Behind the scenes of ‘This was the Future’

typed for your pleasure on 11 May 2005, at 1.26 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Super shooter’ by RIP SLYME

Many people of all walks of life ask me all sorts of questions*, but the one question I get most often is ‘How do you come up with the installments for your acclaimed “This was the Future” series?’** Well, I’ll tell ya. I have this really ace book perched on my shelf that was given to me by a friend, called ‘Twentieth-century Architecture‘. I’ll just flip through the bastard (at 400 pages, it’s a feckin’ doorstop) and settle on a structure — one that not only catches my eye, but one I think people should know about. Then I hop on the Internets and scour various sites for adequate sites describing my chosen topic, as well as a decent picture. If necessary, I look for a second site that has a passage I can quote on ‘Shouting etc etc’.
The process is rather the same if I cover something that isn’t a building in the volume, only there’s no one particular book I have for reference points. I’ll skim through my copies of ‘Op to Pop‘ or ‘Sixties design‘, looking for the name of a designer that I dig. Repeat the scouring/photo-saving/site checking process, and roughly fifty minutes later, I’m done!

So there you are! Vol.11 of ‘This was the Future’ due soon. Well, soon enough

*not all at once
**lies, scurrilous and unbridled

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