPress available (now with go-faster stripes), thanks to the expert help of Zip Gun. No more pr0n spam wankery makes me a happy lad! Frankly, it took a lot less effort than I thought it would, and I’m embarrassed that it took me so long to get it overwith. Procrastination would be my middle name, but ‘Davecat’ is only one word.
Not only is there that, but I’ve added a new plugin that allows people to preview what they’re about to post. Truly, an Idea Whose Time Has Come. Thanks again, ZG and Bloke who came up with that comments preview plugin!

Now that I know the coast is clear, expect more posts relatively soon, as well as the glorious return of the Technorati tags! Cos I know you lot have really been waiting for that. In the meantime, why not look at what I’m listening to right this minute?

Happy 23rd!

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  1. Mahtek writes:

    Congratulations on the successful upgrade! 🙂

    Interesting video link. Rather dark background music. I couldn’t understand much, as my grasp of Japenese is miniscule. But I did catch a reference to B2, which was probably your point anyway.

  2. Davecat writes:

    B2? As in the vitamin? Or is that B12? Heh, shows you how many vitamins I’m ingesting.

    I love that music! It’s dirgelike! That video’s my first brush with Tadanori Yokoo, who apparently was a Japanese Pop artist during the Sixties. To be honest, I’ve no idea what most of the text in the film says, although I did catch the word ‘Europa’ a couple of times — a lot of the bits in the early half look like they were taken from travel advertisments. Being a Pop artist, he probably took actual adverts and integrated them into his pieces, much like Richard Hamilton’s ‘Just What Is It that Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?’ Lovely stuff…
    No idea if he actually made the music, though. There’s so little I know about the man!

  3. Jaems writes:

    2.5 is a definite overhaul of the 2.3 stream. I’m pleased with it. As soon as I get off my arse, I’m upgrading my work blog and of course.

    Glad you are pleased with it, Btw I have some offline suggestions for your CSS, comrade

  4. Mahtek writes:

    B2. Body 2. Shi-Chan, Phoebe? Tsk, tsk, I can’t believe you missed it! 3/4 through, a woman on the left bowing to the right @ B2!

    Study well, there will be a test tomorrow!

  5. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek –
    Ahhh, I dinnae even notice that! Perhaps Tadanori-san is actually some sort of time-travelling iDollator, giving a nod and a wink to his colleagues with that easter egg in his film? I’d like to think so!

    Jaems –
    Yeah, the new WordPress is blowing my mind! Well, the Dashboard is, at any rate. Personally, I love how you don’t have to switch to HTML view to add YouTube links — you can do it right there in Visual view! It’s just that simple. AAH I AM DRUNK WITH POWAH

    And CSS suggestions? Colour me interested! But you’ll have to tell them to me slowly and clearly, as I am a complete cretin when it comes to CSS editing…

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