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typed for your pleasure on 24 July 2004, at 8.13 pm

So I got to thinking: if I had more money than, well, sense, I’d commission my favourite living artists to do illustrations ov Sidore-chan. Then I’d compile them into a nice coffee table book, and sell copies on ‘Kitten with a Whip!‘, so I could attempt to recoup the costs ov requesting the works to begin with. Well, maybe a third ov the commission expenditure, at any rate. Here’s my dream team (sorry I couldn’t find links for some ov them):

+ Mamoru Nagano
+ Kazuma Kaneko
+ Masamune Shirow
+ Hajime Sorayama
+ Yui Toshiki
+ Yasushi Nirasawa
+ D.K
+ Satoshi Urushihara
+ Kenichi Sonoda
+ Yasuomi Umetsu (Character designer & director; Mezzo forte, Mezzo the TV Series, Kite)
+ Suehiro Maruo
+ Masahiko Nakahira (Manga-ka; Hakaima Sadamitsu)
+ Mitsukazu Mihara

+ H.R Giger
+ Trevor Brown
+ Cabine
+ Thomas Barwick
+ John Allison
+ Superdead
+ Jamie Hewlett
+ Marguerite Sauvage

+ Evan Dorkin
+ Yumiko Kayukawa
+ Mike Allred
+ Dame Darcy
+ Adam Warren
+ Chynna Clugston-Major (Artist & author; Blue Monday, Scooter girl)
+ Adam Cruz/House Industries
+ the guy who draws Archie comics

I suspect the ones by H.R Giger and Suehiro Maruo would probably be the freakiest — quite possibly the only time you’ll see a Synthetik pin-up model rendered as Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare Fuel. But in a good way

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