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typed for your pleasure on 14 July 2005, at 4.26 am

Sdtrk: ‘Melt away’ by Galaxie 500

After much deliberation and furrowing of brows, I’ve gone ahead and added a tagboard to ‘Shouting etc etc’ (lower left in the sidebar, of course), so that humans can post comments without having to shoehorn them into unrelated articles that are currently gracing the page.

My tagboard rules are very simple. Spamming, typing in sTiCKy cAPs, ‘txt msg spk’ or otherwise desperately inadequate spelling, and general shitwickery gets you permabanned. Like I said, very simple!

I’ll undoubtedly be tweaking it over the course of the week, as I want to change the font to Arial, and that shade of green’s too dark for my liking. Nevertheless! Begin posting.. now

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